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Maybe I am in the minority here, but I have very little interest in blogs. I don't read any of them regularly. If I read a blog post it is usually something I stumble upon. 98% of them just have regurgitated material, or articles about pieces of RTW clothing that I have zero interest in, or maybe even worse "lofty diction" romanticizing some aspect of wearing clothes, and living a certain lifestyle. If I want information I usually just talk with people on here, or in...
Are Steve Madden shoes expensive?
Have you heard the new FF album? I haven't, but I have heard good things about it.
HOLY SHIT. I knew he had this length and I went in to buy it and he had a fitting ready in it. I guess it was yours, you mother fucker! I'm at least glad it was you and not some other bozo!
I haven't.
This might be heresy on here, but I actually don't like flannel. It gets misshapen very easily and takes no time at all to look rather haphazard. If I had 70 suits I wouldn't mind so much, but I don't, so yeah.
What's next, a mellotron?
Maybe I should get a tweed suit?
What's with all of these light wimpy fabrics?
See, that's not my experience at all. My experience shows that it is quick to lose a crease when wet. Twills seem to be the best in that regard, however they are also more susceptible to shine.
New Posts  All Forums: