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What kinda sopa?
They make great shoes as well.
What happened to Death_Shot?
As most of you know I hate the rain more than any human being in the world. I just got drenched outside and it looks like there are going to be horrible storms all day tomorrow. To make matters worse my boss decides to take the intern out for a celebratory lunch tomorrow during all of it. Now I have to walk in thunderstorms to eat lunch. Fuck me.
I need to go to Mexico, there's got to be something there for me. I like some of their music, that's for sure.
I like Gome too. He's ok.
Come to think of it, I hate most of what mexico has to offer. Tequilla is shit, mescal is shit, mexican beer is shit, mexican food it shit. Fuck, I just don't like Mexico. I will admit that some of their coffee's are great and Carlos Slim is the man, however.
I've never seen baby shit that I can remember, but if I did I am pretty sure it wouldn't look like guacamole. This is bold considering I kind of hate Mexican food. Guacamole is the only saving grace.
Well, that's not really fair considering there were much less ailments due to people being healthier.
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