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It's good to run water after pulling a shot to clean it out. Part of the mouthfeel differences is because modern cafes use too much coffee and pull absurdly short shots. Pull a shorter shot of Nespresso and bingo.
My last has just been completed for my MBC to work with however...
I would totally commission shoes from you, however I don't live anywhere near Oregon!
Get you hands in there and feel around. It's a non issue really because they are fixing it for me, but I'm curious if the issue is widespread.
I take care of all of my shoes the same way and only Crispins has the problem. I only maintain a shine on the toecap and heel, but still the issue is endemic to Crispins. They certainly know about it because I pointed it out on recraft and they have replaced the linings in all of my shoes. No, I don't use any foot chemicals.
I'm curious as to how many people have cracked linings and don't know it. I condition the linings and when I get my hand in there I feel it. I could literally start breaking the lining into hard pieces with my hand.
Only Crispins. I have many pairs and rotate through as one should. The linings basically "shatter". They crack and flake out of the shoe. It is pretty dramatic. The heels I haven't had an issue only the vamp lining.
Or shook.
Has anybody else had issues with the lining in their shoes? All of my shoes have had to get complete new linings because they disintegrated. It isn't an issue as they have been able to replace them at no extra cost to the recraft, but it would be nice to not have them go through this extra work if not needed. I'm curious if it has something to do with my body's chemistry/sweaty feet. Before somebody asks, yes linings, not sock liner.
Clearly the op has never met me.
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