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I don't remember. I don't have the temperament to go back and look.
I'm asking because I saw foo in it and asked him about it. I went to Frank's and looked at the book and for the life of me couldn't tell the difference between the Golden Bale and the regular 13oz book.
An underrated burger is at Jane Restaurant.
Every time I have gone there to try it it's been packed beyond belief and I left frustrated. It's been years since I've tried so maybe it's calmed now.
I highly disagree. It's not stronger, I can say that for a fact as I have torn it many times. It's noneay heavier.
Vsc is just a polish... Also contains petroleum distilates...
Go back and read the shit storm that ensued with me and Copeland when I spoke about my all Saphir regimen and failing uppers.
I wonder which style forum member has got the biggest donger.
No way, it is like tissue paper, you can see right through it.
What's worse, in your head, or on the screen?
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