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I definitely think most people in this day and age say they are offended and create a stink not because they actually are, but they feel they look superior if they are "for the underdog". It's all about their own ego.
That was hilarious. That guy's right on the money.
I'd hang around you much more (love ta poop).
I got really sick last night. I don't think it was food poisoning as I ate the same stuff as my girlfriend. Perhaps it has something to do with still being jet lagged and then eating gobs of shit I normally don't eat. Or some weird bacteria that exists on the food out here that my stomach isn't used to yet. Or it could be the 37 cups of coffee I drank.
I work by a Trader Joe's and there's a line out the door probably 3 times a week for those TV dinners.
I have 6 pairs. Never had a problem personally.
I have some stuff to say about this, but I have a feeling I am going to be pulled away from the computer, so I guess, yeah I'm commenting to subscribe to this thread.
I'd still opt for a longer coat in a lighter weight, or just wear heavier suits without an overcoat. I pretty much don't wear an overcoat here in NYC unless it is in the 20's (F). I just have heavy suits.
It's kind of fucked up and sitting here in Cambodia i'm actually getting stressed out about the possibility of the snow still being around when I come home.
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