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Fuck you, philistine.
Natural is ugly, imo.
Every one of my suits is a three button.
Ugh, GTFO.
I am also against active pickups.
I don't believe it. I hope it is some sort of hilarious debauchery like rubbing the bottle's opening on their assholes or something.
I just got a prescription filled and it was extremely annoying from start to finish. They asked me when I would be back to pick it up. What do you mean? Just go in the back and get it now. It will take 15 minutes? Why? What are they doing back there? Do they need help counting 30 pills? It's finally ready, $67.00. WTF? I have insurance, apply that shit muthafucka. Oh, they already did, retail cost is $264.00 for 30 pills. You can't be fucking serious? What the...
Why do people say this kind of stuff to me all of the time? That is 100% untrue.
Co worker said she wanted to get her hubby a new tie. Sent her a link to good ole' NMWA. Boom! New tie.
I've never considered any cloth that complimented my skin. I just wear cloth that I like the color of. The matching to skin tone thing is weird.
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