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Best Pio quote ever.
I have a party to go to tonight that I don't want to go to. I'm usually a Scrooge, but there is a lot of snow out. That counts as grounds for not going, right? Also, the couple that invited me are in an open marriage and the woman is really hot. Maybe she wants to bang.
True, it seems like the pendulum has swung in that direction. I know SO MANY people who got hooked on heroin because of having be prescribed opiates for a long period. Some of even died. I don't think they should be prescribed as willy-nilly as they are.
I hate snow real bad especially when I have to do some walking
I am grateful for animals.
Since I only eat dinner. If we end up going back to my place than I won't get any food in me at all today.
What's a fly rod?
Gotta hang with this chick tonight. So annoying.
Haven't you used Michael Andrews? He can't do it for you?But yeah, Frank makes nice vests.
Ran into a girl outside who I asked for her number at a bar almost a decade ago. Never really hung out with her but we exchange plesantries when we see each other and we follow each other on Facebook. She has great eyebrows and is pretty. She got married recently and seeing her made me feel sad and old.
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