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I haven't found what I want in RTW.
The one time I am actually avoiding something more awful than being in New Jersey.
I was at that wedding and then a family function!!!!!! This weekend I am doing volunteer work...
I can't, I am going to be out of town until Monday.
Can I ask what their price point is?
Well, not to sound offensive, but I would think a tailor is more capable for doing it over a manufacturer. The Crompton blog basically demonstrated that it could be done.
I think I might have complained about this a while back, but when I went to Cambodia in January one of my girlfriend's friends over there asked me if I would bring over a couple small handbags that she would give her friends as Christmas gifts. There's no shipping to Cambodia so she had them sent to my home. Well she ordered like fucking 7 giant bags and I literally had to check and extra bag to take over there. I was fucking pissed. To make matters worse, she didn't...
I don't like being in water for non-hygiene purposes. I did make one exception to swim with my girlfriend and two elephants in Cambodia recently. It was the first time I was in water for recreational purposes in probably over 10 years.
I more or less just put a mirror shine on the toe and heel and just brush the rest. Rarely, I will polish the vamp and throat and such.
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