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It's a big phone for your little twink hands.
What text settings should I be looking for? Also, she wants to be able to send and receive texts only via wifi while the phone is in airplane mode (she's spending a lot of time overseas).
I went to the Verizon store and they told me to sign into iCloud under the new user name, but it didn't work and they shrugged.
Eggs are awesome.
So last night I sous vided some steaks and I told my girlfriend the meat has been really stinking when it comes out. Sure enough, steaks were done and I am like, ugh doesn't it stink? She's like, um, it just smells like beef. I think the concentrated beefiness upon opening I am just not used to, after I blow torch it smells appetizing.
I agree, if you're going to sous vide some beef, sous vide a steak.
For the the best thing about sous vide is no smoke and less to clean up. Even if the outcome weren't as good that's good enough for me.
He knew you from your Style Forum posts?
This Starbucks Race Together thing. Seems really weird.
I've never not swamp assed.
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