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Just to throw something else at this, but large corporations also have a ton of costs that small businesses don't...
In all these pages there's no consensus.
Oak bark tanned soles...
Do the bold infrequently, whether worn or not.
People talk about it as if gentrification is a brand new thing. It has been happening forever. I do think the rise in real estate values in NYC isn't going to continue on the same trajectory. I certainly wouldn't pay for my apartment what it is currently worth.
I'm always drunk, drunk on aggression.
I think you're wrong about the bolded. Many high end makers replace gemming.
My girlfriend has about a billion paper wallets with Asian motifs on them she got there.
I know we have waxed poetic about these topics over and over again, but I want to suggest, or even play the devil's advocate on something. We say when resoling a shoe it is best to have the original last. We also say that hand welted shoes is a superior construction to goodyear welted shoes and many others. I have noticed something though, when I get back factory recrafted shoes they tend to be tight. The footbed seems totally unaltered with no weird bumpiness, but...
New Posts  All Forums: