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Add more water to the water spots? I don't think so.
Here's just a current example of why shell sucks. I got these spots just selecting moist produce from the grocery store. A couple of droplets is all it takes. These cannot be brushed, or buffed away. How to get rid of them? Renomat, elbow grease and building back up the finish. Such a royal pain in the ass. Shell sucks.
A grey one and a greyer one.
I had fittings of two Lesser 16 suits yesterday. I think I might be getting it now.
It's kind of weird, but when I first found out you were black I didn't get it. I mean I've seen your skin tone and luscious lips through the years, but I just assumed you to be maybe Italian/Dominican or something. I've learned to just assume everybody on Style Forum is Asian until proven otherwise.
What's it pay?
I just want to report that The Birdman is alive and well. Like three black cocks, well.
I'm so happy I sent that to you.
Doing anything like rubbing saddle soap on already darkened shoes will only further darken them, and/or dry them out at the same time. I say just leave them alone and let time do the trick.
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