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I did an experiment with this years ago. In my experience it made the soles wear faster. Anything that softens the soles will make them wear faster. I no longer do anything to the soles of my shoes.
What industry do you work in?
I think the issue with "manual" espresso machines is the inconsistency if you're not putting a lot of work into it. Also there is a lot of coffee waste. An issue in some places is getting beans that are roasted and blended to produce a good result, then once you do that coffee going stale is an issue. IMO, they are a pain in the ass in the home, too many strikes against them.
I'm always terrified at what I end up tipping after getting wasted at a bar. Is it enough? Did I do the math on the bill correctly? Could they even read it? Feedback from my local favorite is the drunker I am the better I tip by a lot.
I don't experience the drawbacks you mention here. I still think the Nespresso mouthfeel is excellent, I find that most shots I have in coffee shops aside from them being disgustingly acidic they are very thin. The temperature issue can be solved with pulling a shot with no pod in it warming the internals and the cup before pulling a pod loaded shot.
Noted. I have always wanted to get into philosophy, but the amount of works out there by various people is so daunting.
Seems to work well with your style. I'm not a fan of the samurai look, but down it looks cool.
Interesting. You have been mentioning Strauss for years in different contexts. I have always wanted to dive into him more, but I fear without proper education he would be over my head.
I would imagine you wouldn't be an immediate target due to your height alone. A coworker of mine is about your height and he oddly was mugged by a small guy in Forte Greene. My coworker ended up punching him in the nose, but the little mugger managed to also punch him in the nose as well breaking it.
I was wondering if your findings were original, or self-found, or some combination of the two. I think a much simpler text would be beneficial to many.
New Posts  All Forums: