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The price isn't really an issue in doorman buildings because they are generally larger buildings where the cost is spread out over all of those people.
Any time I am out and I notice somebody staring at me all I can think is, "oh boy, which one are you".
I don't get this. They were extremely helpful and I walked out with a new phone no questions asked. If anything you're a sucker for not going to the Genius Bar.
My dick is a secret menu.
I saw some samples at Leffot. I was rather underwhelmed at the sole finishing. Could just be because they were samples though. The lasts are awesome, without a doubt.
I'm taking lessons and getting plenty of theory. It is remembering it that is the issue and being able to use it to improvise and such that is difficult.
Loc Lac is awesome and incredibly simple to make. That was one of the best things I learned in Cambodia.
Haven't been to either. She has been to Thailand though.
I am probably going to Thailand with my lady in January. Maybe Laos, who knows.
Aren't you like a mathematical genius though?
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