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I popped a blood vessel in my eye squeezing out a poop.
First rule of Style Forum: Don't piss off Moderation because they are infallible.
The photographer has a nice ass.
My marriage will probably be by a shaman in Peru just before we drink a shitload of ayahuasca.
I have been seeing a lot of old friends getting married recently and the only thing that is very apparent to me is that they have dated much better looking people in the past.
Basically you can achieve the same result with cordovan cream, or reno and a spoon.It is largely bullshit. It is a throwback to "St. Hughes Bones". Many old school shoemakers made their tools out of animal bones so some company decided to profit from that by selling oiled deer bones. Anything hard and smooth can do the same thing. It just compacts the fibers, that's it.
You have a pretty nice wedding photo in your kitchen.
You can also do it with the back of a spoon.
I think Kira should get the custom title "Knightly".
Did you move yet?
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