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It is funny, I randomly asked out this girl last week. We met for drinks. It turns out she works for Starbucks corporate. We had a joyous, bitter (pun intended) conversation on the state of coffee in NYC. I'm in love.
La Cafeotheque was pretty decent when I was there a few years go.
I think this day an age though many, I'd even say most espresso being pulled in NYC is done with lighter roasted coffee, which is inherently acidic. Adding the pressure of the espresso method it just makes it worse. Just looking at the beans in the hopper in most cases is enough to make know what I will get in terms of acid before the under/over extraction even comes into play.
Well, I like options. Also, these aren't "real" p-90's. I feel like you have more options with a humbucker routed guitar than a p-90 routed guitar. Also, the humbuckers I have in it now are very p-90 due to the mismatched coils and whatnot. Furthermore, I've never seen a black Les Paul Custom with p-90's other than a real mid-50's one.
Predicament to run by you all: A few weeks ago this guy I see riding his bike a lot in my neighborhood pulls up to me on my block and says, "Hey man, I see you all of the time in the neighborhood. You're always dressed up, I'm so curious as to what you do for work." We had a pleasant conversation. He was a bit scraggly, but it was warm out and he's a hipster so I didn't think anything of it. Now, I see this guy begging for money at intersections and such. Naturally...
I've heard clips of them in many guitars and I really like them. I spoke with Lindy Fralin on the phone and ran by my guitar and what sounds I want and he recommended the p-92's for me. I basically said that I play a lot of jazz on my neck pickup with the tone rolled back a bit and I like that 1969-era The Who guitar tone in the bridge. He's like, you're gonna be happy.I use a hybrid set of strings on my electric 10 13 17 30 44 52. Pure Nickel.
No, but she said a lot of other things.
Is this Lesser 16? I think I have the same cloth.
I will say that my mom found my Facebook account and sent me an essay of an email telling me that she's "disappointed" in me. Good thing she has not found my Style Forum posts.
I don't have much to report. I have been out of town for work so that limits my "experiences".
New Posts  All Forums: