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I can wear a guinea tee to work every day and still out dress most (I'd still wear nice shoes).
I pay for 4 GB per month. I get close. iPhone 6+ is for fags.
That sounds normal.
Do you only post after you draw something?
First I would try doe 50/50 vinegar water. Rub them with some elbow grease and let sit a while. If that doesn't do it try renomat followed by conditioner and cream polish to restore the pigment.
Fuck you.
I don't know if this is true. GF probably knows because this sounds like something he would know about, but when you get the discount with a contract they actually up your phone bill to pay off the rest over the two year period with an insane amount of interest. Is this true? If so, maybe it makes more sense to pay the $700.
Well, because I am a cheap fuck and a pleb I am going to wait a few weeks when my contract is up to get it cheaper with a 2 year plan. Woo hoo! Also, I think the iPhone 6 is more on a minor upgrade than the 4 to the 5.
What a pleb. Get the largest storage, you cheap fuck.
I like my waffles al dente.
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