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I love it here. I also love to complain so it kind of works out.
Also, if you want to go that route, don't use Glenkaren conditioner to get the polish off, it has too much oil in it and it make it hard to raise a shine after just polishing. Use Renomat and then cordovan cream or GlenKaren polish in a color you like to condition and shine.
I still wouldn't go through all of that. I would just let light and time lighten them up.
Well, your symmetry and tie clips suck. Just keeping it real.
It amazes me that one website out there years ago wrote no cream on shell and now everybody believes it. My advice to you, is brush them, maybe put a light layer of wax polish and brush again. That's it.
I don't know if this hasn't been said, but stop tying your tie like that, and get rid of that tacky tie clip. I agree the collar needs work.
I am kinda liking the psychedelic Vimeo L Train.
Yeah, pulling from ring to middle makes my pinky fly off the board. It is excruciating to make that not happen. I am so envious of jazz players how can keep their fingers right over the frets regardless of playing.Then again Django had some hand issues and he played fine.
Middle ring pinky is fine, but reverse forget it.
I can't play my pinky, ring, second finger descending on consecutive frets for shit. My picky always wants to jump off the fretboard and it has been driving me fucking crazy for 18 years. Is it a lost cause? Even slow it is agonizing.
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