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Yep those. Very annoying for some reason.
Well said!
So some of these hippy chicks in Cambodia wear these pents that are really annoying to me. They are very thin, pajama-like material and very loose. They usually have very wacky patterns on them, usually very large scale paisley, or something. They will also wear sandals, hair in a ponytail, tank of top, and look kind of dirty. I don't know why, but it makes me mad. Fuck hippies.
I have a huge boner for this girl I met in Cambodia. I Facebook stalked her and it says she was born in 1991. It just hit me how I am gettin' old.
Interesting, what kind of work do you do?
This was me. I loved shooting hoops, but when it came to actually playing the game I was useless.
I don't really think it comes down to your opinion. It is the truth that the majority of shoes out there have a topcoat. It may not look like very cheap corrected grain shoes, but they have topcoats and the majority of what you're doing is treating that. Look at leather chemist forums on the net, they all pretty much roll their eyes at the idea of conditioning most leathers. Modern topcoats are allegedly less occlusive, but as DW said keeping them clean is probably...
It seems like many here have issues with crust finished shoes. These leathers are supposed to show wear. It is kind of the point. If you don't like it than get box calf shoes. I just think the logical progression of many users in this forum is flawed: Many users don't like the way hatch grain wears therefore Saint Crispins are not good shoes. That's absurd, it is just the nature of that particular leather. I believe I posted my theory on it in this very thread, which...
I don't understand you people. Clearly hatch grain leather has issues across all brands, and it has to do with the leather, not the maker. If you don't like how it looks after some wears just don't get hatch grain. Problem solved. This isn't difficult, people.
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