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You can't macro this.
Samesies brother.
So he should get a job at Macdonalds.
For my age I know very little about technology.
So are sweatpants.
I'm not a computer guy, I don't know how to do such things. I don't know that this particular task can even be automated.
There is this task that I would have to do each month in my old job and I always hated doing it because it was extremely tedious. In my new job I still have to do that task until we hire somebody to replace me. I have been procrastinating performing this task for two days. I really should just hunker down (hold stubbornly to a position) and complete the task.
Fart under the covers and throw the blanket over his head?
I'm irritated by some of the baristas. I was mad because one guy working the Clover machine for their reserves was making my coffee and I wanted to "talk shop" with him and he just grunts at me, "I don't like coffee". So wait, this bozo, who doesn't like coffee is making my reserve coffee on a $10,000 machine? Gah!!!
Gussets are lame. Unless it is a chelsea boot. I think the lazyman is more popular in Asia due to more frequent taking off of one's shoes for cultural reasons.
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