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I don't like the sound of les pauls pushing fender amps. Always sounds muddy, but that's typical for 6L6 tube amps and humbuckers. Fender amps are made for single coils, imo.
Weird grippy feeling that is difficult to wash it doesn't look bad
I am grateful for my boo.
I had a twin scaled down to it from a Mesa Boogie triple rectifier.
Don't do this. Use a degreaser like renomat.
Ordered a bunch of Kaladi coffee's. I love Mark Overly's blog and videos. Giving them a shot.
You don't know how to write a proper haiku you fucking idiot
My hair is better when it is not humid out humidity sucks
I am grateful for my parents.
My guy does this. I tip each time. I am not sure what haircutting tipping is the norm, but I tip $20 for both full cuts and trims.
New Posts  All Forums: