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I disagree (that they look great).
When she was living with me I did charge her rent.
I know...
She never filed her 2013 taxes.She also doesn't have any friends.
I don't know what size pants I am. I have a tailor make them all for me.
I'm always amazed walking to the train in the morning how many people are having full on conversations on their phones going on and on about things. I'm like, how can you have this much energy for bullshit yapping so early?
FWIW, gomestar refuses to call me by my real name IRL. He pretty much calls me Booth, or Patrick. It has gotten to the point where if I hear "Patrick" in public I turn and look.
Well she's paying me back, but it will probably be over 40 years so it doesn't really materialize all that much.
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