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Clearly the op has never met me.
So the girl I was hoping forgot about me when she went on vacation didn't and now I have to see her today for coffee. She's an alleged coffee nut so I am prepared for a good argument. Kind of don't feel like hanging with her though.
My local place has a thing called a green card. It is basically a trigger in the system that gives you a "regulars" discount. They use this in lieu of free drinks. Works nicely.
If you were it would make so much sense though.
computer developer
Top artists in NYC are more like $4-500 an hour apparently.
It happens sometimes. Usually time will make it go away, but rubbing the area with a solvent like alcohol, or renomat then building the finish back up with polish will usually do the trick. It is annoying, but it works.
Oh so you're an annoying developer. I have friends who do this. Any social gathering with you idiots in large numbers makes me want to blow my brains out.
It was a lot of fun. Hope to do it again soon.
I used to want an SG double neck like Jimmy Page had and I reminded myself how annoying it is to change 6 strings.
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