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Last night I laid in bed with headphones on and fell asleep. I had never done that before and it was lovely.
I actually didn't bring it up as I don't really care, but in the past they said clients have had issues. It's asinine that some chose to not believe this because they didn't see it with their own eyes. Why would a retailer say that? If that's not some sort of denial, than I don't know what is.
50/50 water and vinegar solution. Rub it with some elbow grease and let it sit over night. Do the same thing again and let sit overnight. Do this about three times. If there is improvement keep doing this until it is about gone. Of no improvement after a few iterations, ignore it and it might go away with time.
Pull your head out of the sand, man.
Welcome to the dark side, AY!
How about a certain number of "liked" posts before a user can start a new thread. It makes them have to have quality posts of sorts.
I'm going to Leffot in a little bit. We will finally settle how many testicles I have, forsooth.
Buy a used one. Easy peasy.
I would like to disclose that I have "many" testicles. Actual amount up for interpretation.
I'm going with both. An idiot in denial. If a retailer says they have had several issues what more do you want? Phone calls from all the owners? Pull your head out of your ass.
New Posts  All Forums: