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Didn't Bickmore say there is less than 0.1% of silicone for "emulsion" purposes?
How are they unverified when I got them from leather chemists? Because I didn't personally test them? Wouldn't make sense to, I am not a chemist.Why are you so insistent on supporting saddle soap, when you yourself never tested it? At the same time you're so insistent on saying I am wrong, when I have actually done leg work to gather information. I think you've been using the stuff and telling others to use it and know it isn't the best option, but are afraid to admit it.
lol, yep. it is hard for me to justify such an expensive amp, when I struggle to play for 40 minutes a night alone in my apartment. I'll have it in less than 10 years though.
It is a funny thought, that's all.
That's exactly what he is, just douche enough to fly under the radar. At least I own my douchebaggery.Two words: David Copeland.
Through email Lexol said that their cleaner is between 6 and 7 and their conditioner is between 5 and 6.Stop deliberately being dense.Shitting in a box and sending it to you isn't a "life" threat, unless of course somebody's shit is radioactive or something.
Either way, it isn't acidic. Neutral isn't great either.
Saddle soap is bad for leather goods don't use it my hair is awesome
I am grateful for my sense of humor.
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