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I was at Leffot talking to one of the sales associates about bespoke suspenders. If it exists, which it should, I want some.
WTF?!?!? I just ordered a black coffee at the cafe and was thrown out for being a racist!
And me with $26 arugula...
Buyer's remorse.
Aldea is great. I thought the lunch was very reasonably priced.
I don't doubt that it is possible. I am not sure how it has to be done, whether it is the type of bean, having to have certain aspects, or what, but I would imagine the grind would have to be very fine for such a short brew time.
Totally not surprised this went down in Jersey. Fucking 10 cent millionaires.
Why would you want cloth buttons on a non-tuxedo jacket?
I just assume everybody who has a dog fucks it. You mean, they don't?
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