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Have you ever considered writing a book on The Prince?
This is the only funny thing you have ever said.
On my Les Paul, I changed my bridge, tailpiece, posts all to rolled steel. It makes a huge difference in sustain. Many les paul traditionalists get aluminum tailpieces to be historically accurate, but I hated them, ruined sustain.
Whenever I go to a happy hour after work I end up making really bad food choices that not only are fattening they also make me feel awful the next day.
I am fortunate enough to have never gotten mugged in NYC, but I know so many people who have. I have reoccurring dreams where I do get mugged. It is awful.
I had a dream last night that I went to a business seminar and Pio was the "MC". He kicked me out because he "don't like the industry you work in" he didn't know that I was in fact teh Booth though (but I knew he was the Pio deep inside my mente.)
It needs a setup bad.
I played a tele that Gomestar owns yesterday. So weird compared to my les paul. It takes some getting used to. The strings almost seem closer together.
@gomestar Post pic of the bordeaux blanc if you didn't chuck it yet.
"Harry Twatter and the chamber of dicks" -Gomestar
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