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I need a cow herder mac. Make it happen, Greg! There are certain suits I will only wear in the rain, namely twills, serge, gab suits they seem more resistant to the rain in terms of holding their crease. People always ask me why I get so mad when it rains. Well, it costs me money every time in rains in dry cleaning, and "soft" costs, such as shoe wear and dry cleaning wear and such. That's why!
I cycled through Paris with my boo a few years ago. It was the first time I was on a bike in over 10 years. Yup, I was wearing a suit too.
It is crazy, isn't it?
I have about an 8 minute walk to my train in the morning, what a lot of people in the burbs don't understand is that even if it is just a small drizzle a whole hell of a lot of that rain accumulates and does some trouser and shoe damage over that 8 minutes, much more than you'd think.
NYC. No Peet's...
When I am exposed to the rain in NYC it is on days I have to walk 15 miles.
Amen, brother! What I went through a couple years ago to find a long raincoat! I had to get a vintage one off of flea-bay. They are made today above the knee and they are useless! More for style than function. I want one that practically drags on the ground. That plus a 65" umbrella canopy (5" larger now) and I think I will be ok.
Seeing that scares me being that it is polyester. I just imagine some little girl sleeping there and a fire breaks out. The canopy falls, catches fire and melts right to the little sleeping girl. Just awful.
I thought they were smaller. My bad. Then again I want a bigger one!Can you do custom macs? I'd love an uber long one. Can't find anything like that anymore.
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