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That's not horrible. I was waiting to hear like $2k or something. Can you really find decent vintage for much cheaper?
My balls have some great aspects of terroir too. Great stories as well. You should give them a shot.
How much we talking for the Buzz coat here?
I really liked that toggle coat that J.Crew was selling a couple years ago. I forget the brand, something British I think. It was heavy navy wool, very scratchy and unlined.
I didn't know one existed, but now that I know one does, I really kind of want it.
Don't get me wrong. I am a totally irrational and unreasonable person. My choices in clothing largely make no sense.
Then again it is a peacoat... To me they should be heavy, no? I can't imagine a lightweight peacoat. I know gdl has this nice peacoat, I'm curious on what the weight is on it.
I would say that is fine. I have a 22oz overcoat for here in NY and it is overkill on most days if I am also wearing 16oz suiting. That said, it depends on what you're wearing under it. A normal button down and a sweater id say 16-18oz. If something heavier like a suit or something go a bit lighter.
Even this morning which was like 70 degrees after my walk to the train standing on the platform and then crunched in the train I was sweating like a pig by the time I got to work.
That's the thing, I don't think *most* overdrive pedals are simply overdriving to hit the tubes harder. They are shaping the sound by unnaturally clipping the wave and sending that signal to the amp.
New Posts  All Forums: