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Man with strong bias for anal.
Jamerson is awesome!
I don't even own a car in NYC. Gas prices are irrelevant to me.
You would pay more in taxes ($ amount) in Brooklyn? That seems insane to me. I spend more on coffee in a month than my annual taxes are. Also, anywhere right outside of NYC as astronomically high taxes (my parents in jersey spend $20,000 a year).
I keep thinking that I may have liver damage from too much boozin'.
I knew you would have something to say about this amp, Gus. I've mostly been playing clean tones through it with pictures Les Paul. I've been playing more and more jazz and I can totally see why it's loved by a lot of jazz players.
So clever!
I bought a 1965 Ampeg SB-12 (with the rare 7868 tubes). The idea behind this was it was originally designed to be a multi-instrument amp. It has a bass input and an "instrument" input. Now I can play bass through it while only needing one amp. It has a very interesting, lush tone that is super revealing. I love it.
Incredibly jelly.
New Posts  All Forums: