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I know she is a giant financial liability to my poor father.
She's agnostic. This is worse than having a different religion in the eyes of a Catholic mother.
When the shut down the trains and bridges and stuff I was on Madison Ave and 60th St. I had to walk home to Williamsburg. Took 3.5 hours. I was fuming.
My mother's house is like a museum. A dog inside would make her head explode.
You know those crazy comments to youtube videos and yahoo news articles? That's mostly my mother.
I don't think any woman would be good enough in my mother's eyes as she wants me to be a priest.
I think in general a white shirt with an ensemble like that would be very rare for an Italian. Seems like Italians default to light blue and only use white for formal occasions.
I honestly deep down think all of this is just because she is somewhat bitter that my boo isn't Catholic. I am serious. It is like she's constantly looking for thinks wrong with her, or to take offense to.
This reminds me of something that pisses me off and something that happened this morning. People in my building complain endlessly via email whenever the elevator is broken. It is out of service a handful of times a year, but you would think the building is a skyscraper the way they bitch about it. My building is four stories! So today I am walking down the stairwell and I hear above me what sounds like a stampede. It was this couple on the fourth floor running down...
Well, my mother takes weird hours, they generally argue in real time. My mother goes to sleep at 4:30am. I wish I was lying. She's very weird about sending cards and such and makes wild assumptions if she doesn't receive one and such. When she feels disrespected she turns into a lunatic. Also she is telling my girlfriend that her lack of correspondence with my mother is a reflection on how she truly feels about me, which hurt my girlfriend very much. I am doing my...
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