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Blocking posters is like getting your mom to talk to your schoolyard bully's mom. Just scroll past them you high maintenance prima donna assholes.
I don't own VNA, but Philip told me it is his hardest leather and takes more breaking in than CRU. It is also aniline dyed and has a topcoat. FUN is softer than CRU, but not as soft as SOF (which Philip hates, btw). CRU is the hardest of the crust leathers.
I had a very bothersome dream last night. I had a dream that I made out with this girl in a bar and she kept vomiting uncontrollably all over me, I would try to get away but she would keep on pulling me towards her and puking on me. People around me wouldn't stop her as they said I brought it on myself. I finally got free, but at another bar on another night she arrived and began violently vomiting on me again and kept restraining me and vomiting on me even more. I was...
I don't even own a single brown shoe...
Why does one want green shoes?
Resoling shoes about once a year is standard, ime.
Do you lace them all of the way up when you wear them? The lace going through the hole might serve as a barrier between the eyelet and the tongue. You could also glue a piece of suede or fabric on the inside over the eyelets if you don't lace them all of the way up to keep them from rubbing.
You should put another room in your home. That might give you some extra space.
Well, isn't cordovan technically a fibrous layer under the skin? So technically it doesn't have hair on it. If it does have hair on it it would just be horsehide that happens to be from the rump of the horse.
what's smh?
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