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Summer sucks balls, why is everybody so happy? The next time I hear somebody say, "Isn't it so nice out!" I am going to uppercut them into a fire.
So I developed a crush on the new barista at the cafe, but alas it turns out she is a lesbian. Why does this always happen to me? Also, why do lesbians love Fleetwood Mac so much? Fleetwood Mac sucks except for that one song with the outtro that reminds me of the part in Interpol's "The New" where the song modulates from C major to B harmonic minor using a diminished chord as the pivot chord for the modulation.
Yeah, it wasn't anything out of the blue. It was something that had been discussed over a long time. In the end her calling is in third world countries and mine is in my bubblicious bubble (NYC).
I hear you, but my issues around it are two fold: 1) I don't have a lot of free time, so when I do I like seeing people that are important to me, or simply being with myself, 2) I have these dating apps and I don't get matches to begin with. People told me I must be too picky, well that's fine by me.
For what it's worth I met my ex on an online site 7 years ago. I'm aware of the things that go along with it. I'm also a very different person today than I was then.
So for those of the forum who did not know my boo and I decided to end our 7 year relationship about 9 months ago. So, recently I have discovered dating apps. I find myself experiencing much cognitive dissonance over dating. On one hand it seems like it could be fun, but on the other I really like to do my own thing when I have free time. I have been thinking that perhaps the liking to do my own thing is a rationalization because I am not really "good at" women.
That's the idea!
I've done a fair amount of researching the chemistry behind shampoos, conditioners, and other styling products. It is very interesting stuff. All of the hate of detergents, or certain surfactants in shampoos are largely unfounded. Below I will disclose, at its most basic level the different ingredients in shampoos and conditioners, which make them effective. The active ingredients in shampoo is some form of detergent to emulsify oil and dirt so it can be washed away...
I have one pair of jeans, black, one pair of sneaks, black, and a handful of t-shirts, white.
I didn't wear a suit yesterday. Within 5 minutes of leaving my building a guy stopped me and said, "Excuse me sir, but are you ok? Where's the suit?"
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