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So sorry to hear this. Is this the same woman that you mentioned years ago that was in bad health that if she passed you said you would take her cats?
I don't really care what other people wear to be honest. I just find this guy very interesting. He's smart as hell, has this really deep, froggy voice (with vocal fry). Crazy reddish hair, crazy beard, and now he's gotten into shoes. He's purchased a few Allen Edmonds and Lobbs and is always asking me about shoe care and such. Recently, I noticed he got rid of all of his old dress shirts, which were like these H&M looking things and now he's wearing button down collar...
There's now a Peets in New York City. It is in Union Square inside the Capital One bank, oddly. If you bank there you get half off your coffee. I walked in and the manager Amanda I think her name is came up to me and we had a nice chat. Seems they will be getting their more exclusive offerings in there and she said if there are things that I want she can always put it on order and stock it. Very nice service in there. They also brew a dark, medium, and light roast...
He wasn't a rival. He needed help. Also, he kind of followed me there. He has a bit of a guy crush on me.
This new guy at work wears really wacky shoes. He would occasionally ask me about my shoes and I would make fun of his shoes in a subtle way. One day he came with me to Leffot when I was picking up a resole and he was looking at their shoes all, wow, nice shoes are awesome. A week later he comes strolling in with John Lobbs. Now I make fun of his gemming.My bespoke lasts are ready. I am excite.
Polo! Haha!
The socks I'm wearing today are at least 10 years old. That's something that should be celebrated.
Fuck Connemara's birthday.
What kind of shaving cream do you use?
Milk is disgusting.
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