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Bloomberg tried to put he ban on big sodas. But the reason is likely these obese people are considered to have a "disease" and banning of certain foods/habits there would be heresy and an imposition on their rights. I'm surprised more things like the soda ban hasn't come up with the Affordable Care Act in place.
Assumption is that you're on my favorites list.
That's funny. At 30, I am the youngest person in my building by at least 5 years.
I love do not disturb at night because your favorites will still ring if they call. This is good for emergencies and such.
Well 20 feet from entrances. In most places that means you have to be curbed by the street.A lot of people in my building smoke, oddly. There were complaints sent out that they need to be by the street or on the opposite side of the street because it could be smelled in their children's room (5th floor). I think people just love to hate on smokers. Also, no smoking in our common backyard. Fucking fascists.
Aren't like 90% of women bipolar? I know my mother and gf are and they don't have dogs. The thought of a dog would make them stressed and go into a manic episode.
I say regular WAYWRN thread for that one.
FWIW, condos and co-ops are mostly smoke free. So are sidewalks in the city. You're a reject of society for smoking anywhere in the city these days. We want to treat criminals better than smokers.
FWIW, Meurice cleaners on University does a great job on ties. They have hired one of the tie crafters people. Might be easier than going into no-mans-land to tie crafters. Take the 6 to Astor Place.
New Posts  All Forums: