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The new barista that is taking over for my lesbian crush barista looks to be of reputable quality (hot).
One thing that is hot is this kooky girl I am seeing on Tuesday has a guy's name. So hot, I hope she is not a tranny, but hey I've got a open mind.
I want to develop a dating site where you just post pictures of your genitals and swipe based on that, hey we all wanna know what we are getting ourselves into, right?
That's not my idea of fun.
I wasn't into her physically that much. The only reason I thought it would be fun to meet her is because I have seen her in my neighborhood for years.
This woman lives around the corner from me, but works weird hours so I don't see her often, but the coffee shop is my safe place because she doesn't drink coffee. Probably knew it wouldn't work from that as well...
I should probably establish that on date one. But judging on the proactive nature of this particular woman she'd prefer top anyway.
If you're 31 and not married aren't you killed?
This particular one told me she wanted me to put it in her butt, so the response would not have been in my favor (would have had to do something that I didn't want to do).
Ok, there is something stressing me out about this online dating thing that I think has made me be very passive about it. What if you hang with a woman and you have a fine time, you agree to see her again, have a fine time, and then she is really into you despite you being whatever about her? She keeps texting trying to hang and is being aggressive as far as her interest in you, but you're just not feeling it. This situation (which occurred once way back) puts a lot of...
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