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I had a conversation with my boss's boss about how we have too many people working in the department and how there are a lot of "waste's of life" here. I'd gladly give him a list of people to terminate.Also my company is a fortune 500 company in terms of revenue for sure, but net income, probably not. I haven't kept track of such things.How does your 4 hour commute everyday offset the theft of your life? I honestly don't mind long hours as long as they are productive...
It might be colder than in NYC, but it feels much worse here than in the south.
There aren't, you're correct.
Frank said the drapey old man cut being difficult depends on what the client wants. Some clients who want a larger waist, or extended shoulder isn't as much of an issue as somebody who wants only chest drape, where getting the armhole correct can become a problem. He said many "drape" suits he has examined suffer from a wider armhole, which can be addressed by making the front "lapel to armhole" wide along with the underarm scye area. I don't know if I am explaining...
Recently, I got this procedure done on my hair called a Brazilian Blowout. It is usually expensive at around $300, but to make a long story very short I got it for nothing. It seriously makes your hair much straighter, smoother, and shinier naturally. It apparently lasts 2 to 3 months. If you're really distraught about your hair I would recommend it, but it is very expensive. Having lived with this procedure done for about a week now I now know that smooth, straight...
If you have wavy hair and generally want it relaxed adding anything to it generally makes it wavier. Curls love moisture and tend to curl up even more when moisturized with something. That advise maybe would work if you have straighter, but frizzy/dry hair, but waves would just get crimpy-er.
You're required to do 8 hours, but if you're there for only 8 hours trust me you ain't getting your shit done.
Of your crotch.
Well, yes, but it is a great post referencing the best of suit silhouettes. Why no love?
But gemming goes around the waist and sometimes even 360 degrees around. Wouldn't then cork filler be needed further back on the shoe?
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