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Incredibly jelly.
Come on people, Dammit - Blink 182.
I don't know, jerking off onto paper goes way back as well.
I am working on a project with this upper at my company who I haven't ever worked with. He is an extremely animated Indian man who has worked at the company for 40 years. I like him very much. The other day we are at a meeting with a lot of people and he pulls out this little packet, opened it up and started spooning what looked like tobacki into his mouth. I am like (in my mente) IS this guy seriously chewing tobacki during this meeting. Some other upper notices this...
Friend me on Facebook. My real name is Chester Denborough.
Nice ninja edit, asshole.
Some, but most of them don't make as much as you might think.Whenever I read one of their industry reports that has to do with my company, i'm all, "cool story bro, this is old news".
I feel like I resonate very much with Kaufman. Sometimes I do Tony Clifton impressions at work to entertain myself. My coworker's become frustrated (despite telling me that I am "highly entertaining" to work with).
I think I was just hit on by a woman in the cafe (where I am right now). A woman just came up to me and asked, "I just have to ask you how you are wearing a suit still in this 90 degree weather?" I responded with, "I'm an idiot, that's how." She laughed a belly laugh and told me that I look familiar to her. We discovered that we live in close proximity to each other. We said some other things, but I think she wanted any ole' excuse to get up in close to teh Booth. ...
While I appreciate this posts sentiment and overall message I have to say that I hate equity analysts. I was offered a job as one two weeks ago and I laughed a belly laugh.
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