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Michael Jackson was fucking good.
So I just learned how much tattoos cost. Next time some dickhead with a sleeve mocks the great expense of my wardrobe I am going to tell them to go straight to hell.
I'm wary of a vendor's ingredient list. I have contacted Lexol directly several times and they said all of their ingredients are trade secrets. It could be the ingredients lifted from another similar product.
I can't drink and play. Even the littlest bit affects my playing exponentially.
I woke up to a text message essay from my ex. She was perturbed at something that happened at work and she was filled with so much rage. I never experienced that from her when we were together for 7 years. The only thing I wrote back to her was, "now you know how I feel when my shoes get wet."
I like Godsmack. There were a lot of these hard rock bands in the late 90's early 00's that I thought were pretty good. Like Disturbed.
I'm going to Gomestar's neighbor's place this afternoon to "jam". I haven't "jammed" with anybody in well over a decade. Not gonna lie, I am nervous and don't know what to do.
Living Proof
Classic Pio, Penny Saver magazine. Lol.
Is that an industry?
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