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I understand that logic, but then again looking at it in terms of a business relationship: Salesman X made us $100,000 last year and we did nothing other than have him to make those sales. Now here comes along a bunch of dudes on the internet wanting to buy directly from us. We could, but it takes effort on our part, they have demands, and furthermore what does this say to Salesman X who made us that sweet $100k last year? We don't value him any more? If you keep...
Whenever I see a pic of the above boot I can't help but think of a moose for some reason.
I like the pants though. They drape nicely.Well, I generally like to see button down collars. Checks and stuff that you wouldn't wear with a suit look better with sport coats.
Not true, every pair of C&J shoes I have owned have been worn in the rain and every single pair is cracked to high heavens. It could be an issue as to the other elements present in rain water here in NYC. Sulfuric acid and such.
Everything you wear is too short. I don't think his is too short at all.
The shirt and tie and too "business" for a sport coat. Also, some might say that you shouldn't wear braces with a sport coat either. I agree seeing a belt just looks more right with a casual outfit. Also, I personally hate seeing belt loops if you are wearing braces.
Why is this not more popular than the chisel? I think it looks so much more elegant.
I would think they don't want to do this because it is kind of screwing over their reps that work hard representing them and getting their books and cloth in tailor's shops.
I have a weird issue, I'm wondering if anybody else feels this way also. I like playing, but it is kind of anti-social just sitting in my apartment playing. I get bored faster than I did when I was younger.
I probably disagree with 85% of the bannings on Style Forum.
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