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I don't idolize him, I resonate with him.
What? I am stalking you?
Well, I have resorted to only looking at dew point because it isn't dependent on the current temperature like humidity is. Humidity is very misleading. Dew Point over 58 sucks. Over 65 is like the 7th layer of hell. Over 70 is Satan himself.
Bhowie doesn't live in NYC...
I don't see the relationship between the weather and being a prick.
@MrG I started watching more of House and I do like it a lot better than the first few episodes. There's definitely some character development and stuff unfolding. I love Greg House though. He's kind of like how I would be if I acted how I wanted and not by society, so that, is well, fun to watch, but sometimes very uncomfortable.
Lasbar, are you an engineer of sorts?
Still too hot. High of 60 is what I like. Also, overcast with a 0% chance of rain.
This is the story of my life. I really hate when people ask me about my clothes because I end up feeling like a pretentious dick. Especially at work considering most of my coworkers aren't style guys. My boss's boss for some reason has this obsession with Nordstrom to the point where he asks me what brands he should consider at Nordstrom. I always point him to HSM. Damn, that man looks great in RTW pants too. I'm so jelly.
I met a girl who worked for Huffington Post once. She was insanely hot.
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