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Probably why there are tons of 11's and 12's hanging around. I tend to have a preference for age, so I'd likely buy an 11 or 12 for drinking now over a 14 or 15 to be honest at least if the producer is good.
I do. It sucks. Alden, and AE put some sort of shellack on it so it doesn't have the issues, but naked cordovan is very temperamental with moisture.
Cordovan doesn't like getting wet contrary to what people say. Not for nothing my cheap snow boots were a grand.
Am I the only pansy who uses an umbrella when it snows?
A lot of Spanish wines that I have had taste a bit like candy, or rather "inky". Could just be the particular ones I have tried however.
I hate when it snows because I have to wear my cheap snow boots that make me look cheap.
Facebook Cross-Post: Betimes I have this dream where I own a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier half stack. For those who do not know what a Mesa Boogie Triple Rectifier is it is a very loud, powerful guitar amplifier. I used to own this guitar amplifier back in high school when I had the luxury to play my guitar as loudly as I pleased in my parent's basement. Such an amplifier in my modest NYC home today would be impractical and inconsiderate to my neighbors who spend most of...
Never had one, but trying a new wine is a worthwhile place to spend dat money. I had a South African wine a few years ago that was extremely bordeaux-y and wonderful for $25 at an Ethiopian restaurant.
Working from home sucks The snow can suck a big dick Snow, melt really fast
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