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Also, what the fuck is this shit? "Mexican Food is soo much better in the south than the north, these northerns don't know what real Mexican food is!"Northerner goes to the south, tries Mexican food. Meh, same shit."Nooooo, the southwest!"Northerner goes to south west, tries Mexican food. Meh, same shit."Nooooo! In Mexico! You don't know what you're missing!"Northerner tells southerner to pull their head out of their ass.At the same rate, the idea that there is no good...
It's the same garbage in the south as it is in the north. I honestly don't understand why people love it so much. It makes me feel like shit when I eat it.
I mean, I won't lie, the cream and sugar in great coffee irritates me as well, but I get people want what they want. I was at this place with a bunch of people who couldn't care less about coffee and just wanted a cup. They were staring at the guy as he was going over all of the options (and lack of options) in shock. It was kind of funny. My girlfriend was looking at me trying not to laugh because she knew I was getting a kick out of it.
I just ordered some of his coffee. I will report. I took a short trip to San Antonio, TX and of course the only third wave joint in the city was right near me so I tried it. Holy hell. People say coffee people in San Fran and NYC are pretentious. This place Brown Coffee Company was probably the most geeky/pretentious place I've ever walked into. The most expensive too. Way more than NYC Blue Bottle. They were hugely particular about how the coffee was served,...
My boo made a comment that all of the girls have just nice ta-tas. I was like, that's because they are all chunky.
I am really happy that I don't live in San Antonio, Texas. What a dump. It kind of reminded me of upstate New York around the Albany/Schenectady where half of the place is boarded up like it is a post-apocalyptic world. There were a couple of cute areas, but overall the place gave me really, really weird depressing vibes. So weird, in fact that I'd rather live in Cambodia than San Antonio. Without a doubt. Oh yeah, Mexican food is the same in the south as it is in...
I am grateful for coffee.
Thank goodness that I home from Texas as it is a huge shit hole
I don't like airports Process of traveling sucks Should I have some booze?
I am grateful for my health.
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