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There are several professions that should never be allowed to take vacations: fabric weavers, tailors, cordwainers, mechanics, plumbers, lawyers, and doctors.
I'm not actually a philistine.
Do you happen to be a 6 year old boy?
Pay the ticket you cheap fuck.
Greg and co. what are the chances of possibly having a trunk show where you can custom order Talarico umbrellas? I like them, but they are all too small for me, and I am picky about wood and stuff. Is this a possibility? If not, would it be possible to custom order one through you without the shenanigans of a trunk show?
I think my company is the only one that in their advertisements, internet, or print or whatever they use actual company employees in them. It is weird walking and seeing somebody I know on a billboard at a bus station. Wait, American Apparel does this too, but let's just say that the average American Apparel employee is a bit easier on the eyes (attractive for the brain to view).
Maybe they work in politics?
How about French press?
You don't know there have been blogs on this, pH is all over the place. More so with all natural stuff.
New Posts  All Forums: