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It really is impressive if you think about it. I mean to maintain that weight you really have to be constantly eating. It seemed as though one of the guys calories were heavily liquid based just drinking a shit load of soda and Big Gulps from 7/11.
It's not if you spoiler the picture. Who ever actually goes back and reads the comments after 12 hours anyway? It wouldn't even be seen.
That's a bit of a misnomer, creams are made of wax.
That looks amazing.
I have maintained my weight.
In theory a goat hair brush should be great, but it is not. I had one, garbage.
I don't understand the love for them. If you want to comment, just comment. Why is this difficult to grasp?
Last weekend when I was at my parent's house I was watching this show about severely obese people. It was sickening. They showed their bodies and such and there was so much going on that I couldn't even discern what part of their body I was looking at. Futhermore, these people gave the poorest excuses of why they were so fat. This one guy said it was because his father didn't pay enough attention to him. Give me a fucking break, you're a 30 year old man. We all have...
It was a high of 84. Too hot regardless of attire. Sunday was perfect. Had no gripes about it.
You both don't like poetry, oh well. Gear day.
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