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In my experience simple pebble grain, or scotch grain (or any stamped grain for that matter) works well in snow. I have a pair of boots Ron Rider made for me years ago in scotch grain that I wear exclusively in the snow and they are still looking great, in fact they are wearing better than my shoes that don't get wet, get conditioned, and love. Go figure. I guess the stamping of the grain seals the pores and such. Admittedly if they get very dirty after daily use for a...
Does anybody know of good places to donate clothing in NYC? I randomly hear of reasons not to donate to certain places so I thought I would ask teh fora.
So, I have been listening to the Dan Savage podcast for maybe about 2 years now. It is basically a relationship and sex advice show. Aside from the bullshit radical liberal nonsense he spews for the first 10 minutes it is pretty good, but frequently depressing. It is like an endless amount of people are having awesome sex all of the time and their "problems" I find them privileged to have. Then there is me who can't even get an online date with somebody I am mildly...
My problem is girls I am not into are the only ones into me.
A threesome would be way too stressful a situation for me to be in.
My coffee shop that I most often go to has switched from French Press to filter. Their coffee was never my favorite, but it has gotten a lot worse. I don't know if it is the filter brewer, or it just happens to be their current offering, but I am not feeling it.
They'd be nice if they were black.
The curvy redhead was in my neighborhood last night and wanted to go out drinking. I had just gotten home from visiting my parents and it was raining so I was like ah fuck that.
Yes, but I also have discerning taste.
Rosemary's Baby?
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