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I ate over $100 worth of sushi last night. It was so good, but as linkadessen might say, "it put me in the poorhouse."
My ab and torso muscles are very sore. They aren't generally sore because I don't need to use them often, but when I have to use them they become sore.
My custom is non-Swiss cheesed and it weighs about 10.5 pounds. I find the design to work well seated and standing. I always play seated with the body in between my legs not off to the side. I feel the body of an LP works well for this position.
I had an insanely debaucherous night last night.
Ah yes, mistype! Thanks for the correction!
It always blew my mind when I would see people play guitar with rings on their fretting hand. Very annoying feeling, ime.
Id like to be involved in some fundraising though. I just don't know how to go about it.
Well, yeah kind of as much as I can, but I mostly do financial planning/accounting things for them. I have been finding it very hard to score donors. Everybody is so cheap.
I'm gay.
Bespoke shoes.
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