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Are our definitions of "formal" the same??
You're not overthinking this. I would say that's pretty true for the most part.
This is very strange.My parents are odd with shampoos, mostly because of my mother who buys a million different ones to try and we have a cabinet full of once used brands.
I know she is a giant financial liability to my poor father.
She's agnostic. This is worse than having a different religion in the eyes of a Catholic mother.
When the shut down the trains and bridges and stuff I was on Madison Ave and 60th St. I had to walk home to Williamsburg. Took 3.5 hours. I was fuming.
My mother's house is like a museum. A dog inside would make her head explode.
You know those crazy comments to youtube videos and yahoo news articles? That's mostly my mother.
I don't think any woman would be good enough in my mother's eyes as she wants me to be a priest.
I think in general a white shirt with an ensemble like that would be very rare for an Italian. Seems like Italians default to light blue and only use white for formal occasions.
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