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Too hot.
@clee1982 I measured my waist at 37.5" My size 33 has stretched to pretty much exactly that, maybe slightly more actually.
No excuses. You always dress so well and you have to put on shoes anyway so why not just put on nice ones?
Those are some ugly shoes there, Clag.
I've owned one pair of jeans for a long time. I typically wear them when I go to SEA. I bought this pair to replace my old pair, but I think I might sport them more often than in the past during the summer months when I don't want to sweat through my suit pants. I oddly perspire a great deal from those skinny legs and don't mind doing it into denim.I essentially have two uniforms as you've described (including navy) and white t shirts and black jeans. I've decided to sport...
I thought i needed a 32? I don't remember what I wrote. I'm happy with what I got though. It is funny though because I like the selvedge coin pocket. It's subtle enough.May be an odd thing to like, and it's something that has brought back a ton of memories but the smell of them is fantastic. Why is it Japanese denim has a distinct smell?Not sure what my actual waist size is too be honest. I can measure later though. Gulp.I actually tried on a belt at the studio and I...
I dunno I'm 6'1" and 180. Still down over 100 pounds from my heaviest.
I bought a 33. After two evenings of wearing them just around my apartment the legs have softened up and stretched considerably. The waist still needs a bit of work, which is typical for me because I have disproportionally skinny legs for my waist size. I'm hoping that the legs don't stretch much more, but as Greg pointed out if they aren't stressed as much they will stretch less. I'm leaning on that for now. Actually it might make me look more proportioned now that I...
A few? It's 10am.
Against Kyle's advice I slept in my Big Johns. Looks like that's the end of these sheets.
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