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Sounds awful. I'd look for a new job.
Basically a bunch of garbage you people eat.
I usually call it "midtown" or "passé"
Not really, I chop my own veggies so I don't need to know what it is.
Girl at work came in for this meeting despite being up throwing up all night. I really hope I don't catch it. I cry like a little baby when I throw up.
I had to google mirepoix
What do you buy there? Honestly, they have nothing that I consume other than produce and there are a million produce places right in my neighborhood that I don't have to wait on line for for an hour. Also, the quality of their produce kinda sucks.
I don't know because most shoe polishes can be removed with some sort of mineral spirit pretty well without disturbing aniline dyes. Maybe because the aniline dye is under the factory finish of the leather?
Great tits and eyes. Would destroy.
One thing that I don't understand is the love for Trader Joes. My office building is near a Trader Joes and in the morning walking in there is already a line forming on the sidewalk of people waiting for them to open. If you go there at lunch time forget it! It's a shit show! Let me ask, why is there such pretension around a place that, for the most part, sells bagged frozen warm up meals?
New Posts  All Forums: