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The thing is, I can take care of a hard dick without the work and frustration.
I don't know, I guess I'm afraid it might just jump to commitment too quickly with somebody who I'm not really that into.
I think in August. I alluded to it somewhere in here. It's definitely quoted in my first post on this page.
With whom?
Frank (ercole) prefers to tailor finmeresco to fresco for whatever reason.
First day at work for new girl (who is of can shit in my mouth status) and everybody is trying to take a bite already, bummer she's married.
There is no paleo friendly food delivery. I hate it. It is all italian, or mexican shit.
Best part about placing myself near the bathroom in the coffee shop is listening to the pretty girls tinkle.
I think I am going to just turn my back on relationships. I am too weird for one.
Jealous assholes.
New Posts  All Forums: