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I pretty much just hate the weather most of the time.
I have low t (low testicles).
Sometimes girls that have big boobs don't look like they have big boobs, but they are there.
Queens is such a weird place.
When I was a young boy I used to think that women's boobs would look better without nipples.
I've never been to Shake Shack.
My coworker's gf gave me her number because we are planning a surprise birthday party for him and she just keeps texting me pictures of actors that she thinks I look like. I told her she's racist and sent her a bunch of random Bengali girls from the Internet and told her she looks like them. She really thinks I'm upset. This is amazing.
My lesbian barista crush might not be a lesbian!!!!
What does that even mean?
My quasi-celebrity date (who just confirmed) isn't as high profile. Her (maybe fiancé) might be though.
New Posts  All Forums: