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At least the I-Bankers have interesting things to talk about in their respective industries (less tech). A lot of these tech people are in La-La Land and don't understand how, like, real businesses work.
Well, mind you Gome does walk around the city in a NMWA bathing suit and a tank top. Not to mention the green shoes...
Despos, was the ritual you tried at home for espresso their espresso roast, or just a single origin?
They have a Clover at Grumpy. Apparently Howard Shultz first saw it at that Grumpy location and that's what gave him the idea to buy the whole company.
I am 95 pounds lighter now than I was when I was in practice. I lost 100 pounds, er, 95 pounds.
I've never seen an episode of Friends.
I think I could take him. I am an out-of-practice black belt, but I still retain some decent instincts.
I would have taken them back to the retailer when you noticed this to see if they would exchange them or something. It does look like belly leather.
Well, I don't have to physically fight the guy to get the job...
That kind of looks like my girlfriend's spreadsheet of the times and responses when I don't want to have sex.
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