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Um, what are your boots? Not everybody is up on your purchases.
She's very young. I'm probably a decade older than her. She's also a hipster barista, doesn't want to aging stiff like me.
My friend walked and he's all "how bout dat new barista?" I'm all, "I know, bro."
Man, this new barista is very cute. I would love to take her out, show her a nice time, and pepper her with compliments.
During my time away my coffee shop switched from French Press to drip. I am not bothered by the method change, but the coffee is terrible now. They change up every so often what farm the beans are from and they are using a new farm for the time being. I am not sure if the shitty taste is due to the new brewer, the new bean, or both. One of the baristas was excited to hear my opinion of the coffee to which I told her "it sucks".
You work?
There was a pretty perfect looking girl sitting next to me with her boyfriend. A shame.
But dat patina!
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