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traversco = David Copeland 2.0
I hear you. I just think after taking a couple of strides on the pavement it pretty much becomes moot.
Holy fucking shit, you did it again!!!!!!!!11 RENOVATEUR AND MDO LOTION ARE NOT STRIPPERS THEY ARE WATER BASED.
I'd rather grind the beans between rocks, make a fire, heat up some water and throw in the grinds and drink. The two of you go way too far with your "exact science" coffee making.
The only time I apply anything to the bottoms of my shoes is after I walked in the rain and they had time to dry out.
you need to both read this thread and work on your reading comprehension. Saphir leather lotion is water based. Their polishes contain turpentine.
There's this guy at work who always pulls his pants down at the urinal. I always walk in and see his fucking ass in tighty whities. WTF is wrong with people?
Holy hell.
I'm jealous it wasn't me.
People have different views on it because it is a stripper. It cuts grease and it is an irritant. It's not good for your skin, so why would it be acceptable for leather? That's the logic at least.
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