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That's exactly what he is, just douche enough to fly under the radar. At least I own my douchebaggery.Two words: David Copeland.
Through email Lexol said that their cleaner is between 6 and 7 and their conditioner is between 5 and 6.Stop deliberately being dense.Shitting in a box and sending it to you isn't a "life" threat, unless of course somebody's shit is radioactive or something.
Either way, it isn't acidic. Neutral isn't great either.
Saddle soap is bad for leather goods don't use it my hair is awesome
I am grateful for my sense of humor.
I do have an amp, it is just a shitty one.
I think I figured out the issue, Chogall is mad because he has crumbs in his vagina. He sits in bed naked eating veal cutlets and all of the bread crumbs fall onto his belly and onto the bed where they find their way into his vagina and he gets cranky. He then uses saddle soap to wash out the crumbs against the advice that saddle soap isn't acidic. This leads to the acid mantle on the vulva breaking down and not able to do its job (of protecting the skin against harmful...
Leather has a pH of 3 to 5 hence don't use saddle soap. You're fucking wrong. Even a pH of 7 is literally 100 times more alkaline than a pH of 5. It is a logarithmic scale. Now your clinging to the word "highly" once again using language to weasel your way out of being wrong. Can you not understand anything besides exactly what is fucking written? You need reading comprehension skills. The point is Saddle soap or anything higher than a pH of 3 to 5 which I have mentioned...
I've also shared words with the man.
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