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Well, because I am a cheap fuck and a pleb I am going to wait a few weeks when my contract is up to get it cheaper with a 2 year plan. Woo hoo! Also, I think the iPhone 6 is more on a minor upgrade than the 4 to the 5.
What a pleb. Get the largest storage, you cheap fuck.
I like my waffles al dente.
What's the point on pre-ordering? I had no issue walking in and buying my iPhone 5.
Did you get the wrong size? Leather pants are hard because they will stretch, but when they are touched by moisture they will shrink, so what to do?
I think that jacket would look nice with tan chinos as well.
If it got wet the water droplets were taking off the color. Even if it didn't it seems like the pigment wasn't adhering to it very well. It almost looked like bleach spots.IMO, their buffalo leather looks similar, but I even think it looks a bit better than the shrunken calf, spotting aside. I am not sure if it is truly buffalo, but I just think it looks nicer.
I am seriously thinking about considering guitar lessons again. Possibly from a jazz player to learn a different perspective and because jazz looks awesome to play. Any NYC recommendations? Specifically somebody who will come to my place?
I heard the same about the shrunken calf. Apparently crust + shrunken isn't great.
Well, "A Prick". "The Prick" would be an honor of sorts.
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