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I haven't looked at his blog in years, but does he still take those photos?
Exhaust fans and counter space cost mucho dollars in NYC, pal, but I think I am preaching to the choir if you're living in the Bay Area.
The key part of what I wrote is "in my stove".
Why are the thumb comments back? Is Fok in a coma?
I don't know, I am a picky coffee drinker, but I would think the pros that I buy from can do a significantly better job at roasting than I can in my stove. Money spent on that premium is of no concern to me.
Saint Crispins
It rained my whole walk to the train this morning. Also coworkers who just came in also complained about the rain and humidity, which they are correct about. It all sucks.
It looks like just finish cracking, could be the top coat, or the dried wax polish. Other than putting some Lexol on it I'd live with it. If you use renomat to remove it you're likely going to ruin the museum finish on it as well.
In NYC I can't cook a steak without filling my place and the hallway with smoke and annoying the neighbors. Imagine if I got into roasting as well? Also, where would I put the behemoth?
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