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It's only expensive if you're poor.
Hey thanks! Only if the MTA's trains would run as smoothly as the get your money back people. You'd think they'd be itching to keep as much as possible for as long as possible.
It has to do with the solvents in the polish. My complaint for some time about Saphir wax is there's too much turp in it. Whenever I would buy a new tin of the stuff I would leave the lid off for a week or so to dry it up. Makes mirror shining easier. I don't like the idea of lighting wax on fire. All you're doing is causing the solvents to burn. Wax that gets too hot can break down and not work as intended. Glen has a tutorial on how to melt it properly and such on...
Are you George Lucas?
Were you wearing cashmere?
I walk a fair amount. When the wind blows it's almost impossible to get hot.Yeah, took me like an hour to get home yesterday. On the plus side I picked up some sausages from Brooklyn Kitchen and sautéed some bok choy.With all of the train mess and cold, I lost my metro card I just got which was unlimited. I had to buy another one today. The MTA got $226 from me this month. The plus side is my old one had some lame basketball advertisement on it and now I have the...
Leaving things alone until you're forced to the hospital is how I was taught to deal with such matters.
you can only stitch something about 6 to 8 hours after it occurs. Either way that's annoying.
If you don't want to see the condition of my bloody finger don't click the spoiler [[SPOILER]]
I've stopped getting colored linings and now only get natural. I have have many of ruined socks through the years. Oddly, Barker Black was the only maker who's colored linings didn't bleed onto my socks.I like natural lining for the rustic nature of them. I like how they age and it is easier to see when they can use some care.
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