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What were you dong in Iraq? Do you work in the oil industry?
I'll get us back on topic black shoes are so much nicer than any other color shoes aint even arguable as it is a fact of truth.
We have auto record retention shit now.
People love to pick on Jesus to where it angers me to say, hey he was just a really nice guy why you gotta be hatin' on my preference for him, don even make no cents.
I'm not really a "stay on subject nazi" on this forum, but I reckon we should leave the guns/police convo where it is here and keep it to the Current Events thread. I might get worked up and start whipping out my pistol and twirling it all willy-nilly.
Who the fuck is Steve Austin and why is the adjective preceding his name capitalized?
I mean, I am a huge pervert, but I cannot fathom anybody who would want to hurt a child. They are ill of mind (mente).
I will read a science book and think of you.
Ok, ok, about how about the liver charts. That's what really matters.
I hear there are all kinds of riffraff in Chicago. I will pray for you.
New Posts  All Forums: