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Cool and muggy sucks I prefer coolness and dry I don't like moisture
I always do this. Have a date with a beautiful woman and dread going. I just wanna do my own thing, man ya know?
My best friend has a gay sounding voice. When I first met him in college I thought he was gay so I treaded lightly (careful not to use derogatory speech, or make allusions to stereotypes) but then he soon later began talking about how he likes meaty chicks with "big ole' asses" and "substantial" bosom.I think my voice sounds a lot like Matthew Fox's voice from the show "Lost". That said, I am really good at singing Oasis songs.
What's her name, I might know her.
The model for the hair products I use was just at the cafe. She left too quickly for me to ask her for free products though.
What's the difference, really?
I which I had a baritone voice. I have a squeaky Jew voice.
Thats a retarded statement.
Drenched in an $8,000 outfit. Fuck the rain so hard.
Good, I am sick of subsidizing your sorry ass.
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