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I drink the same thing everywhere and throughout the seasons though. I'm Mr. Consistency.
She was giving teh Booth some smiles and I said, "The quality of the music has been sub par. I'm just going to leave that there." She said, "I'm back!"
More and more I am thinking I don't really want a girlfriend. Girls are so beautiful though. Maybe I just need to make more money to afford luxury escorts. Any of you sick bastards ever gone out drinking with an escort? I bet it is fun because I could choose to go home alone and eat my Big Salad and not have to worry about them worrying if I am going to call them.
I ask because this situation happened to me years ago. I was posted up at pretty much the perfect spot at the bar just started talking to this insanely gorgeous girl and then got the hiccups. She asked me, "Do you have the hiccups?" I sighed and nodded. She rolled her eyes, got up and walked away. I went home and killed myself.
Oh shit! My maybe-not-lesbian barista crush is back on the weekends! She's been all smilin' at teh Booth saying how she is back. She walked by me a few times to put some boxes in the back. I don't think she really had to put dem boxes in the back she just wanted to get closer to teh Booth!
Foodies are so annoying.
Lets fuck.
It is pretty funny, most of what I love about the seasons are the different environments I drink in.
Ok, what do you do if you've posted up, you've got a slice of something juicy and then you get the hiccups. Game over?
Seriously, I know.Cool stuff. I toyed with the idea of getting into that when I was in college.
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