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I'd recognize those towels anywhere.
I liken my coming into work disheveled and hung over like when Don Draper comes to the office disheveled and hung over. Still looks pretty fucking perfect.
Larry, that sounds awesome, I don't have cinemax though. I love old kung-fu films. From Sonny Chiba to Bruce Lee. Love it all.
What's your obsession with rats? You're like Willard.
This is awesome, kind of like the common man's Clever. I think I recall Kevin Knox taking a liking to it on his blog.
I never watched 24, but my roommate in college went on a binge and it was awful hearing it in the background. Especially the annoying sound as the clock is ticking down in between commercials. I wanted to kill myself. True Detective has to be one of the best TV shows made recently, furthermore the way it was shot was incredible. That intense police raid 8 minute long take has to go down as one of the most intense beautiful moments in cinema. Seriously. I am psyched...
I watched four episodes of House. It just seems like the same thing happens in every episode. Ok, this cranky guy gets stumped at first and then cures the disease. It's mindless. So you're saying there is an actual character arc?
Is any of this stuff on netflix or hbo go?
People are overly sensitive. I think bullying is good, everybody can use a little now and again to keep things in check. TEAM BULLY.
This sounds perfect then.
New Posts  All Forums: