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Would you say I have more "well-rounded" bitterness?
The worst offenders are the Italians, Irish, any sort of Hispanic, and Koreans.
Oh, I know. They suck too. To make matters worse most of them also have Irish in them.
Any American who is overly obsessed with where their ancestors came from annoy me. The Irish are one of those groups of people towards the top of that "annoying" list.
I don't know, I might have you beat. Seriously.
Nah, my birthday is in May, that's all.
She's just very strange looking, like she has progeria or something. I mean she could still have a defect of sorts but today I heard her speaking with the accent.
I own a pic of me in a thong. Gomestar might have it on his iPhone. Dibs on May.
For years I thought this girl in my neighborhood had some sort of birth defect, but it just turns out she's from Ireland.
Can we do an annual Style Forum swimsuit calendar with an annual vote on which member gets which month?
New Posts  All Forums: