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Why can't I write in italics on Facebook? Sometimes I need to use the word mente ya know?
The only posts that I don't "like" have to do with sports (not that I hate them I just cannot relate the way some might to them although the uniform discourse is entertaining).
Side fun fact about Randy from the Beauty brains. He apparently sold the idea of a black costume for spider man to marvel when he was 22 years old for $220. They ended up using the idea for Venom.
I do listen to them and bother them quite a bit with questions.I do recall them saying this about the alkalinity, but the question really comes down to the degree of damage. Sure a pH of 9 isn't going to damage the hair like a straightening treatment will, but it does have an effect that can be felt and seen. In my mind the idea throwing around the pH of your hair for no real benefit can't be a good thing. They also talk at length about most damage coming from physical...
Big question for the consumer is how Japanese makers are able to make their shoes fit vs. European makers.
It is really interesting to me what kinds of Facebook posts get a lot of reactions vs. those that get very little. That little post got a lot of reactions and even people that I haven't spoken to in two decades liking it and some even sending me private messages asking me what I am up to in life. I feel like I have had much better posts that have gotten very little attention. I think I might be out of touch with the common man.
Funny enough I had a long conversation with her about gender roles in today's world. So, there was that.
Yay! You got it!
Xpost from Facebook: Many years ago there was this woman who lived close to me on my block. She worked at one of the cafes that I frequent and we would exchange pleasantries on our block and at the cafe. She always had this kind of melancholy about her (think Em7b5 to A7b9 to Dmin-maj7). One day she saw me at the cafe and she informed me that she was moving to Italy. At that moment I had hoped that maybe that move to Italy would change the melancholy about her. Recently...
Not sure why I don't know the answer to this buy now, but assuming that a cordwainer has got nothing else to do, a last, materials... how many hours does it take to make a dress oxford? Just curious.
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