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Using renovateur without polish isn't what I was doing. I was just using renovateur solely as a conditioner. Honestly I think the cracking at my vamps probably has less to do with what conditioners I use and more to do with the fact that I wear dress shoes exclusively and walk a great deal. I think conditioning leather is an overrated concept for the majority of shoes out there. You're just doing something aesthetically pleasing, furthermore most shoes have topcoats on...
Workshop beans = under-roasted
Did you have a choice between comp time and $? My cheap-ass company always just wants to throw us comp time. I tell my boss to shove it. To me that's an insult.
I've recently been impressed with coffee's from Peru.
Dunno, but I am still a virgin.
I had a cut on a pair of St. Crispins. When they came back from a recraft it looked invisible. There weren't any stitches, but it looked as if it was mended together somehow and appeared to be only like a deep crease. They replaced the linings in the shoes as well so maybe they cemented a patch on the inside to keep it together. Couldn't be sure, but I sure was happy with the result.
I just know that they are generally pretty good across all price points.
As with most things, I think messing around with any part of your footwear offers more opportunity for poor results than better ones. I did an experiment a while back oiling some soles and leaving others alone. The left alone ones lasted longer. I just attribute it to the oils softening the leather. Walking on softer leather probably just makes it wear faster. I mean, it makes sense to me. The only time I would really oil soles if you're going to do it at all is...
Yeah, I feel like biking in Manhattan will be nothing after this. It is the first time I have been on a bike in probably 5 years or so and that was in easy-peasy Paris. As I am riding I am thinking to myself, this is so nice, why the fuck don't I do this back home? Gome almost had be sold on getting a bike after hearing him talk about the joys of it. But he also had me overthinking it. Naturally, I am like, well clearly I need a carbon custom frame, blah, blah, blah...
I don't care for their corsica. It is heavy on the Brazilian coffee, which has never impressed me.
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