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I agree actually. I also kind of like those drab middle-America accents. You might even have one!
I really like my chin.
There are certain voice accents that many guys have expressed are "hot" when girls possess them. Three of them are Irish, Australian, and some sort of Latin. I don't get this as I hate all of those accents.
The thought just entered my mente at the time this thread was up on my puter screen and I did not hesitate to get my thoughts down as quickly as possible.
There are certain hair products that I use that have got some patented, interesting chemistry behind. On their website there is this woman who models some of the hairdos that can be had with these products. I see her in the coffee shop very often with her husband. I think I am going to approach her and see if I can get some free hair products as we are part of the same community.
I've been told!
It makes so difference of the materials of the uppers if they are goodyear welted. They can be resoled.
I'm going to get into a fight with a girl tonight.
I've been actively complaining IRL and on twitter, don't worry.
I know, and typically I don't like single origin shots.
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