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I've been underwhelmed by many Blue Mountain coffees, but a recent Starbucks one I had was very good.
It's not like it wasn't their choice to become a surgeon. They should have become footballers. They sound like idiots to me!
So this is very strange. Last night I went to refill this little container I keep some cotton swabs in and I opened above mentioned cabinet to refill them and they are all gone! 6 Months ago I had two years worth and now zero. I seriously think my cleaning lady has stolen my cotton swabs. Where else would they be? This is an intense mystery that might call for a new thread.
I like all of the items separately, but not together like that. Well, I don't like cardigans so I don't like that with anything.
She is actually!
That's a very limited point of view. FWIW, a lot of professions were, as you put, for individuals who couldn't be bothered to find a proper job and lack the intellect to do a proper job before they were "professions". In society if there is a demand for something and somebody sees that opportunity can makes a living doing it I see that as pretty darn smart if you ask me. How does that not add value to society if the clients are happy in the end? Maybe those happy,...
Yeah, I agree, but in general you can cause some serious havoc putting in trees in you're not careful.
Insertion could be an issue.
I don't know anything about them so I won't recommend them.
I mean hey there's a demand for it.
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