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I spent like an hour the other day at work reading about her. I offered the question to my office, "do you think debbie harry would go on a date with me?" The consensus was that she would.
I've always wanted to do acid.
I love you.
I'm going to do tons of drugs in retirement probably. Oh wait, what's retirement?
My cousin's wife is extremely skinny. She recently was pregnant and had a baby and she grew these plump mammories, yeah.
I just want to be an investment banker in the 80's and drive a Countach and go to Tunnel every night.
Debbie Harry is in her 70's wtf?
That's essentially what he told me. He's like "I bought your old couch for my apartment full of roommates when you moved into your condo. Enough said." I didn't really know what to say after that.
I am a big boob fetishist. Naturally, I've never dated a girl with big boobs. Pun intended.Nerdy is relative.
Honestly it is probably more similar than you think.
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