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How the fuck do you expect everybody to know that? I ain't no dog fucker.
My sex life isn't expansive enough to be a coffee table book. More like a pamphlet.
The fuck is that?
I lost my virginity to a half black girl. That gives me some street cred, right?
I have no idea what they use, but things that put pressure on the arch area of the shoe, (like stepping up on a curb, where the curb digs into the arch area) with snap plastic ones and cause a squeak. During a resole a cable can fix the issue. On the other hand sometimes they have an unknown origin. I had a pair of G&G's that always had a squeak and even resoling did nothing to help the problem. It was incredibly annoying.
UFO over NYC and snow makes things really annoying
Allegedly some shoes develop a squeak when the shank breaks.
I wear my 18th birthday party suit every Saturday night.
Why would you want to get rid of them? They are cheaper.
Fuck, I'll do the work for them. I will give them a list of people to fire every 6 months.
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