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My boo makes her own toothpaste out of baking soda and water.
How are they feelin, teh ben wah balls?
I've already emailed 3 companies this morning to ask questions about products. I've hit my daily quota.
I thought dennises go to medical and dental school for 17 years to learn the facts of truth?
I like that, shows confidence.
Today is one of my coworker's 40th anniversary of working at the company.
It's usually seen on corrected grain leather that gets scuffed.
^I've had the 1996. I'm sure I don't have to tell you to decant it for a bit.
The weird streaks just look odd. I am just curious if they were made to look like that, or age did something to them.
Here's a little known fact: It rains more in New York City than in Seattle.
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