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don't remind me!
Freddy Kruger would have some new masabatory material.
Don't you work in, like, one of the newest office buildings in the neighborhood?
Does he still even have an operation?
I was at Leffot talking to one of the sales associates about bespoke suspenders. If it exists, which it should, I want some.
WTF?!?!? I just ordered a black coffee at the cafe and was thrown out for being a racist!
And me with $26 arugula...
Buyer's remorse.
Aldea is great. I thought the lunch was very reasonably priced.
I don't doubt that it is possible. I am not sure how it has to be done, whether it is the type of bean, having to have certain aspects, or what, but I would imagine the grind would have to be very fine for such a short brew time.
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