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It is typical for my company to start in March for a lot of reasons.I'd fuck a baby into his asshole.
There's this intern that just started who looks oddly similar to me; same first name, same hair, same glasses, same haircut, but thinner and slightly more handsome. At least I have cooler clothes.
Can't hurt to apply some Lexol then polish. Looks can be misleading. They look fine, fwiw.
This fixed it! Thanks so much! I owe ya one.
Doesn't make it less true!
Hate to break it to you, but you don't live in the real world either, just rather, a different world than Link.
I've heard this as well. Anything that is brittle and makes a good crease is likely to cause this, like a dried out twig, then again it seems counterintuitive. The Mohair goat lives in mountainous terrain, you'd think their fibers would be stronger...
The stickiness is probably oxidized polish, not the topcoat.
I've done that at Gomestar's home, and there certainly weren't burgers in the machine.
No, the topcoat is more of less permanent from the factory, or the tannery, who whoever applied it. It can generally be removed with some sort of solvent and a lot of elbow grease.
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