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Totally, dickweed!
Too true, or if I was less busy. If I get to play 40 minutes a night I'd be perfectly happy, pussylick.
I play daily, butthead.
You don't? I also have these weird fantasies of my friends slopping their favorite foods on their genitals. It is a funny thought. Think about it.
Remember that weird one that we had that tasted like a digestif?
You moron, I just said I had a shitty amp.It's a fine amp, I just don't like it.
Inflamed vagina very uncomfortable for certain members
I am grateful for not having any student loans.
No, that was all me. Same with insinuating you had an inflamed vagina. I take full credit for that one also.
Read a book about the science of leather. It all makes perfect sense. We know a lot more about leather today than they did in the late 1800's. Why are you so insistent on this? Science and logic man. Where's you're "verified claim" or whatever you mean by that for the use of saddle soap past "it has been used for ages"?The only reason it exists today still is because people have the same attitude towards it as you do right now, "well it has been around for ages it...
New Posts  All Forums: