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This isn't at all true.
This made my day.
Please stay wherever you are then, thanks.
Yes. As inorganic as the electric guitar is, active pickups just seem even more so. I'm still not convinced they are necessary. Then again you haven't tried other passive types as well. It seems like you're fixated on the idea that a pickup is an outdated design and inherently flawed. I don't really buy that. I think you can find what you're looking for without going active.
I find it ironic that your handle is a play on the word "quality".
I'd be OCD about changing the battery. It would drive me nuts worrying about if my tone was up to par and such.
And you lost.
I kinda like Times Square. Everybody is so happy to be there. Makes me happy.
Then again in terms of high gain and clarity one thing I never understood is the need for a high output pickup. To me, admittedly not a thrash player, it seems to make more sense to get a pick up that has the clarity and tone you need and then just use the amp to shape it further. I mean, a pickup is a very simple device and it makes sense in my mind to make the amp, a not so simple device, work harder.
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