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You're changing the conversation to that of language not science. Dove isn't saddle soap, saddle soap, or "glycerin soap" is naturally made where glycerin is a byproduct of the soap making process. Dove, isn't a natural soap like traditionally made saddle soaps.
Leather is amphoteric it takes on the characteristics of what it is exposed to.
Dove isn't saddle soap. Traditional saddle soap isn't anything more than naturally made soap. Why are you intentionally being so fucking obtuse? Who said they are putting Dove soap on their shoes?I was wrong, you're not willfully ignorant, you're just a douchebag.
This is utter bullshit. Your head is so far up your own ass it is pathetic. It is like having to verify and scientifically prove a medication works that your Dr. prescribes to you because they are making unverified claims. Does your Dr. chemically test those medications? Fuck no.I can't believe your bullshit gets allowed on here, frankly.
Why do you think companies make "pH adjusted" soaps? Specifically for this reason. Traditional saddle soaps are alkaline, which isn't good for leather. Why are you so insistent on using saddle soap when other cleaners exist that are scientifically designed to not be damaging? I think you just like to be a dickhead for the sake of it.
He agreed with me, I don't know what you're talking about. Do you know that "basic" and "alkaline" are the same thing?Do a search for saddle soap online and you get tons of articles telling you not to use it. How is this unverified?
I have read books and various articles and scientific studies done on leather. There is definitely common ground between all of these things. The number one thing to avoid with leather is alkalinity. Do your test on saddle soap, if it shows to be mildly acidic then I cannot and would not say not to use it.
You said you would do it for us, so do it. If I am wrong I am wrong.
This is true, but one thing is all the same about them: They are all alkaline (which isn't good for skin by the way).I think people in here tend to think just because something is old and has been used for years that it is better. Science tells us that isn't true. Chogall can agree with me on that one based on all of the pushback he's given DW on the machine vs. hand welting debates.
Dove has a pH of 7 Bronner has a pH of 9 neither are optimal. Why not use something that is more optimal? It doesn't make sense to me if other, better options are available.
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