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Except they had the coolest looking headstocks.
Can somebody educate me on finishes? Poly vs. nitro and such? I notice the finish on my Custom Shop Les Paul is very, very different than that of my old standard run-of-the-mill Gibson. What's the deal with all of these different lacquers?
Can somebody summarize what happened with Gianni?
I have a bonavita, it is pretty awesome, but not necessary really.
I want a Fender Bass VI
Resident's only. They used to have a commuter tax though.
Depends on how much money you make, but it is between 3% and 4.4% now.
Hmm... True. If I lived where you do I'd definitely complain about property taxes. Dirt cheap in the city, although they get you with the income tax.
LIC sucks. It has been "up and coming" for like 10 years. It is what I imagine Williamsburg to be after the apocalypse. It's so depressing.
I think foo was talking about buying a place, where they are pretty strict about debt/income levels being at ~30%
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