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One day, I asked the IT department for a new mouse for my computer as the old one wasn't functioning properly. They came and delivered me a new one in plastic and all. I plugged it in and took the old one to accounting to ask what I have to do to it. They were confused and told me to throw it in the garbage. I was confused and inquired if they had to write the asset off the books. The guy nearly had a coronary he was laughing so hard.
The stapler has long since been depreciated and is off the books. That's my rationalization at least.
I inherited my stapler from a guy who retired when I joined the company.
The thing is a $2 tip on a $15 bill isn't the worst thing in the world. Who gives a shit how much money he makes he could have had two beers and tipped a dollar for each.
Mine is about 26 feet. I think most adult male's are around the same depth, give or take 6".
Are you a frustrated man?
Since the beginning of September the subways have been insanely more crowded. I think school and also people traveling winding down is certainly palpable.
Just get the women's one. It will be a color such as green or purple and will have some drape in the chest. Win-win.
Anytime I am at Starbucks I look at the prices of these tiny little pastries and such and I am bewildered as to who buys them. Especially in a city with such great independent bakeries that are far better.
How about spick? My father uses that one regularly.
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