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Now that I have been looking at women I have noticed things about their bodies that I find interesting. Women seem to gain weight in their upper arms. Men don't really. What's with that? Also, I have come to realize that I like women with very low hairlines. So I guess you could call them "hairy". I like hairy women.
My lesbian crush barista told me a secret. She said, "wanna hear a secret?" I said "yes" and she told it to me (don't think I'm gonna tell you guys because I can keep a secret).
So back to discourse on pB's dating situation. I downloaded an app where you look at women and swipe them in different directions depending on if you think they are sluts or not. I have swiped probably thousands of girls so far on this thing and have only gotten one match. Who is that lucky lady you ask? Gomestar's sister-in-law. Only because she knows me.
Jesussssss!!!!! Soaps up your arms!!!!!!
It would be more of a pamphlet. I am a very simple person.
You know, you're right. It is pretty much my life in a nutshell. A few weeks ago I went to see this band play and before the band went on this guy walks up to me and says, "Hey, you go to Variety." I'm all, yes, I drink coffee. He's like, "Wait, you don't recognize me? I am there like everyday and I see you all of the time." I'm all, well I see a lot of people there, but I will say hello to you the next time I see you, what's your name?" He's all, "Well I guess I...
What do you mean?
Hell yeah, now you're speaking my language.
Side note, barista has got great tits.
In retrospect I should have said here is her email/facebook profile if you'd like to send her a photo.
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