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I think of that as "Corporate Finance"
I'm pissed because Rodney tried calling me first, but I wasn't able to answer. I would have loved to talk with him, but now it would be weird to call him back after these exchanges.
So bizarre though, I don't think I have ever met a Rodney and he's calling me Shane, which is a fairly uncommon name too. I think I have only known one Shane in my life. I am very curious about these two. The phone number is a Louisiana number.
Oh shit!
I was confused by CB too.They do have numbers at my company as well. Basically they are "salary bands".
So I accidentally grabbed somebody else's paper at the printer and it was a year-end for tax purposes stock sales form. This dude I work with, young guy sold like hundreds upon hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of stock this year. Totally unexpected. I was like, shit.
Good idea!
A guy named Rodney keeps texting me calling me Shane. He's very angry why, as he puts it, "y'all" don't think they can get $3,000 for it. He won't tell me what "it" is, but if I would I told him I would give him my outside opinion.
In my company it means something also, but in lower fin-ance it is bullshit.
The titles that my company uses are bullshit. There has been a huge push for titles that actually mean something to the outside world. There's a lot of "in name only" promotions that just further obfuscate what it is you do. Our whole group got business cards made up with different titles because they were so meaningless.
New Posts  All Forums: