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I went on a date with a woman who was trying to sell me on brown shoes once.
I think they are proportion to the drape silhouette that I generally wear. Mind you they have a fishtail back, no waistband, forward pleats and sit right at my navel. These aren't meant to be fashion-forward in the least.
It's what you wear when you grow up and get a bespoke tailor.
I have a crush on another potential lesbian that works at the coffee shop.
I don't get why I get so irritated at visiting my folks. I mean a jalopy limo back and forth and a fist full of dollars for Christmas. I'm just a spoiled, rotten, unappreciative brat.
Most Sundays I see live jazz at this bar in my neighborhood. A lot of times it is really good, but sometimes it is horrible for many different reasons. The jazz performance is kind of an open jazz performance so any jazz musician that knows standards can sit in for some songs and play. This has made the crowd much larger over the years because all of these nerds show up to play so you have half the bar filled with musicians and half the bar filled with gig bags and...
I don't know I think those Russian Reindeer shoes look kind of cool. It sucks that it happened, but they certainly aren't garbage. Looks more like the patina a lot of people pay extra for in many other makers. It seems it is just a finishing problem. I've never worked with russian reindeer embossed leather, but if I had to guess the embossing seals the pores and compresses the fibers of the leather so any dye applied doesn't penetrate as well and the creams and waxes...
Don't know
Did he ever follow up?
Who the fuck is this guy? Go ahead and look down your huge cock at your co-workers. Make them want it.
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