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The other night I had a dream that I was cast as a young Grand Moff Tarkin in one of the new Star Wars films. I wonder what this could mean?
You aren't missing much.
A few weeks ago this woman was convinced I was a mortician. I let her believe that. In high school I actually kicked around the idea of becoming one actually.Being that I am a board member of an organization whose mission it is to end sex trafficking, no I didn't.
Have you tried Kaladi's Yirg? So good.
I like my job, but it isn't in the least bit sexy. Conversations with women of the gender I am interested in goes like this: Woman: "I bet you have a sexy, mysterious job, like the owner of an art store that is only 9 feet by 9 feet and only has one piece of art, the type of art that with make Israel and Palestine come to terms." Me: "That would be really something, but my job isn't sexy, or mysterious." Woman: "I bet you work in the clothing adverts!" Me: "That would...
For whatever reason I have neglected "taking care" of my shoes and only have been brushing before and after wearing and putting some polish on the toes and heels. I cannot notice a decreeable difference in their state. The older I get I see less and less reason to devote time to shoe "care".
I'm at the coffee shop today (I took a day off from work) and my lesbian barista crush just walked in (she starts at 2 in the pm). Her Rapunzel hair is glorious. I wonder if she will notice my newly recrafted oxfords.
Lol. I have never gotten a happy ending. Has anybody here? I don't know how I feel about it. I'd be afraid the happy endinger is being forced into do it by some malicious pimp and it isn't being done on her own accord.
Have not drunk much wine but I have drunk martinis this is for Travers
I am grateful for Stephen King.
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