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Yes sir. I rode a bike yesterday around the capital. "It's like riding a bike" in reference to how you never forget how to ride a bike is flawed. I had to, like, relearn. Almost got creamed several times. Today my butt bone is killing me and muscles I didn't know I had in my thighs are killing me.
For bad weather tan shoes are going to be difficult to keep tan, or at least passing as somewhat presentable.
"Why is your skin so white?!" -Little Cambodian girl to me
I do, never used other makers however.
Most of the pricey stuff is shit these days, that's why.
Always masturbate before going on tinder.
I love all of you and I'm so happy to know you!
I know that he did come back to New York for some follow-up fittings but my frames weren't ready at the time for a fitting. Honestly I don't think it would have improved much of anything. He gave specific instructions on pictures to take and also listened to my input and always tweaked what I had asked for. I can't say it would have improved the final product to any noticeable degree. Some folks that saw my frames and had some frames done by him a long time ago seemed to...
Was your wedding on the 1st? If so people were probably super pissed off at you. I would have been.
I don't really like giving prices online, not because it is secret or anything, but in bespoke work and such prices change often for numerous reasons and forums are sort of cast in stone to a degree. It would be unfair to members and Wesley if certain expectations of price weren't met because of old, or inaccurate quotes on the forum. Wesley I'm sure would be more than happy to quote you some prices of you shoot him an email. As for materials he only offers horn, but in...
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