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If you want to look like a person who doesn't notice bad pattern matching at the clubs then go ahead, but the clubs I attend I would be called out on the carpet immediately and dragged out on my heels for such a faux pas!
The clover is awesome if done correctly
True, but some still like the fronts to remain together and sweep outwards after the lower button.
No, but Harry Potter does.
Well, some assert that the fronts of the jacket should come together enough where you don't see the tie underneath before they cut away. This, of course is distorted by how high one wears their trousers. It is more difficult to do if you wear your trousers where most wear jeans and could end up looking weird depending on other factors. Pulling at the waist is of minimal importance really because it can be adjusted easily, other fit factors such as front back balance...
I couldn't bear hearing it from the beginning when my college roommate started binge watching it.
I wouldn't have bought those with that awful pattern matching. Makes them look cheap, which will make you look cheap. Return immediately.
Back pocket pattern matching is horrible, are you sure those aren't fakes, or factory outlet seconds?
Just ordered some Peet's Super Natural. I haven't had it before, but I have heard nothing but praise.
24 seemed like a ridiculously stupid show.
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