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The term "native tongue" really irritates me.
Dark brown, id also alternate between that and maybe some maroon, or red, and even navy for depth.
I don't think it is defensible, but a tourist spot in NYC, I'm just not surprised. There's insane prices being paid by tourists all of the time. If they choose to pay it so be it.
Use a cream polish to do so, but don't glob it on all at once because it will over saturate the shoe and won't shine. Just use a little bit each polishing session and let it build over time.
I cannot argue with that statement.
I know, I know. I just feel like partially lined the piping and things come undone easier and there is more frequent maintenance issues with the guts. Ermazine is like tissue paper thin, I can't imagine one could tell the difference other than for aesthetic reasons.
Oh wow, you're right. I haven't been there in like 7 years, but for whatever reason I recall it being much more expensive. Still not that surprised by $30 for a hot dog and soda. I mean how much is that at a ball game?
Gun permits.
Seattle summers are completely bearable in 10oz fresco. The last time I was there in the summer I packed both 8/9oz and 10oz fresco. I was completely comfortable and it was August. All of my fresco suits are lined in ermazine, fwiw.
Um, no. Those are like $14 and $15...
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