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That website gives "Technical Specifications" which is really interesting.
In middle school I found a company that make reproduction clothing from Star Wars and I wore a the Luke Skywalker Bespin Jacket very often...
I just don't understand the need for correcting if it is already great leather.
I think I can say it was me who started the downfall of Renovateur and caused a shitstorm on here. Do a search, you'll see. I used it regularly on a rotation of shoes years ago and they all ended up cracked and in the garbage. My older shoes that only got Lexol treatments years before Reno was ever available lasted far longer and took far more abuse. In general you just have to use your own judgement and a bit of logic to tell what a product is doing. Reno might have...
Hoho, you cant.
I like the Church Grafton. They are built like tanks and will probably last 50 years from what I have seen. It is one of those things that leads me to lean on the idea that leather doesn't really need care aside from keeping most of the nasty elements off of them, which is what the shellac essentially does. I really like Church shoes and in general like how they feel (very sturdy footbed, not soft and squishy like Alden) however I feel that they are overpriced,...
Do you have gin? Or coffee? Oh wait, you're right above Starbucks, right?
What's the difference between a tritone, diminished 5th, and augmented 4th?
A lot of Bach sounds like 7th chord arpeggios to me.I'm enjoying learning theory.
Really? I have heard that they suck. I don't trust any online MTM without fittings and such.
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