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A few years ago I saw this band play at the MOMA out in their garden. I was standing next to Jason Swartzman, which is irrelevant, but the girl on stage had a longhorn plugged into a Fender and it sounded pretty great. Not my favorite sound, but great nonetheless.In generally a Fender Jazz bass into an Ampeg SVT Classic is the bass sound, IMO. Unfortunately I don't have the "appetite" for a 300 watt bass amp with an 8x10 cab.
Nothing yet. I want to get a black jazz bass with block inlays. This limits what I can buy. Ideally I would like to find a 65' Jazz that has already been refinished and get it refinished in black nitro. This is also my most expensive option (other than an all original 65-69).
I usually don't find that they taste bad, but they lack any kind of character. Kind of just has that bland nondescript "coffee" flavor. I am not sure where large producers buying commodity grade coffee get it from, but my guess is largely Brazil if it isn't identified on the tin. Perhaps they are just making enough money churning out what they have and have no appetite to change growing standards for a market that's pretty darn small in comparison.How are you sick of...
I got together with a bunch of friends in a large house in Pennsylvania Friday to yesterday. We were having a big party for a good friend of ours who is moving to Kuwait for a year to teach Physics. Stupid idea to be, but whatever. I just came in here to say that I need a vacation from this vacation. My body is killing me. Age is catching up to teh Booth.
Man with strong bias for anal.
Jamerson is awesome!
I don't even own a car in NYC. Gas prices are irrelevant to me.
You would pay more in taxes ($ amount) in Brooklyn? That seems insane to me. I spend more on coffee in a month than my annual taxes are. Also, anywhere right outside of NYC as astronomically high taxes (my parents in jersey spend $20,000 a year).
I keep thinking that I may have liver damage from too much boozin'.
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