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You could still have a work wife you know...
Maybe you guys just don't know how to pick wives...
It is amazing that flying to Virginia is easier than going to Jersey. Short cab ride and shorter flight vs. hauling to Penn Station and dealing with Penn Station to sit on a train with a billion sweaty people for 2 hours.
Window seats give me the willies (unsettling feeling in the abdomen).
I said you don't bang them, but there is clearly this attraction based on the intelligence of them and the "office hot" appearance of them (which can differ from real world hot) and you just like hang out with them and are clearly chummy.
Well, helicopter parents are annoying themselves. I blame their parents for that. I still find that annoying parents are more bearable in public than annoying children.
I selected my fuckin' seat when I bought the ticket.
There's this guy (who I made a Facebook post about how he decided to break the ice with me by telling me it was talk like a pirate day) who always has a toothpick in his mouth. He's an interesting fellow, has this slight southern accent, which I suspect is put on. He comes walking into work with a leather cowboy hat and this moleskin duster with cowboy boots and a suit every day. I found out yesterday that he is an attorney for the company.
Checking in at the airport 24 hours before you're there via internet. How the fuck is that checking in?
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