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I think I was right. Cafes have a place to put your dirty dishes and cups when you leave. She just left her plate and cup on the table and left. Little things like that really bug me about people. You have to pass the bussing station on the way to the door, clean up your shit, you fuck.
I don't know, straight porn stars go to gay pretty easily these days.
Aw shit, we've been told.
Yeah, last weekend I let myself go. I don't think I have gained anything significant, but I feel disgusting still.
She's been texting on her phone the whole time. Probably to some euro douche with long wavy hair.
She is wearing a lot of jewelry. She is probably high-maintenance (cognitive dissonance).
I love when I walk by the one gym by where I work and there's some dickhead outside marketing, "excuse me sir, where do you currently work out?" and I laugh a deep belly laugh.
She ate an entire pastry. How does she maintain that sleek beauty body?
Don't care what anybody says that Milo Yiannopoulos, is a hot dude.
She smells like fairy dust.
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