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For what it is worth, I sit on the board of a not for profit and I shine shoes for donations to said not for profit. I'd be glad to do yours for a small donation.
I don't think DW is trying to make anything ground breaking. Technology should be used to progress and make things better, not sly imitations of something that was better yesteryear. Then again, are there stronger and more durable materials for footwear than leather? Yes, but that isn't what this conversation is about. Bespoke, traditionally made footwear specifically isn't for the masses. The point is people go into buying expensive shoes from a location in the world...
You have a very sly way of being a douchebag and flying under the radar.
Also, one thing that makes Style Forum great is its personalities. There have been other forums that ban people at the drop of a hat that I have left because everybody is a robot with similar opinions and it's boring. If you choose not to hoot and holler fine, that's your style and you block members. The power is in your hands.
Right because your wordsmiths (lawyers) never selectively misquote...
Also, hooting and hollering has been the style of a lot of visionaries. Sometimes that is necessary to push things along as well. I mean look at Steve Jobs. Then again I think DW's frequent discussion is about the objective merits of hand welting, which happens to be an old traditional method. I also don't think he is anti technology, in fact there are things he has mentioned that has improved things along the way such as last making and such. I think it is clear that...
I haven't googled it yet, but I would be very surprised if there isn't a service out there for custom fit condoms.
When has Travers gotten hostile unless provoked? He has been provoked by two people I can think of, the first is Chogall, the second is whats his name with the suede shoes as an avatar. Also, I find that while not gracious cursing has its place and some people simply need to be told to fuck off. Believe it or not some people actually respond in the intended manner when cursed at. Cursing has meaning just like any other words.
I mean does it really matter what ones intentions are? In the end It is your choice to interpret one's words in such a way that benefits your well being.
I challenge him often and he doesn't get hostile to me. I think he was hostile towards that one guy recently because he had an attitude and some sort of complex.
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