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I am grateful for coffee.
Thank goodness that I home from Texas as it is a huge shit hole
I don't like airports Process of traveling sucks Should I have some booze?
I am grateful for my health.
I've used Accutemp out of Long Island City. They seem to get the job done.
That's because you're a cheap fuck and probably don't get your hair cut my a student of Vidal Sassoon.
Full cut $60 trims free. I tip $20 at all of them.
Clean it is nice, but when you crank it to get output distortion that's when it gets muddy.
I don't like the sound of les pauls pushing fender amps. Always sounds muddy, but that's typical for 6L6 tube amps and humbuckers. Fender amps are made for single coils, imo.
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