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I couldn't bear hearing it from the beginning when my college roommate started binge watching it.
I wouldn't have bought those with that awful pattern matching. Makes them look cheap, which will make you look cheap. Return immediately.
Back pocket pattern matching is horrible, are you sure those aren't fakes, or factory outlet seconds?
Just ordered some Peet's Super Natural. I haven't had it before, but I have heard nothing but praise.
24 seemed like a ridiculously stupid show.
Bubbling happens on expensive shirts too. When I used to wear Borelli shirts they would bubble. I think to a degree it is dry cleaning solvents that does it. I have since only bought non-fused shirts and I wash them myself on a delicate cycle in my washing machine. FWIW, my bespoke shirts last just as long as my old non-bespoke ones before they start fraying.
I don't think most people identify "ruined" the same way or even understand the innards of their suits. Why do you have fused suits if you are so picky? Also, if you had concerns why not talk to he cleaner upfront, or even better search for the best cleaner in your area, or send your suit to a reputable cleaner in another city? FWIW, I don't have any fused suits or shirts, but there is also the issue of adding shine to fabric by pressing to hard. 99% of dry cleaners...
I need to give this show a shot to see how I measure up.
I felt this way about Mad Men season 3 and beyond. Also, people were raving about Boardwalk Empire. I felt it died fairly early on. It was an unbearable chore to watch any more than 40 minutes of Game of Thrones.
I don't think it is necessarily "Americans" who like it, but rather shoemakers (not manufacturers) who hate the stuff because it is very hard to work with. I would imagine English shoemakers being insistent on not working with it gave the impression that Americans like it.
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