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The last person I had sex with was her, so she probably gave it to me.Then again this came on directly after last night's act, so I am sure I did this to myself.There were a few moments during the act that I posted on style forum.
Where's your guns?
I have a new dick problem. The old one is gone and now I have a new one. Don't click the spoiler unless you want to hear about my dick. [[SPOILER]]
When I am not in a suit, I'm pretty much a slob. Jeans and a T-shirt. My girlfriend hates it. She says I look like I forget to get dressed.
My only gripe with that is your pocket square folding technique.
I am saying dating in NYC is awesome, but some people hate it.
I agree with you, a lot of people hate the dating scene in NYC because a lot of people are flakes and with the ease of getting dates nobody likes to commit because there's always somebody better looking, cooler job, more interesting and so on.
I can grow hair pretty much everywhere except my face. That's my burden.
The world has it's way of leveling things out doesn't it?
I wish I could grow a beard like yours, Murlsquirl.
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