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Also, since polar solvents don't have a pH and cannot alter it I see no reason not to use them to remove polish, or clean your shoes. Why even bother with Saddle Soap? WE NOW KNOW THEY VARY in pH, BUT WE STILL KNOW THEY AREN'T OPTIMAL.
The vinegar thing just makes sense in the context of what I have learned about the making of leather and its properties. For ages people have used a vinegar solution to rid salt stains from shoes. Why? Because salt water is alkaline and those salt rings that keep reappearing is exactly the leeching out of the tannins and fat liquors that I just spoke about. You need something acidic to inhibit that chemical reaction from persisting.Also, lighter colored leathers tend...
The tannins bond to the protein fibers through hydrogen bonding. The protein fibers are ionic positive and the tannins are ionic negative, this is why they bond. These are weak bonds and since leather's protein fibers are amphoteric exposing it to a pH above it's isoelectric point ~3 - 5 shifts the fibers to ionic negative which repels the tannins, fat liquors, dyes and anything that is ionic negative and hydrogen bonded to the fibers. It is like putting two like poles...
He was, he was live texting me.
The finish on shell just kind of sits on top (for non-shellacked shell) so it can be easily disturbed in my experience. Toothbrush would be too abrasive.
I'm glad it worked. I have done it with shell in the past with success.
A virgin's hymen mixed with vinegar dilute and very much sperm
Is there such of a thing as "sex lessons?" Like, you know, lessons on how to have sex? Don't say "watch porno".
I'll treat myself to an amp when my level of playing gets to where I'd like to be.
There is this guy that I see walking in and out of my office building who looks so plain. He has this face that isn't handsome, nor is it unappealing, he dresses blandly, never really has an expression. Betimes I wonder about how many times his genitals come up in his mind and I think, I bet this plain, uninteresting looking man's penis is just as important to him as a hot, tone, chiseled-jawed dude in a bespoke suit.
New Posts  All Forums: