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It was just a simplified comparison, not meant to be literal. Any liquid will discolor it temporarily, but a higher pH than the isoelectric point will shift the pH alkaline, which will repel the other negatively charged stuff in the leather such as the fat liquors and dyes. It essentially begins to revert it to rawhide and causing a mark.
I don't really care about foot hygiene as much as I do what flip flops represent to me, which is pure laziness.
My dentist is awesome. Had him my whole life. He has a flat screen in every room with Fox News blasting on it. He chews on beef jerky while screaming at the TV, and complaining to his stock broker on the phone all while working on my teeth.He takes me to Peter Luger's every year and invites me to his fancy Christmas party, which is awesome.
Best Kira post, ever.
You're absolutely correct. This is why I recommend vinegar. It is because it is acidic, which is the way the natural leather fibers want to be. Leather is amphoteric so when anything above the isoelectric point of leather (~5.5) comes in contact the leather acts as litmus paper and shows a mark. You need to shift the fibers back down to about 3-5 on the pH scale.
I have a really good friend like this. I actually find some Koreans who are born here, but suuuuuper into Korea more annoying. Anything you're talking about it is always, "In Korea, blah blah blah". STFU!
@A Y Have you had Peet's Ethiopia Fancy? Any good?
I don't care enough to.
How is it different from the army, military, marines... I honestly have no idea what the difference between any of them are. I never had much interest in such things. I do know the navy deals with boats, however.
The ring might have saved his finger!
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