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I was going to do this years ago and I think you gave me the same advice on here. I don't regret that decision.
I don't think I posted the AMA, but in that AMA they said they don't use coconut oil, which has recently become a popular product ingredient in shoe care products. They claimed it "dried" out the leather.Scientific claims have had logical reasoning for using it though, namely the oxidative stability of the oil.
I don't think they are dirty rotten swine. They gladly told me the pH of their product, which was awesome. As an emulsified product with an acidic pH it is still a more informed option than products that you don't have any real information about.I tend to like emulsified conditioners because they aren't as easily over used. The water content evaporates whereas using oils and such as conditioners it is easy to overdo it. The upside is they have no pH. So which is...
It was you!
Didn't Bickmore say there is less than 0.1% of silicone for "emulsion" purposes?
How are they unverified when I got them from leather chemists? Because I didn't personally test them? Wouldn't make sense to, I am not a chemist.Why are you so insistent on supporting saddle soap, when you yourself never tested it? At the same time you're so insistent on saying I am wrong, when I have actually done leg work to gather information. I think you've been using the stuff and telling others to use it and know it isn't the best option, but are afraid to admit it.
lol, yep. it is hard for me to justify such an expensive amp, when I struggle to play for 40 minutes a night alone in my apartment. I'll have it in less than 10 years though.
It is a funny thought, that's all.
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