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I dunno!
I'm curious if anybody actually knows the answer to this question: What do tone knobs on amplifiers actually do? Like do they just add resistance, or do they actually "boost" certain frequencies? For example turning high, mid, and low up to 11 is that just letting exactly what your guitar is outputting through the circuit and anything lower is just cutting it, or is it actually boosting what your guitar has? I always presumed that the 12oclock position was more or less...
But glucose and cholesterol are solid. I probably need to cut down on the drinking, but fuck that.
I just got finished with this health screening thing my work offers to get $5 per month off of your health insurance. Well, my cholesterol is stellar, glucose stellar, I am slightly overweight, and I have slightly high blood pressure. I need to cut down on the salt.
It's sold out now.
Hmm, looks interesting.
Need to delay that expenditure right before earnings come out because my CFO will appear low to investors as they don't know I be planning to invest heavily in capex next quarter.
Most things can be fixed, or concealed pretty well. It is probably nothing to worry about.
For every shitty day in New York there is a beautiful day today. Can't think of much to complain about on this great day.
I have two pulls in a new grenadine. How's best to handle it? Clip them? I can't seem to find the thread on the backside to pull it taught due to the complexity of the weave.
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