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Still too hot. High of 60 is what I like. Also, overcast with a 0% chance of rain.
This is the story of my life. I really hate when people ask me about my clothes because I end up feeling like a pretentious dick. Especially at work considering most of my coworkers aren't style guys. My boss's boss for some reason has this obsession with Nordstrom to the point where he asks me what brands he should consider at Nordstrom. I always point him to HSM. Damn, that man looks great in RTW pants too. I'm so jelly.
I met a girl who worked for Huffington Post once. She was insanely hot.
I've begun to just assume all forum members are Asian until proven otherwise.
I think I just like people who have a certain beauty about them.
It is a fact of truth.
People have said my girlfriend looks like Ezra Koenig and Brian Molko. Both of these people are men. What's weird is my boo is a very beautiful lady, but then those men are very beautiful men, so what to think!?!?
No, we're not. I don't listen to shitty music.
I like weird looking girls. If you look at a girl and you can't decide whether she's hot or not. Yeah, I like that chick.
I, in no way would have ever expected you to be a tattoo guy.
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