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I know, try being ridiculously good looking and well-dressed.
They both already contain water. ~95% of the stuff is water.
Napoli and Trieste.
I would not dampen the leather before usage. If you want to dampen it before fatliquoring just don't wait for the hydrator to dry fully before application. Hydrator is like 95% distilled water anyway. Same for the fatliquor. I think it isn't as easy to screw up conditioning when you're using emulsified oils because they are largely made of water. Much more difficult to overdo it.
Well, not really the U.S. but that's awesome.
Crude and oily.
I use them on calf and cordovan. I have zero experience with suede so I can't comment too much on that. The owner of the company knows his stuff in terms of chemistry so in general I wouldn't hesitate to try it, albeit I would test it on an inconspicuous area first.
I have a leather couch and I conditioned it with Lexol the other day. Took me like 2 hours. It was an awful experience, but I must say the leather is looking beautiful and seems to be holding up great despite supporting my disgusting body on an almost nightly basis.
They were stretched pretty good. Far beyond what is normal. I have a fairly high instep that the last wasn't suited for on top of being too narrow.
I wouldn't be so fast to say they crack fast. Like I said, I really stuffed my feet into them, and it was during my frequent renovateur application days. I think it would be unfair to generalize Corthay based on a lot of factors that I had a part in seeing to their demise. Objectively speaking, they are a goodyear welted shoe.
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