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I used to be a big fan of the peaked lapeled single breasted suit, but it has fallen out of favor. In order for them to look good, imo, they need wider lapels and a lower stance. The tie might be better, if the pattern took up more space. I do think it is the wrong tie for that suit. I just hate all fancy striped shirts, I only like bengal stripes with suits. The square is too deep a red for that color grey, imo. I think something mustardy or dark green would look...
I would say it is bad all around. Single breasted with close pinstripes (checks?), peaked lapels, fancy stripe shirt, horrible tie, too big a poof with an ugly pattern and too deep a red for that shade of grey suit. The only thing I'd say works is the navy in the tie with the grey in the suit. I'd say it is a huge miss.
I only really use lexol on it. I don't want anything like that on it because it could rub off onto my suits. Lexol penetrates and stays there.
I was 13 too. Actually, she was older than me. She could get in trouble.
I never sent any n00dz of myself.
Doesn't belong here, unfortunately...
I personally don't think Kanye's art is any good. Poor analogy!
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