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AY for sure, I'm just an opinionated jerk who drinks too much of the stuff.
She travels like 200 days out of the year.
You live off Graham right? How about that massive place on Grand st?
The possibility of other women.
She doesn't drink! I'm not against doing all of that, but I don't want a commitment to her if I am.
I just saw my childhood crush on Tinder. Totally not my type anymore, but hey I gave her a swipe in the right direction.
Others have said this to me. The downside is she never wants to go out or do anything.
I know there are Kenyan auctions for the best grades of coffee. I've had some and they are great, but most of what gets the most attention I've noticed is a particular style of coffee that comes out of Africa. It's generally very fruity. I think there are many other regions that have coffee just as "good" but they are just very different in style and not really in vogue.
It's kind of a shame. This old friend who travels a lot and such I have the easiest time hanging with, talking with. I find her thoughts and perspectives genuinely interesting, but the only thing that keeps me from pursuing her is her lifestyle. She travels so much she isn't physically present often, also she is a hermit and doesn't want to do anything other than hang at her apartment and go to the gym, pretty much the total opposite of me.
Also the "original" Starbucks is what now is Peet's.
New Posts  All Forums: