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Me too. It means more riffraff on the roads.
It's called Krazy Glue.
The fatliquor might be the same, but it isn't tanned the same way. Cordovan doesn't see any chrome. Chrome-excel does, and is just retanned with vegetable tonnage, I'm guessing for durability.
I've done all of the tourist stuff and temples already. I did it all in leather high top butteros with no issues. I'm going to have meetings and such so I will be in a suit for about a week while I'm there (im on the board of the NGO my lady works for).
Your boots that I have in the inca grain are pretty damn waterproof on their own. I think it's just because of the stamped grain, I'd imagine. The thing that bugs me about stamped grains is while they are more water resistant dirt and stuff gets into the grain making it a bit of a pain to clean vs smooth leather.
Meh, as long as it isn't on the vamp.
I love goth chicks. I am goth so, so it's ok.
What's an octane?
If be in the poorhouse if I gave everybody money who asked me.
What do those numbers in black and yellow mean?
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