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Doesn't belong here, unfortunately...
I personally don't think Kanye's art is any good. Poor analogy!
They said rinsing does help in the blog I read.
It certainly has a topcoat of some sort because it has worn in areas my hand touches often and those spots absorb a lot of conditioner.
I believe it is surface dyed because the edges are just painted with some sort of black resin and when it wears the edges are a natural color. It is a JP Marcellino, fwiw.
I had an online girlfriend in 8th grade from Wisconsin. She would send me n00dz. Was awesome.
I didn't really put much effort into it to be honest. I mean none of my leather really needs to be burnished as it is all black. I was just seeing if I could raise a shine with just friction. After about 30 seconds I lost interest. Other than some sort of solvent added I don't see why paste wax polish would be any different.
I love his work with the Smith's, but his views on things really piss me off.
I've only tried with wax polish. Just smudges around. It is funny though the back of the brief that continuously rubs on my side when walking is super shiny from the subtle but constant friction.
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