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A coworker just told me he's going to starve and vomit so he could fit into the suit I am wearing and then steal it from me.
I may look like a Jew, but I don't speak Hebrew.
How do i verbalize?
The people who loved the Malabar just so you know it is part of the blend in the new Fortissio Lungo.
Ain't even gonna lie, I miss calling things "gay".
Is it safe to use a pump to inflate your testicles to the size of grapefruits?
I love me some harmonic minor
Isn't plating just kind of compressing the leather?
There are many guitarists out there that I feel are great musicians, but just play very uninteresting music to me. After the "Whoa, he's good" I get a little bored. I'd say the same about Vai, and Satriani and such. I'd never put them on to solely listen to their songs on a Saturday afternoon.
Kiwi is fine, it certainly doesn't have alcohol in it. Melatonin does have silicone in it, which many folks shy away from because it builds up and needs to be removed with a stripper.
New Posts  All Forums: