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I'm surprised you've never interviewed me. I'm the most loved poster on the forum.
Why do you pick on Saint Crispins so much? You've labelled them as "clever marketers" in the past. I'm honestly curious of your objective knowledge.
I love bullying. It is good for the humility and builds thick skin. We need more bullies.
I don't remember Copeland ever getting flagrant. Actually, quite the opposite. He would stay bizarrely polite and mild-mannered. It just seemed like regardless what you said to him would go in one ear and out the other. It was very autistic.
Here tis' It tasted like a good burg, oddly.
Had a great one with gomey and foo last month.
Watched a gay guy have a meltdown at Starbucks because the barista didn't remember his name (repeat customer).
I don't know why I posted that in this thread as I am pretty sure I know what he wanted.
My co-worker just got a call from Lloyd Blankfein asking to talk to our CEO. He's like, uh, why you calling me?
Uptown is above 59th of course, downtown is below 14th street. I just think it is odd to say downtown when you really mean the financial district. Downtown has a completely different connotation to me.
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