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What parts are you most interested in? I think was most unique was she would ask me questions and be interested in the answers. 99% of girls, especially on dates don't ask many questions and just love going on about themselves.
I actually do run into the chick that you bang (she currently works right by me). It is funny though, I ran into this girl I hooked up with a decade ago like twice in the past month. She's like I saw you once ten years ago and now I see you all of the time, what's with that? "I'm single again."
Well I'm supposed to see the girl from Tuesday again this weekend. We will see how that goes. We texted for like 2 hours the other night like children. She said some very kind things to me.
I'm lazy
Tonight is my annual Peter Luger's dinner with my dentist and his other 80 year old friends.
So I haven't seen this above girl in a few months, but we got on the same train car this morning and had to take the whole commute talking awkwardly. It was awful.
It was nice. Definitely overpriced, but it was one of the first purchases I made through a booze delivery app, so I was just curious. I don't recall what the price was of that individual one, but it was typical for these California oddballs. I thought the alcohol and fruit was very well balanced, but the body was light. Not like a southern France Mourvèdre at all. Kind of reminded me of those California Pinot Noirs that taste like Syrah.
It went well, cool woman. Oddly we both only eat one meal a day (dinner).
I pretty much just hate the weather most of the time.
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