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No, but she said a lot of other things.
Is this Lesser 16? I think I have the same cloth.
I will say that my mom found my Facebook account and sent me an essay of an email telling me that she's "disappointed" in me. Good thing she has not found my Style Forum posts.
I don't have much to report. I have been out of town for work so that limits my "experiences".
Never heard of it, but I would imagine it is just a higher % of carnauba, which is the hardest wax and leads to a faster mirror shine. The downfall of such proportions of carnauba is if something strikes the mirror shine it tends "shatter" the wax. This means you have to strip it and reapply. I find that Saphir regular wax is great for mirror shining because it stays flexible and if something strikes it it will just put the surface in that spot and not shatter. Also, I...
In my experience and other's, Saphir Renovateur needs to be brushed very soon after applied, or it is hard to buff out. 5 minutes is too long. I have found once it is applied, I start brushing it out right away and get great results. Letting it over dry is bad news bears.
Sourness could be due to the roast, or region being pulled as well even if it is producing a 2oz shot in 30 seconds.
Just ordered this for my Les Paul Custom.
Warsaw is in Greenpoint. Just sayin.
Hi friends.
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