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Classic. I don't like the chiseled at all. Novello over chiseled, but I think that kind of brogue looks best with the classic. Nice almond shape to show off all of the lines and punches. Chiseling just makes it look slightly too busy.
What's the 205?
I like it Sea, I just think it would look better if it was an OCBD bengal striped shirt.
Not sold on that fit, Moss. I can't tell what kind of pants those are. If they are chinos that's fine, but the sweater is way too casual if they are anything dressier. Also, that sweater is way to casual for the ocbd under it. I would wear that sweater without a collared shirt under it. Also, I think charcoal pants, or jeans would look better with the sweater.
Doesn't make it right.
That's what I meant!
Clag, the tie is nice. It is perfect for the spring.
Length is a weird thing. Commenters have their own ways of assessing it based on things like where the hem is in relation to the wearer's hands and such, but that is inaccurate due to some people have shorter or longer arms and hands. Also people forget that some people have longer or shorter torsos, the same for people's legs. To really assess length you have to look at the whole picture, the entire height of the person and even how fitted the garment is to assess it.
If that's the case I don't like the fact that it is a spread collar. Buttondown, baby.
I wish I knew how.
New Posts  All Forums: