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Ok, it is done. I am going to do it and post it on here and blow everyone's mind with teh impossible cool.
My ex: "I can't imagine what this would look like without a picture." Booooo!
I think with some people I believe you. For example, if my dad tried it he would look like that, but as weird as this sounds I think my personality can carry it. You know what I am going to text my ex, she will give me good feedback.
I'll let you all into 2 little secrets: I have never made ice in my home. Never use it, I don't think I have even opened my freezer since I bought my place 6.5 years ago. Also, I have never used a blender.
We had this English teacher in high school named Mr. Wunch. We used to say in a singsong voice "Mr. Wunch whose balls are in a bunch!"
I think I might have mentioned this on here before, but I got into a habit of after eating my Big Salad for dinner I would have a banana and natural peanut butter for dessert. This habit turned into a full fledged addiction and I would eat a bushel of bananas and a jar of peanut butter daily. I gained like 10 pounds when I found out that bananas are loaded with sugar and a tablespoon of peanut butter, even natural, has 4000 calories. I had to completely cut both from my...
What do you mean?
Why do you like hand grinders? I found that they take too long. Also, I was originally using one to keep the noise down in the office, but it actually bothered people more because of how long it took. Coworkers were happy when I brought in my virtuoso and the duration of grinding was shorter. I'm just a good open office mate
I don't think I will message her back though. I don't think I accurately reflect my profile here. All my pics are in New York and suited. I just look like a dirty hipster here.
I like bushes. Shaved vaginas are just weird. Also she's Asian so even if she isn't one wouldn't expect a forest.
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