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Not sure why I don't know the answer to this buy now, but assuming that a cordwainer has got nothing else to do, a last, materials... how many hours does it take to make a dress oxford? Just curious.
Well, I know for a fact that some testing has been done on apple cider vinegar and its ability to clean. A recent study I heard about on a podcast showed that apple cider vinegar pretty much does nothing in terms of removal of styling products, or dirt, oil, and the like. Baking soda is not great for hair because it has a high pH relative to where your hair wants to be. Your hair wants to be acidic at a pH of about 5.5 and baking soda is around 9. Alkalinity opens up...
I don't get camping. Awful.
It is very humid out, but my lips are chapped. That seems weird to me.
Now that I have been looking at women I have noticed things about their bodies that I find interesting. Women seem to gain weight in their upper arms. Men don't really. What's with that? Also, I have come to realize that I like women with very low hairlines. So I guess you could call them "hairy". I like hairy women.
My lesbian crush barista told me a secret. She said, "wanna hear a secret?" I said "yes" and she told it to me (don't think I'm gonna tell you guys because I can keep a secret).
So back to discourse on pB's dating situation. I downloaded an app where you look at women and swipe them in different directions depending on if you think they are sluts or not. I have swiped probably thousands of girls so far on this thing and have only gotten one match. Who is that lucky lady you ask? Gomestar's sister-in-law. Only because she knows me.
Jesussssss!!!!! Soaps up your arms!!!!!!
It would be more of a pamphlet. I am a very simple person.
You know, you're right. It is pretty much my life in a nutshell. A few weeks ago I went to see this band play and before the band went on this guy walks up to me and says, "Hey, you go to Variety." I'm all, yes, I drink coffee. He's like, "Wait, you don't recognize me? I am there like everyday and I see you all of the time." I'm all, well I see a lot of people there, but I will say hello to you the next time I see you, what's your name?" He's all, "Well I guess I...
New Posts  All Forums: