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Will check this out, thanks.
They only have dark grey, no?Will check it out, but I'd prefer under 10oz.
Request for information on unpopular fabric: Looking for something wool no cotton/mohair blends) dry feeling, under 10oz that's airy like fresco, but get this: BLACK. I was thinking barathea, but that's generally only in heavier weights. I'd prefer something other than gabardine or twill weaved. Does this exist?
Surfactants will, but is it as good as a solvent? I have a hard time believing somebody couldn't remove wax with an acetone based stripper, and could with saddle soap. Maybe the acetone loosened it up?
Saddle soap might have done something aesthetically that you liked and equated to removing the wax, but I don't really believe it did a better job at removing the wax if at all removing the wax. It could have just obscured the haze to where you didn't notice it.
Elbow grease helps.
I think you are confusing renomat with renovateur. I don't even think it is arguable that a non-polar solvent removes wax better than a surfactant. Of course using saddle soap on your shoes won't make them immediately explode or anything, but it isn't close to optimal.
The best products for deep cleaning leather that I have found is by Leather Doctor. ehat are you even doing with your shoes where deep cleaning is even necessary? Brushing shoes before and after wearing is the only "cleaning" they really need.
The pH is alkaline and leather wants to remain acidic. Alkalinity is the enemy of leather. If you want to remove wax you use a solvent like renomat (or acetone).
Dammit people don't use saddle soap on leather!
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