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it's how organic and into horticulture you are
Embossed leather IS technically corrected grain.
Donna Lee, ugh.
Coffee... Bah Humbug.
What ever happen with that chemist doing experiments on leather?
It might surprise people, but teh Booth does have a life outside of teh forum.
I've been very busy at work and also on a bit of a bender.
I just thought I would show off some new glasses that I got recently. They are bespoke made by Wesley Knight made from water buffalo horn. The process took about 9 months from start to finish and started with an in-person meeting to go over details, style ideas, and tons of measurements including a putty mold of my nose-bridge and photographs of my head in different angles and wearing different apparatuses for proportion perspective and such. It seems that Wesley can...
Oh man, so much has been pissing me off lately.
So how are all of you morons doing in here? What have I missed?
New Posts  All Forums: