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Wetting leather and rubbing it isn't good advice. Wetting leather raises the pH, which will make it darker yes, but it also starts to break the ionic attraction of all of the leather constitutes and and lead to a not great turn out down the road. Just condition, and then build the finish using cream polish, like I said, a little at a time.
No NO NONONNONONO. Just using cream polish a little at a time with brushing in between applications. That's all you have to do. Don't go burnishing your shoes with dye and such, let burnishing happen naturally with wear.
I had too many ambiens with too much wine last night. I feel ike somebody opened up my skull and replaced my brain with a damp terrycloth towel.
Let's discuss how dry cleaners destroy the beauty of rolled edges.
Next time you see her, you should expose yourself to her. Women like it when men show them their genitals (gives the the vapors).
Why? If it is real, I have no issues with it.
What exactly is the argument?
From now on I am only buying squares that have no rolling and are cut with pinking sheers to avoid the issue entirely.
Wtf is that? Chartered Financial Analyst fries?
I was going to add, I didn't know there was a machine to copy the look of hand rolling.
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