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I just think in many other places especially not first world countries the person in power has a lot more influence directly over people's lives. You can't really compare being from Canada to being from Cambodia.
Don't know them.
Just landed at JFK. Most desolate I've ever seen it and there's no traffic, what happened in the last 3 weeks?
^very true clee
People are so shortsighted when it comes to politics. But yeah I rarely have had a reasonable conversation about politics with a woman.
wtf is a fair weather fan?
That's another thing that I find incredibly annoying. Politics is a hot topic right now and so many women in their profiles have rather strong preferences about politics and are outright judgmental on their profiles about what kind of "political" person they want. They even say things like, "NO REPUBLICANS!" and "Your politics are an extension of your morality" and "Even if you are ambivalent about Trump swipe LEFT!" It is kind of absurd. In general, I am not a very...
That is comforting.Maybe will be the place for me.
Neither one of us work in the financial sector.
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