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I did it the way you told me. All in all I think it was corrupted or something. Like I mentioned I had a tab that was being fed by a different workbook. I thought that was why it was very slow, especially due to it being on a server. I thought deleting that tab would fix it, but it didn't. I think it was just some sort of fluke.
Would you mind sharing the source?
I got rid of them a long time ago. They were oxfords. The uppers cracked faster than any pair of shoes I've ever owned. Admittedly the fit wasn't great. I attribute that to part of their early demise.
I've never worn a blucher.
:shrug: I've never worn an AE. Come to think of it I don't own any American shoes.
Is there anybody in the US that still makes lasts by hand?
So why just the other day we were going on about how hard it is to find veg tanned uppers if essentially you can just use lining as uppers?
Nah, not at all. I actually wasn't that hammered.
Copied and pasted data from each tab into a new workbook and ignored that stupid error. I recalculated all of the formulas because they were pasted as values. Old workbook size: 246MB, new workbook size: 10MB. So fucking weird. This one works fine now.
When I try to repaste the data into a new workbook I get a message that says "The range you are pasting contains formulas that cannot be pasted into this instance of Excel; however, the formulas will be pasted as values. This may result from pasting formulas from Protected View, another instance of Excel or from another application." WTF?
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