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Did I patronize benhour? No. Again, leather is acidic, saddle soap isn't so why use it other than you personally like to?
For ages people used vinegar yes, I also have a technical reason for why it works, where's your technical reasoning for using saddle soap? You don't have any. Leather is acidic, saddle soap isn't. Your opinion has nothing to do with these facts. Ph shifting aside pure logic says it wouldn't be wise to use it.
It's got nothing to do with my status, it has to do with the fact that you are, indeed a douchebag. The insults are warranted. I'm a firm believer that some people just really need to be told.Maybe if you handle yourself like benhour and not an insufferable ass when you put forth your opinions and research I would have to call you out in such a manner.
Really not sure dieworkwear, I just wear my shell shoes when there's a 0% probability of rain.
I think everything you've just said is true, all of the leather chemistry texts I have read stress the importance of pH shifting as a part of the process to make leather. You're correct that the proteins will never go back to how they were, but they do repel the tannins and get stiff. They aren't reverting to how they were originally for several reasons in the process of tanning, that's not to say their state doesn't get altered into something different when shifted above...
Totally, dickweed!
Too true, or if I was less busy. If I get to play 40 minutes a night I'd be perfectly happy, pussylick.
I play daily, butthead.
You don't? I also have these weird fantasies of my friends slopping their favorite foods on their genitals. It is a funny thought. Think about it.
Remember that weird one that we had that tasted like a digestif?
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