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Yeah nothing there is really news to me really. The fact is normal soaps (Castile) are high in pH and they leave a lot of mineral deposits behind. The lower pH rinses strip all of that away. So whether it is the high pH creating the cuticle to open up, or it is just mineral deposits being present, I couldn't say, but I will say hair texture makes a huge difference depending on the products pH that you use.
Yes their pump soap. PH of 9. You just contradicted your self though. pH has a pretty big influence.
Forgot this gem:
That can make a huge difference in shoes.
With all of the cheap bastards that flood the secondary clothing market I think you'd be lucky to get $400.
I hear you on the pH of water thing, but there is without a doubt a huge difference in washing your hair with something with a low vs high pH. My guess is the pH of water doesn't completely bring it to 7. It might. It it might take an hour worth of rinsing to do so. Washing my hair with Bronner's which is a pH of 9 and washing with something of around 4.5 is night and day. Shampoos that have pH's of about 4 to 5 feel the same way as washing with Bronner's then rinsing with...
People who like warm weather make me puke.
IME, they bend over backwards to make you happy. I have, however regretted purchases I've made from other "high-end" shoemakers.
Asians have that?
Creme universelle is pretty decent. As a conditioner I actually like it better than renovateur. It seems to sink in the leather more and have less beeswax. In general I don't like conditioners that contain too much beeswax, seems somewhat counter productive. Lexol has no waxes and no solvents.
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