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Yeah, it is distracting. It looks like you're trying to get attention and look overly foppish.
Why? It's hilarious.
Fuck you.
Foxx, I'd ditch the tie clip, or at least put it where it isn't seen.
What kind of coffee?
Bhowie, that made me laugh. He looks possessed.
Have not heard. Good songs, or just good playing?
Can't get into Beck.
Wtf, the Yardbrids, Cream, and Bluesbreakers. I'm not saying there weren't better bands, but in terms of Clapton Cream was awesome. You have shit taste!
I just started this series this week and the wardrobe has me curious. Apparently they looked at old photos, and it is relatively historically accurate, but there are a lot of things that I see that I wonder about. Some of the characters (especially Nucky) look very, very foppish and very modern. Striped shirts, loud colors, tight suit jackets, brown shoes, very, very short hemlines on overcoats, and odd shiny fabrics with almost astrakhan type lapels just seems over the...
New Posts  All Forums: