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Hell yeah, now you're speaking my language.
Side note, barista has got great tits.
In retrospect I should have said here is her email/facebook profile if you'd like to send her a photo.
Well, I have a story about another barista from another cafe. This barista is very young with a very badass look to her with a bit of a chip on her shoulder. She's probably like 22 years old, wears a black leather jacket with studs on it, smokes Marlboro reds, wacky haircut, but I find her unbelievably hot. She has this very distinct way she puts on her makeup and eyeliner, like it is hard not to notice, very prominent. Anyway, when I was in Cambodia in January I was...
Gonna make some awesome condos though, just sayin.
Fleetwood Mac was just shut off at the cafe.
Summer sucks balls, why is everybody so happy? The next time I hear somebody say, "Isn't it so nice out!" I am going to uppercut them into a fire.
So I developed a crush on the new barista at the cafe, but alas it turns out she is a lesbian. Why does this always happen to me? Also, why do lesbians love Fleetwood Mac so much? Fleetwood Mac sucks except for that one song with the outtro that reminds me of the part in Interpol's "The New" where the song modulates from C major to B harmonic minor using a diminished chord as the pivot chord for the modulation.
Yeah, it wasn't anything out of the blue. It was something that had been discussed over a long time. In the end her calling is in third world countries and mine is in my bubblicious bubble (NYC).
I hear you, but my issues around it are two fold: 1) I don't have a lot of free time, so when I do I like seeing people that are important to me, or simply being with myself, 2) I have these dating apps and I don't get matches to begin with. People told me I must be too picky, well that's fine by me.
New Posts  All Forums: