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It is a slow chemical process, they aren't just going to immediately explode. Furthermore most people are just affecting the topcoat, in that case I might see your point, but crust leather will soak it right in. I just don't understand your insisting on the stuff when there are better options. I said it before and I will say it again, that's pure willful ignorance.Leather's fibers are amphoteric so they are very sensitive and react differently to varying pH...
It is just castile soap, which has a pH of around 9.
I don't think it is obsessive. It's just what I think looks good. If anything I think most people on here obsess over colors, and patterns more than I give thought to my wardrobe.
Didn't Stumptown get bought from some PE firm not too long ago?
Not gonna lie, I had to Google "Comstock Lode". I had a very different idea of what that was...
This could either be very good, or very bad.
lol, no.
I don't think my friend would want me to be kissing his girlfriend. Who knows, maybe he wouldn't care?
Teh drape.
I've actually considered getting one.
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