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Well I've done it before without need to dilute the Lexol. Lexol is mostly water anyway, also if you dilute it be sure to use distilled water as the minerals in water can fuck shit up. Also, you're changing the ph the more you dilute, which in Lexol isn't optimal to begin with.
A high of 68 degrees is not cold. With a brisk trot you will stay nice and toasty.
It has t been bad, but still not optimal (Lesser 16 weather).
They installed a new unit, 5 year warranty on the compressor. Haven't had any issues, that was three years ago.
Just give a couple more vacation days and use them for what's important to you.
Also that's an established Company holiday as it is. People plan work around it. If we have off for Christmas we should have off for the Jewish holidays as well, or as I suggest, none of them.
Like I said, no company holidays. Take vacation for that shit.
Or Tom Delonge
Also, the fact that the secular Jews are off is irritating and screws shit up at work. If you're going to temple I have no beef, but Bernard who couldn't be less religious is home in his underwear eating banana pancakes.
So what? Neither do I.
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