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Actually I just had blood work done. He said my HDL's are extremely high, and I have very low LDL. No high blood pressure. Clean bill of health. I fail to see the issue with meat and vegetables. I eat artificial sugar probably 4 times a year. I rarely eat starch. Seems to work pretty well for me.
I probably eat healthier than you do most of the time.
Ron Rider's shoes are BR for the most part. He offers some hand welted ones as well, IIRC.
I didn't want to start a new thread for this so I will just post here about sous vide. I noticed when making steak in my Anova when I take it out of the water bath/plastic it stinks until I sear it. Is this normal? I know the meat is fresh from the butcher I go to, but it has this really concentrated smell coming out of 135 degree water that turns pleasant when seared. Just want to be sure I am not killing myself.
I know a firm (my father's) that when you're fired other employees all shit in a bag and hide it under the seat of your car.
I just like them because David Gilmour used Hiwatts. No other reason.
When I first read that I thought it said Minnis Shabu Shabu. I thought it was a new fabric offering.
That's not a bad idea. Put some beans in there at 206 degrees for a while and snack on them.
Put toe taps on them and use shoe trees.
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