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I really like Wiemer, and Fox Run. I've had a bunch of WA rieslings that were excellent that I can't remember the names of. Values are found in the Finger Lakes.
I understand it for some positions at my company, but for me it makes no sense. There are union employees at my company that do very specialized things that could kill them and others so they company doesn't want that to happen for various reasons you could guess. Basically management had random drug testing as part of the union contract and naturally in order to agree to it all management and corporate employees had to agree to it as well. Just another bullshit union...
Yes, it is in the contract for employment. It has nothing to do with legality. Just the same as if I get tested and I was out drinking until very late and I tested positive for alcohol I could get fired then too despite it being completely legal (and still able to do my job and not be a hazard to the workplace).
I've had friends ask me to borrow money. Never an insane amount. I've always gotten it back, maybe because I have responsible friends with integrity, but I would never lend anybody money I couldn't afford to lose.
VNA is a finished box calf, not a crust leather, FYI.
I'd love to do it, but I get drug tested at work so, *sigh*.
I meet tons of old people at our annual shareholder's meeting that with $2 million of our stock they earn over 6 figures from the dividend per year. It's not too shabby.
I second that. There seems to be tons of finishes around. It would be interesting to hear some of the pros and cons as well as busting some of the myths about them. I wish tanners were more active on forums...
Only if you love Black Sabbath.
Apartment with a person who refuses to turn on AC. But still just being out and about makes you disgusting.
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