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I found it odd that he tweeted about some marijuana cookbook. Seemed out of character.
This guy at work instant messages me on microsoft lync to ask me if he could call me. Why wouldn't he just call me?
Good call! There wasn't a glory hole in the wall, so I felt a bit safer.
Cue, the Archetypal Yuppie, or ethanm to comment on how 3 o'clock in the morning would be considered a weekday, not a weeknight.
Yeah, apples are pretty reliable. Pears are probably the lest. I think they have about a 20 minute window to eat them, and that's probably at like 3 o'clock in the morning on a weeknight.
A much healthier fruit than an apple is an avocado. Have a few, yule like them.
I remember I was sitting on the pot and some guy came into the stall next to me and his chap stick rolled over into my stall. I found it hilarious. I rolled it back and got a "thanks".
The whole apple a day to keep the doctor away is misguided. They are high in sugar, and also have some of the least amount of nutrients of many other common fruits.
You missed plums.
Sw kyle maclachlan getting on the L today.
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