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No they are wines, that people like, who don't, know good wines.
Not in the modern world.
Probably just kind of a fake shiny finish.
Glue it back down.
That's probably the best HRoi post ever.
How about pink?
Do they dye the Provel green on Saint Patrick's Day?
Just my account in general, not linked to any of my personal devices or phone numbers (I just pay for it to be able to share my data plan). It gets her text messages though.
But how is it she is getting her text messages on her iPad? FWIW, the texts you get from her come up as her email, not a phone number.
Where does the money come from that all of these people are getting paid to make posts? Why am I not compensated for all of my High Quality posts (arguably the best posts on Style Forum)?
New Posts  All Forums: