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Yikes, that couldn't be more opposite of an aeropress.
Speaking of which where has @ter1413 been?
Sure post them.
Is this a grammar correction? If it is, I think I am correct. "Were" is because it is not black, "was" implies that I am unsure if it was actually black or not. It isn't black, so it must be "were". Am I off-base here? (I went to public school).
I've never thought about it, but then again I do my best to avoid stepping on shit. Maybe I am just better at that than most?
That would be awesome if it were black.
I go through waves. I kind of want one without giving up what I have going. I just need a drinking buddy who I can sleep with when I feel like it. An escort.
I'm just not into my current opportunities. She thinks I need to break out of my comfort zone a bit if it is a relationship that I want. I just cant keep carrying on my normal routine hoping somebody will just come along. She said I could certainly do. Ether being more direct with women I think are attractive...I feel like I am 18 years old all over again and a fatty.
Mudvayne FTW.
Agree, but admittedly Starbucks Reserves are very good.
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