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I bet it will be of a margarita(ville)
I don't know. I don't think it has the same effect on everybody. I can go days without it no problem. Maybe I am feeling those effects and I just assume feeling lousy is from being hungover every morning. "Am I shaking because of too much coffee, or not enough alcohol?!!?!?"
I've posted this before, but the Boardwalk Empire clothing I felt was meh. A lot of it seemed very peakcockish to me, which in my mind didn't go with the time. They claim the used old photos and did a lot of research into it so I guess it is period correct. I was just amazed by the loudness of a lot of it. Also, I felt all of the fits were very tight compared to what one would see in that era. Again, I could totally be wrong.
Speaking of tattoos, this one tombstone place (who also sold freshly baked bread oddly) closed down due to rising rents in my neighborhood and a tattoo place is opening in its place. I am so fucking irritated by this. There are dozens of tattoo places in my neighborhood and this spot is prime fucking real estate and its going to be occupied by yet another tattoo place. I hope they go out of business fast. People get so irritated when old businesses close down and new...
The anti-caffeine people are annoying.
I can easily go without coffee. It doesn't seem to have an waking up effect on me, rather I just like it. Some days I don't have any until the middle of the day, like right now I am having my first cup.
5cmDo you like béarnaise? I can't seem to remember.
St. Crispins half soles their shoes and pegs them because it already has a pegged waist. As I understand a shoe with a pegged wait should be half-soled.
I tried watching Game of Thrones, I could barely get through 30 minutes of it. Aside from the annoying mumbling and accents I found the acting horrible and the dialogue cheesy.
It's a loaded word for sure.
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