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I didn't get into a fight, but rather some witty banter with a friend's Tinder date. I went to my local poorhouse cruisin' for a bruisin' and saw a friend. We got to talking and in walks this woman that he started talking to. I thought she was just a woman coming in for a drink. We ended up having a fun time and after she left he told me it was his Tinder date. That must have been a very odd Tinder date for her. Why would he do that?
So far my thirties have seen a growth spurt in nose hair length.
What is this?
They feed off of each other.
I should see if he wants to compare testicle size.
The CFO of the company that employs me has this very drab accent. He is from Virginia. The accent sounds really cool coming from him because he has a super deep Ted Lavine voice and is very articulate. Betimes I imitate his speech patterns at work and giggle to myself.
I will tell her when I see her again.
At the poorhouse that was just mentioned above one of the bartenders is from Wisconsin. He says it like he is from there. I actually discovered recently that he lived in the very same apartment that I did years ago, years before me. I was quick to bring to his attention that we jerked off in the same room.
Do people with deeper voices, on average, have larger testicles?
I have a story about some Dutch people. I have this friend who is from Belgium. One day I went to my local poorhouse to have a cocktail and this friend was there with this other girl from Belgium that I am an acquaintance with. We got to talking and I asked them if before I arrived they were speaking Belgian to each other. My friend said yes. This other girl said, no there is no such thing as Belgian, we were speaking Flemish. My friend rolled her eyes. Later after...
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