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I don't think anybody sees Image Consultation in a negative light, but they rather question you being an authority to consult. Anybody can open an image consultation business and advise people who don't know what they are doing and those clients are at the mercy of somebody who claims they know something. Doesn't mean you're any good. Just like any profession there are people who are good and people who are not. I just think pulling at the button is minor and can be...
When I met you, you brought this up to me about the suit I was wearing. At the time it never occurred to me that it was a thing, but since then It has been a pet peeve and since corrected on future orders. I would be lying if I said it doesn't bother me now when I wear that suit.
One of the most uncomfortable conversations that I often have to engage in is when somebody asks me where to get the best suit for $500, or the best shirt, for $60 or something like that. I always come across seeming like an elitist, or a pompous asshole when I tell them I seriously don't know.
This is true, but they have botched my cup a few times by putting in the wrong settings and not stirring the slurry well enough. I have had them remake me cups once in a while. Once I got aged Sumatra and it tasted off and I asked them to remake it, they then asked me if Sumatra was in Asia! They put it in as an African offering they had. Also once they put this fluid in the machine to descale it and then made my cup and it clearly tasted like the liquid wasn't rinsed...
That's a solid way to look at it. I understand the time commitment of ironing, and it isn't worth it for most people, but for me it's not that bad, especially considering I only iron the collar, cuffs and fronts of my shirts because I always have a jacket on. It probably takes me about 2 minutes maybe to iron a shirt. I generally don't like ironing more than four at a time, however.Also, when my shirts wear out at the collar and cuffs my tailor will use the body of one...
My mother is a royal pain in the ass. She's having a fight with my girlfriend in Cambodia through email and they are both hurt, pissed off, and upset. It is stressing me the fuck out and it is not what I need right now. My mother is so ridiculous and I think it is mostly because she doesn't interact with the real world and has too much time on her hands. Lastly she thinks just because she has a "feeling" about something that it automatically makes it a reality.
I haven't had a shirt dry cleaned in I don't know how many years.
I do wash and iron all of my own shirts and I hate every last second of it. I just do it better than most places. Place that do it right also charge like $6 a shirt to clean and iron and well, that's too rich for my blood especially when I own a washing machine and iron.
If you want to look like a person who doesn't notice bad pattern matching at the clubs then go ahead, but the clubs I attend I would be called out on the carpet immediately and dragged out on my heels for such a faux pas!
The clover is awesome if done correctly
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