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I recently spoke about how difficult it is to over extract coffee. A Bialetti is a sure way to do it.
I am grateful for my hair
My last day abroad It is always a sad one I will miss people
Fuck, I went to public school, does this mean I am a hypocrite and a socialist?
So interpol decides to play a tour of their first album for its 15th anniversary only in England. New album is out 2018. Too far out. This sucks.
No, no fitting yet. I think I just have some patterns and design elements to go over at this point.
I'm being dramatic. I think on my block it was a swift 6 months.
That is true, what I mean is there are things at my age now that are deal breakers whereas when I was young was just meh, go with the flow. Specifically like you meantion, bigger life goals. Also, I think my eccentricities and my ways are much more part of who I am and my identity. I'm not in a "formative" time in my life.
Apparently that's temporary though. 9 months temporary.
Of course it is going to be pouring rain on my return to NYC. Of course, why wouldn't it?
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