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This is very good to know! Thank you, humble teacher!
AY has made one awesome post that has been the backbone of my liking of him despite him giving all of us a hard time. That post was one where he objectively compared his Edward Green shoes to his Gaziano & Girling shoes. It was helpful and informative. I will also say that I took two points away from him when he showed a pic I think of a couple pair of his shoes next to these disgustingly hideous sunglasses.
As I said before Saint Crispin's get a half sole with pegging added just before the ball of the foot in the arch area for stability. It is done this way about three times before a full sole replaces that. It is to keep the pegging in the arch area in tact so you're not punching new holes constantly through the upper in that area.DW, is it possible to get as dramatic of a waist with hand welting?
Those look like the chisel last.
Yep, it is grounds for getting fired.
I'm not generally attracted to most darker skin women.
I work for a Fortune 500 company, arguably one of the top in my industry and there's no way for managers to go around the HR hiring process. It is impossible. Also, it is impossible to walk in and give a resume. The only way you could possibly get the manager's attention is if you know somebody and they can put you in contact with them. Still the process for hiring is very stupid and structured and even if the manager knows who they are going to hire they have to go...
I dated two trusties.
If you walked into my company and asked to talk to HR or manager you would get escorted off of the premises.
I know Phillip has showed me an example that had been resoled 3 times. I think that is the max with the only half sole, after that a full sole is done and maybe an insole replacement thereafter.
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