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I just think what is op is suggesting is very impractical in the daily lives of busy people. Also, it's downright not good for your hair.
The same gay man has been cutting my hair for ages. He's a cool guy and a great painter (artist).
He is actually. It is very strange. He has the shy hot girl complex. He is absurdly handsome, but doesn't know it. He's also super awkward. It basically leads him to being super self-conscious and neverous with these insanely hot girls, who don't get why he doesn't behave like a hot guy typically would. It is a sociological study for sure.
That's crazy, I think all of mine are pretty damn perfect after I wear the shoes a few times.
My girlfriend's brother makes awesome fajitas. (He's also insanely handsome he gives me the vapors.)
I only have large bills on me so now I have to leave my cleaning lady almost double the tip I normally leave. I hope she doesn't expect it every time.
Titsworth, I hope you get heat stroke.
I'm not sure exactly. There's various different things you can make happen including getting one of the coils activated and only part of the other for blending and such. The possibilities are endless.
I used to use blow dryer and flat iron on my hair. It took too much time and created a circle of death. If you use heat on your hair it will never look good unless you keep using heat on it. It will be a rats nest without it. I got older and lost the time and patience for using heat based methods and just adopted a more natural hair routine and learned to live with what I have. Now since the damaged hair has grown out and i take better care of my hair I don't have...
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