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I tried a goat hair brush a while back. I bought it due to its softness. I was hoping it would work well as kind of a "polishing" brush, however contrary to my initial thoughts it would smear the surface of the leather's finish. Maybe more use getting the waxes to build on the hairs would have done it justice but as you alluded I didn't have the patience when I had my trusty 15 year old Kiwi.
Dave Mustaine is dead.
Well you just won the internet.
I think you're missing the point and I don't understand why you're so offended. If you buy their beans online they ship 1 pound bags of coffee properly sealed. This way I can store them for a while while I drink through them. If I walk into Peets here in NYC and buy a pound of coffee who knows how long it has been sitting there after being busted open and repackaged. I have Peets in my backyard, but it still makes sense to buy their beans online so I can get proper...
So last week I went into the only Peet's in NYC in Union Square to get a cup before leaving to visit family. I asked if they had any pounds of the Mocha Sanani for sale. They said they would check downstairs. The come back up with a 5 pound bag. I was like, whoa there, I don't want all of that. They said they would fill a pound bag for me. I was like nah, then you have to bust open the package compromising freshness (Peet's vacuum seals bags and backlashes with...
Whose definition of "too old"? Stumptown beans don't even get to most merchants until 3 days after roasting. 2 tops, and that is driving them 10 minutes from roaster to merchant.Seven days after roast date has a noticeable decline in taste and aroma.
Fuck those brown clown shoes.
No, who is that?
You save water that way.
Too bad I'll be at my parent's house.
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