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I'd agree with that. I'm a dumbass, but I sure know how to work hard.
Archetypal_Yuppie, mensimageconsultant, Linkandessen (name changed to protect the user's identity), gomestar, doughboysc, Fang99, Harold_Falcon, F. Corbera, and institches.
7 publishers have rejected my Style Forum fan-fiction novel. They said they don't get it, has too much scatological language and they wouldnt know how to market it.
My boss wants to hire the person who has the most direct knowledge of the job, but honestly I think she would be very bored and unhappy in this position. The guy I want to hire has little knowledge of the job, but can learn it and has the personality and temperament where I think he would enjoy it more.
Cab drivers, like people vary so much. Some are very friendly and some I really want to strangle.
My father is an usher at church. Goes every Sunday for 8:30am mass. He also has many tattoos, rides a motorcycle and can beat up any Style Forumer (except for doughboysc).
I'm not sure, but I typically wear a UK9 and my Corthay's were marked 10.5.
Scaffolding. These people who rent this stuff out must make fortune. There was this entire city block of scaffolding next to my office building for like 4 years. Last year it came down and it was wonderful to see the sky. Well, it is back up now...
There actually was a Dorsia in the Flatiron district after that movie came out. Didn't last long.
I always thought storm welts had an extra row of stitching... I don't own anything with a storm welt currently. I pretty much think everything looks better with a flat welt.
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