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You don't call, you don't write...
I get this quite a bit actually and I'm 31.
All overkill, imo. Dab with colored cream, brush and then just bull over the area with wax.
Your favorite Interpol album is self-titled (also an unpopular opinion).
I wouldn't feel creepy about it, I just don't think I have the social stamina to keep up with a just college grad who probably wants to party every night. Then again she could be my excuse to... I'll talk to her this weekend and put teh Booth moves on her (ask her her name).
Too true. I think I might be Marc Maron without the good parts.
Um, what are your boots? Not everybody is up on your purchases.
She's very young. I'm probably a decade older than her. She's also a hipster barista, doesn't want to aging stiff like me.
My friend walked and he's all "how bout dat new barista?" I'm all, "I know, bro."
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