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I had this one guy wait int the bathroom right outside the stall door for me to finish shitting. Totally rushed and ruined my experience. What a fucking weirdo.
Too humid out today.
Yes, I've seen it called "Vachetta" leather on shoes and more commonly handles and straps for like Louis Vuitton bags and such.
Saint crispins gets a lot of naked leather and dyes and polishes it themselves.
I B postin!
Don't beat around the bush here, you'd love to fuck a baby into that pussy. Just say it.
Please, do tell.
How else are they supposed to get a cup of coffee on their flight?
FWIW, Clag, those shoes are hideous anyway. You generally have better taste, wtf is the matter with you!?!?
Aside from getting a different pair of shoes there isn't much you can do about it.
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