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Anybody have experience with Chamberlain's leather milk? In their FAQ's they give details on what each product's base is, some are water based, the cleaner is alcohol based. But reading through their stuff it looks like a decent product.
The bartender was weird about it. He gave me the impression that he didn't want to open it because he said it spoils fast and nobody really orders it so it would kind of go to waste. He said they only open it when they use it in certain seasonal cocktails.
Spotted at teh bar...
Probably, that's the reason for the RTW leather's not holding up. Different parts of the hide.
The waist on Vass is one of the top reasons I never bought any.
I've noticed through the past few updates, it has gotten worse.
Why would I have to lie about the dismissal to give hippies money?
I do doubt Riccardo is selecting the leathers for the diffusion lines the same way he does for bespoke. I'd be surprised if more than two pairs of bespoke shoes are cut from a single hide. I would think inferior parts of the hide are used more for the diffusion lines. I mean, that is the way it is with many shoemaker/manufacturers.
A gentleman never tells.
I don't know if it is a Style Forum think, or Mac thing, but I find that they auto-correct feature largely screws up my words over correcting them. Very annoying.
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