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Why was Isobella terminated?
I'll try my hardest to not take my dick out in the office.
I just got an insanely good performance review. I was not suspecting that as I have only been in my current group for half a year. I better not fuck it up.
I've been watching Bates Motel. I like it.
This is what anybody says when you don't like the show they love.
Yes, a few of them.
You're all nuts.
I can't believe I didn't post this, but my girlfriend is housesitting this really rich person's place in Cambodia. They have a maid that does most of the odds and ends and the maid walked right in on my when I was totally naked putting on deodorant. She acted like it was so normal. Just walked in, "Sursdey, sir! Good morning!"
You're probably right... I went back later in the day and was annoyed my usual spot was gone.
Why do so many people have avatars of Joe Lhota?
New Posts  All Forums: