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I don't like any of the prospective presidential candidates.
I often have dreams that I am Mark Hoppus, bassist for the late Blink 182 and +44.
Drinking the Yirgacheffe right now. Very, very good.
I still have the mind of a 14 year old boy though,
I still do, yes.
Today, hip hop, pop, and rap rule the world. It is still shit to me. The late 70's is when music in general took a shit, imo.
Even Bastetti pegs his waists. I assumed that was the way to get a close sole to upper in the waist region.
Never liked Sting. Only in Dune.
Very true, after doing any such stripping you should replace some of the lost oils.
I feel the same. I have been considering having a cleaning lady come weekly.
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