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The thing is inflation hasn't been an issue for some time now.
I really hate these assholes in the office that walk around and greet everybody every day. Fuck off I spend all day every day with your stupid face not enough time has passed to warrant a new greeting.
Just as bad.
I know many PEs. In New York you just have to have relevant work experience and get like a sign off from somebody with a PE and sit for the exam. From what I understand it is a hard test to pass if you have zero knowledge of "textbook" engineering. Engineers struggle with it so if you don't have a degree in engineering it is going to be a bitch.
Leather care products are difficult. Solvent based products contain solvent, which is an irritant, however allows oils and waxes to mix. Non-solvent based products probably contain borax, which reacts with the acids in beeswax to make it soft like a cream. The problem there is pH, which would be off unless something like citric acid is added. Emulsified products are nice because it isn't easy to overdo it because the water evaporates out leaving behind the oils and/or...
Invested in dat 50 BP t bill.
Nah, I'm more concerned with drinking from it and coffee dripping down my shirt or something.
I wish
I just thought all of my readers should know that I'm at a J. Crew with my work-wife right now.
I don't understand the point of s travel cup that leaks. What am I missing here?
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