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That's amazing how it is so noticeable all of the way in Brooklyn.
What is it? I smelled it in Brooklyn this morning.
I've made note of this before.
Ive heard of it before, but they are one of those companies that don't tell you what's in it. Based on that alone I wouldn't trust it, but my hunch is it's too oily for use on shoes. Same goes for that Leather Honey product.
Some of those examples of posters don't seem all that simple to me...
Fwiw, I love casual suits. I have some myself. No sweater with it though!
Thank you, I think you're a great guy! I just don't like the sweater/jacket thing you do. I think you'd look better without the sweater and just the jacket, or vice versa. Just a guy's opinion!
Really? Today is yet another day why I'm not.
I do have low T. I rarely engage in sexual acts, but when I do, I do it right.
I'm wearing them in that photo.
New Posts  All Forums: