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They are very nice people. I saw thee two hoodlums start with them once and it got ugly, that's all I will say. I always find great value bords, and random Italian reds. They have great under $15 wines.
I do like traveling outside of NYC, just not to surrounding regions so much. Going to another large city? I'm down. Burbs, not so much.
It does, but it takes forever using them. I cannot even fathom not taking a taxi to and from an airport.
Lack of NY wines doesn't bother me much except for Riesling. The Bottle Shop sometimes has decent NY wines and better Italian whites.
It is legal in my state...
I got put on this project at work and I have no fucking idea what I am doing. Trying to look smart and learn quickly as I go.
I'm not married.
While I enjoy puffing on a cigar (President Clinton) I would rarely do it because my girlfriend hates the taste (on my lips and tongue) but she is over in Cambodia, I should get on that (cigar).
There's only about 6 left and I plan on buying them tonight. I might throw you one, though.
Sounds like marketing bullshit.
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