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Less often jcman delivers.
Interesting. Time to get my Hush Puppies relasted!
If this were done would new toe and heel stiffeners have to be made?
The more teh Veen posts the more I love him.
Those are borderline dress boots.
Odd questions: let's say you have some manufactured shoes and some bespoke shoes. Could a bespoke maker realast the manufactured shoes on your bespoke last? Next, would it be an ethical dilemma?
Side note, new hot barista is working here now too! She's young with skinny arms. She can shit right in my mouth!
Walked into the coffee shop and dat hot barista asked me where I have been and told me that she missed me. She expressed concern for me that I had to eat rice and noodles in SEA. She also told a story about an ex boyfriend so I am pretty sure she's not teh gay.
I am grateful for hairspray.
Bad weather country to one more bad weather place bad weather sucks balls
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