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When I first read that I thought it said Minnis Shabu Shabu. I thought it was a new fabric offering.
That's not a bad idea. Put some beans in there at 206 degrees for a while and snack on them.
Put toe taps on them and use shoe trees.
Wax is fine for cordovan in any color.
Extra space in her apartment. She was throwing them away.
My downstairs neighbor was getting rid of a massive amount of CD's. She gave them to me to go through and rip what I wanted. It's going to take me a year, but it is awesome.
It doesn't matter, I know several normal people restaurants on my block that use them. Most of them illegally (don't ask me how I know) because there is an extra license required to use them.
I know what he's talking about. Honestly, it only happens when I use a very oily product like Glen's cream. As we all know you oil up your shoes even further so it might exacerbate the issue. These coconut oil polishes take a while to really dry and get absorbed, sometimes just letting them sit and then brushing will do it, other times a dab (literally like 1/4" of a pea) size amount of reno will pick up fine lint.
Oh, and the same douchebags who say "Pink Floyd was over when Syd left" is the same douchebag that says "Metallica was over when Dave left". Dave is a great guitarist, but I dislike him because he said "I hate keyboards".
I thought you were all talking about the Al Pancino film...
New Posts  All Forums: