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Horween's legit. It's expensive though, naturally as anything legit ought to be.
My boss left for a meeting and won't be returning to the office until tomorrow. He forgot his phone at his desk. I am highly considering taking a picture of my donger with it and setting it as his background. Whaddya, think?
I think I am going to cook monkfish tonight.
Box kite? Don't know it. Maybe I'll try it this week and post a review.
I might give mozzarella a shot tonight. I mean you can make a pound of it for like the cost of a gallon of milk. In my neighborhood that's about $20.
Clearly, you don't know what my temperament is like.
It's shit. I was excited to try it as it is allegedly just like Italy. Well, it's not.
It guess it is better than spending your day at work away from a wife you loathe like a lot of people.
New Posts  All Forums: