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You know how I roll.
Don't matta son.
I am not up on this, but I kinda feel like it might be a click-bait media thing. Don't only like 2 people a year need that drug?
I iron them. 16oz cloth doesn't hurt either.
You ever see a really hot girl go into the bathroom and say (in your mente) hey baby whatever it is that your gonna do in there you can just do right here in ma mouf, yeah.
I had a great Facebook post about this a while back.
If everything was priced based on "cost of production" most things would be a lot cheaper. Maybe folks should move places where there aren't bees and think twice before biting into a peanut butter and jelly samich.
So you consider that cheating?
I've met her, she's not really my type, so maybe. Then again, I don't like redheads either so maybe they will just molest me.
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