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Used up being in Cambodia with my boo.
You're wrong. Back hem length relative to the front doesn't always have to do with balance.
Get a tailor in here. @Despos? So we can praise a suit based on a simple picture, but can't criticize it? Ok, he's stooping, but maybe the front looks good due to unnatural positioning too. Be objective. Either way I would be happy with a jacket that looked like that.
I find that the 6 is one of the worst trains in terms of A/C. The 53rd St Platform is brutal. It will be 110 degrees on it until November now.
So I didn't hear from my boo, for two days. In case anybody doesn't know she is in Cambodia so I was very worried. I was having an anxiety attack last night because I began to think about the horrible things that could have happened such as having to take unpaid time off of work to go out there and search for her.
Personally seeing the scuffs under a shiny surface is what gives a shoe character and makes it look well worn, yet taken care of. Embrace.
I just feel like anybody with wheels in NYC sucks. Wheels entitles people to be a complete jerk-off.
I've never had a bialy.
They should just show the Dew Point. When above 50 they should just say, "you're fucked".
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