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We aren't friends on Facebook, tuts.
People tend to suffer the same things people on here suffer from: Not listening to people who actually have knowledge about a topic and resorting to "well I disagree". You can't disagree with facts. It's impossible.
I think I am the only non radical liberal on the entire site besides gomer.
I got into a huge Facebook shit show with a bunch of these people recently. They are ironically hypocritical.
I've never had pour over that I have liked. It always seems thin and under extracted.
I rode a bike in Paris about 4 years ago for the first time in over a decade. It will probably be another decade before I ride one again. And yes, for the record, I was wearing a suit. I have this weird fear of making right turns on bicycles for some reason. Would freak out and have to stop and then slowly make the right hand turn.
How the fuck do you expect everybody to know that? I ain't no dog fucker.
My sex life isn't expansive enough to be a coffee table book. More like a pamphlet.
The fuck is that?
New Posts  All Forums: