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I think you should get a better pair of shoes.
It's fine, especially just for a bit too much wax on a toe. He doesn't need stripping right down to the grain. Why use something harsher if it isn't necessary?Renovateur is allegedly a conditioner, but it is honestly more of a polish. Lexol is a water based emulsion with no wax in it. It is meant to penetrate into leather and stay there. Renovateur is a polish with a bit of oil content. I haven't had "luck" with it in the conditioning department.You need to plump up...
What does that mean?
Yes, I have his resume. I can go knock on his door.
Just use a bit of rubbing alcohol on the toe, then put the cream and buff, cream and buff again, and then start building the mirror shine with wax.
That won't do anything to it. You need to plump up the leather, renovateur will just basically make it shiny.well what did you do? Strip it or put something on it?
I'm still doing so much fucking work for my old job. These new hires can't come soon enough. One of them surprisingly is easy on the eyes (very attractive).
I drove a VW GTI a couple weeks ago. It was very fast. Too small on the inside though.
I actually don't play many interpol songs on guitar. Without a second guitarist their songs aren't very interesting. Most of their stuff sounds cool because of the orchestration and harmony by all of the instruments together.
Looks like a non-issue to me, but soaking that section with a water and vinegar solution might pull it out. Or try soaking it with some Lexol.
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