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Kiwi is fine, it certainly doesn't have alcohol in it. Melatonin does have silicone in it, which many folks shy away from because it builds up and needs to be removed with a stripper.
Don't do it.
I'm gonna mix so much drugs and booze tonight.
Why is it that jazz guitarists like the dull, non-sustaining tone? FWIW, I can get it on my gibson really well, but I play with very heavy strings and 50's wiring so that could be a factor. What's your opinion on Jeff Beck? I like his stuff with the Yardbirds, but I can't really get into his solo stuff. Admittedly I haven't given it another shot in probably 10 years.
@Piobairehow you liking the jazz bass? I'm curious what pickup configuration you're liking the best as there are a ton of blending options.
One right by my home now. Still no plans to ever use them.
Maybe it was an Asian who is used to doing that. When I was in the Cambodian wilderness I had to squat in the woods to shit and I was terrified that I would shit on my own pants so I took them completely off. I shit on them anyway.
It is disgusting outside.
I miss @archetypal_yuppie. I wonder where he has been. I will be close to him in San Antonio next month. My thoughts will be with him.
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