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Yeah, I am super skeptical of pretty much any westerner I meet there who is middle aged and claims they make frequent trips out to SEA. They are sickos.
Seim Riep is awesome, but kind of touristy, bro-y, amateur drinking spots and such. Mrs. Wong's (a bar) made the best martini I had in Cambodia (which isn't saying much).
To be honest, I am not sure what the neighborhoods are even called. I was mostly escorted around when I was there last. The waterfront area on the river is awesome and probably the most tourist friendly. Raffles hotel is insanely nice, but it's not really Cambodia if you ask me. A place where socialites go to say they visited a third world country. In general all of the hotels are very nice for the money. Raffles is NYC priced and feels like your in New York inside.
None of those.
I'm going to be traveling to Laos on this trip as well. Doing a 5 day tour, biking, boating, elephant riding. Also visiting a coffee planation. Can't wait.
Is there a noticeable difference in tone between an alder body and a swamp ash body? I know the ash is lighter, but is it very significant in how it sounds?
Yeah, you just stand on this line and pay like $20. Very easy.
We've agreed on other things like how Jeeps suck....oh wait...
Estimated time of horny?
What's ETOH?
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