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Yeah, Jazz is more versatile. It has this distinctive reedy tone to it that only the jazz gets. You can make a jazz sound close to a P with the neck pickup, but a P will never sound like a Jazz. I do prefer the P neck though.
I had a lot of charitable donations this year so I might see a bump in it. Then again, I am making more money this year than last so who knows.
Gome should now post video of me jumping on an apple.
Do we work together? My office party was last night too. I got insanely drunk. Probably the drunkest I've been in a long time. It was a ton of fun.
Sucking your cock?
Solid use of the word "oriental".
She's early 50's. She's great.
I found it odd that he tweeted about some marijuana cookbook. Seemed out of character.
This guy at work instant messages me on microsoft lync to ask me if he could call me. Why wouldn't he just call me?
Good call! There wasn't a glory hole in the wall, so I felt a bit safer.
New Posts  All Forums: