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I am grateful for medicine
I got to see my boo.
Sooo jelly.
My bespoke glasses should be finished soon. It has been 6 months in the making.
You probably need something to get the grease out. Leather Doctor's Degreaser 2.2 works on suede. I would try that.
Hmm, I guess it would be best to just find the lowest cost option then. Thanks for the advise.
I ate like 10 pounds of Chinese Food last night. It was marvelous.
What's Panda Express? Never heard of that one.
I have some friends who have a place in Mexico and spend time there regularly. They took me to eat at a place that they thought was the most authentic mexican they ever had. I went and yes, it was very different then tex-mex, or the fancified mexican in New York. Hard to believe it was the same Country's food really. It was good, but it wasn't anything I'd ever go out of my way for.
Ok, so I am on the board of a small Non-Profit and it irritates me that it costs us $70 a month for this company to do payroll for us and take care of the taxes associated with it. It seems like a small amount of money to not have the headache, but like I said it is a small non-profit and we only have one employee on payroll. Is dealing with the taxes and such a huge hassle? Could I do this myself and get rid of the $70 per month? We currently use Quickbooks for...
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