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I mean there are tons of people who take a uniform approach to style. Agnelli comes immediately to mind and everybody loves him.
I don't think it does.My family is relatively new here.
I mean, I get it, you wear them with jeans, and jeans are for rodeos. My bad.
Charcoal barleycorn >20oz
I will admit that none of my shoes are very "Asia-Friendly".
I'm 100% comfortable with my style and have no intensions on evolving. You can have fun with this kind of crap all you want
That'd be the last thing I got.
Sorry empty, loafers suck. Never a situation where any kind of derby wouldn't look better. I know Manton says in the summer anything else is too substantial, but I'd rather look better and be miserable in the summer vs. less good looking and still be miserable in the summer.
I wear suits to summer BBQ's. I just ignore social expectations. I'm an oddball like that.
I honestly don't get the sport coat. I know I am well in the minority here, but it is kind of like how I feel about loafers. There is just always a better option. To me, suits look better than sport coats and trousers, so why wear the later? I like a simplified wardrobe, and a simplified wardrobe includes looking the way you think looks best for as much time as possible. A white shirt always looks better than any other shirt, so why would I wear anything else? Again,...
New Posts  All Forums: