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Just got an email that I owe $3,000 for mandatory building repairs when the repairs have nothing to do with my unit.
I used this in college. I don't recommend you try it...
Have you tried looking at the MyLesPaul forums? Some gems pop up there for sale a lot. It is essentially the Style Forum of Les Pauls.
On swelling: I notice that sometimes my feet are more swollen in the morning depending on what I ate for dinner the prior night. If it was something very salty, or high in lectins my shoes will be noticeably snugger.
I don't think it looks horrible if it falls forward a bit. I just think that small section that does that needs slight shortening. If you got it shortened it won't have that "emo" effect.
3 minutes until I flip my sausages over.
Pat, would look so much better with black shoes.
Anybody not give a shit if their vegetables are GMO? I don't. I have too much going on in my life to worry about such things. Ok, I might die at 75 rather than 80, who gives a shit? It'll be less I'll have to save for retirement.
The only thing that worries me about this approach is how shoe care is a continuum. For my experience I have used different products over long periods of time and changing my opinion about them through time after they have been used. So there is never going to be a definitive shoe care guide. I think that is what is, actually great about the thread is it shows people's opinions and experiences through time. Still, though I think a lot of us have individual preferences...
Just because you are opening up new stores doesn't mean you are going to necessarily see growth. The New York market is saturated with third wave cafes. I can throw a rock blindfolded and hit a third wave cafe. I know I am not the only one who consistently goes out of their way to find something different. (Eatly is literally the only place I can find true Italian espresso). If third wave was smart, like somebody else said they would expand to the burbs, not the metro...
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