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I'd actually take freezing cold over the rain any day. The summer too. The summer and the rain sucks.
"I'm a dumb bootmaker, Jim..."
Well the materials used becomes important. Even in the case of handwelting things like insole thickness becomes an objective comparison.
Crispins is totally transparent. They show their whole process in their videos and even have one of their shoes cut open at trunk shows.
That japanese one was the one where they claimed G&G's has some sort of "mesh" in-between the upper and lining in the vamp section for reinforcement. Who knows what they could mean. Could be a translation issue. I'm just curious, that's all.
Could you post the dissection pics here?
Nothing I hate more than the rain.
More like this:NSFW: [[SPOILER]]
I think those are solid choices for your first two pairs.
My guess is he is going to say they are all probably about the same being that they are all goodyear welted.At this price point I would suggest the "best" is what fits you the best.
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