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FWIW, if the region you live in burns a lot of dirty fuels to generate electricity you might be doing more harm to the environment by driving an electric vehicle than a gas powered vehicle.
I can't tell if you're serious or not.
First I am seeing of this.
I think they should at least offer up "how to" articles and such. Even if they don't release every ingredient, what to use when is very helpful. Also, why is their product superior to others other than they say so? I was seeing on some online retailers pictures of oil smears on a piece of paper. Look at how renovateur made a bigger oil stain on this piece of paper than our competitors! Ok, but leather isn't a piece of paper, why is a larger oil stain beneficial? It...
I'll ask my manager to reserve those games for us.
Chuck E. Cheese in Brooklyn. I have a good relationship with them.
I feel you, man.
Part of the problem is Saphir's unwillingness to talk about their products openly and offer anything technical. Even their own website has incorrect information on their products and emailing them is useless.
My uncle got so fat that his legs filled up with some sort of fluid that needed to be drained.
Holy shit.
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