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I whole heartedly agree. I think it is kind of an image thing. People want to look like they are profound and sensitive to issues because if they don't show it it makes them look bad. I think the whole Facebook "likers brigade" has done this. People have this weird thought that being overly sensitive somehow makes them look like better people.
What's the point of a sock liner?
Let me guess, you're one of those retards who doesn't like avocados, right?
I have the same problem with pears. Hard as a rock to rotten. I think there is a 10 minute window to eat them and it is always during the witching hour.
My experience with Lexol not penetrating is only when there is a lot of polish and wax buildup on the shoes. If you're not over doing it with the polish, it shouldn't be a problem. I generally recommend Lexol to people because it is easily obtainable from local sources for most people, it is cheap, does the job, and is somewhat better on the pH scale than a lot of other conditioners.
Both products allegedly don't contain silicone.
Finest Find Finn poast evar!
Yes, but that is underground just for neighborhoods. It also doesn't have redundancies built into it. For example, if there is a fault on one cable the power can be rerouted and still maintain power flow. In NYC there are multiple redundancies so in order to loose power a lot of things need to be failing. It is essentially the difference between an electrical underground "network" vs. just simply burying direct cables. Also, think of the amount of time, labor,...
Is it a free country though? Is it?
It is because the cost to do business in NYC is higher. Most of the electric system in NYC is underground and doing any sort of construction in the city is mucho expensive compared to overhead lines on poles. There is also a lot of redundancies built into the system for reliability that generally doesn't exist elsewhere. Also the state collects a ton of taxes through the utilities. They say "taxes aren't going up!" but they make the utilities charge extra money in...
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