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Ok, there is something stressing me out about this online dating thing that I think has made me be very passive about it. What if you hang with a woman and you have a fine time, you agree to see her again, have a fine time, and then she is really into you despite you being whatever about her? She keeps texting trying to hang and is being aggressive as far as her interest in you, but you're just not feeling it. This situation (which occurred once way back) puts a lot of...
I have a few relatives who are physicians. Sometimes they will be like, hey I saw so and so in the office the other day, and whatnot. I have told them, you shouldn't even tell people you saw people in your office, you never know this info could get back to them and they can make a stink about it.
I am hoping the girl, while seemingly very nice, who flaked out on Friday forgets about me. She is going to be visiting her parents in Connecticut for a week. The probability she forgets about me in a week is high because New York.
One of the most annoying social situations to be in is when you're around multiple web developers. The conversations make me want to put a bullet right into my mente.
It is pretty funny how often the question comes up to me in my daily life of "what do you wear to the beach?" That's a huge issue for people, but I have to tell them that it is pretty much a non-issue for me because my appearances at beaches are "few and far between".
I also Facebook stalked her and all of her photos are with celebrities. She works in that arena so she's got mad cred that I could use. Downside is she suggested to meet at this bar that I HATE that is her favorite.
4 times a week is actually very light for psychotherapy. Most people I've known who did psychotherapy go every day.
I think it is more uncommon to live in (hipster) Brooklyn and work in Brooklyn provided you're not a bartender or something.
I have a date with a weird woman who plays video games on Tuesday night. I don't prefer during the week dates because this old coot needs his sleep, but we had to find a time around her four day a week psychotherapist visits. Her breasts look substantial, but I fear she might be thicker than I like. She has a fantastic hairline though. She asked me, "So everyday after doing your hair do you look at a picture of David Lynch and just say, 'nailed it'?" She might be a...
New Posts  All Forums: