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I think I can make that happen.
Oh yes. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3017739/Can-coffee-help-undo-damage-alcohol-cup-reduce-risk-liver-cancer-14-study-finds.html
Never heard of them. Will check them out. Kaladi coffee has been amazing.
I've learned a lot since then.
Destefano's is the hidden gem of steakhouses. Better than luger, imo.
Nobody cares what your dick looks like under a black light.
I'd ignore it personally.
I've been using Davines products. Love them.
Spent 2 days at a beach in Cambodia. Probably 15 years since I was at one. I still maintain my opinion that "the beach" sucks for endless reasons and it is very boring.
Many makers have said that the St. Crispins baby calf is the best calf they have used so I'd opt for that.Not sure if it is veg-tanned, but by the look of it it isn't. Most leathers these days aren't.
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