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I have no idea what to get my girlfriend's mother for Christmas. Any help is greatly appreciated.
That is strange.
I find this all very strange, I had no subway issues.
I've noticed that AE's are hard to get a real good mirror shine on them. My friend gave me his to polish up and it took a huge effort. I think it has to do with the finish they apply to their leathers, or from the tannery, who knows, but it seems almost like a poly coat of sorts.
I'll be in Cambodia next month. I like going there because it makes me feel superior to everybody else.
It did not involve painkillers of any sort but they knocked me out for about 20 minutes. They told me I have gastritis and should cut down on the coffee on an empty stomach thing. They also said cut down on acidic and spicy stuff. I love vinegar and Dijon so much though! Oh and wine, I love that too.
I had to get a procedure done two days ago and was told I couldnt eat or drink anything 12 hours prior. The procedure was at 2pm so didn't eat or drink coffee until it and had none afterwards. I didn't feel a thing and mind you I probably drink about 5 or 6 cups of coffee daily. I think caffeine just affects certain people differently.
Is that what it's called?
Fuck, love waking in the snow in my $2,000 shoes.
There's no way I'm doing any of that
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