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I am definitely an alpha male, but I'm too cheap (poor) for 5 star hotels.FWIW, I was sleeping in my girlfriend's house.
Pretty much just start bulling the toe over and the wax will fill it in.
Not according to that old study I posted which claimed chrome lasts longer.
There were many beautiful women on the L train this morning. It was a delight for the senses.
The cuff circumference is fine, just the length is a bit long. I am talking like 1/4" too long, but I'm a psycho and that drives me crazy.
I woke up in Cambodia daily feeling like I was beat up from the hard ass beds. I prefer sleeping in a cloud.
You can see that the alkaline overexposure has distorted the leather. conditioning might not help them for too long before permanent cracking, but yeah, lexol or back 4 and some polish until they die.
Ok, I am just going to address the elephant in the room... Was she hot?
Old thread, but I didn't want to create a new one for no reason. I got a recent shipment of bespoke shirts and there was a margin added to the sleeve length to account for shrinkage. I have worn a couple of them about three times and even threw them in the drier after wearing and the sleeves are still too long. Did we (tailor and I) over estimate the shrinkage in this particular fabric, or is shrinkage something that will continue to occur gradually. I don't want to go...
That's awful so sorry to hear. Did you know the owner?
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