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From now on I am only buying squares that have no rolling and are cut with pinking sheers to avoid the issue entirely.
Wtf is that? Chartered Financial Analyst fries?
I was going to add, I didn't know there was a machine to copy the look of hand rolling.
Weird, all of mine are either SG or Kent Wang. I believe they are hand done.
In Jersey where I am from they pump gas for you. A couple months ago when I had a rented car to travel for work it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to pump gas. The attendant came out and was really frustrated.
I push pretty hard and there's too much give. I'm pretty hard on my face with a razor.
I tried one. I think the head has too much give and all the blades so close together doesn't work well with me for whatever reason. I've actually been liking the throwaway Gillette blue plastic ones with fixed heads.
I'd start with putting some lexol on the vamp. Let it dry and buff it. Then put a light coat of medium brown cream polish and buff. Keep putting light coats and buffing.
For some reason I was just thinking about this odd period in my life. Betimes, I randomly get interested in very random types of products. For example, this one period I got really into the idea of using a lot of powder of talc all over my body. I was purchasing the old-timey brand Clubman's Talc and putting it all over my body post-shower, in my hair in the morning and on my face. I thought that there could be a good feeling to it as why would the Victorian's use it...
We have to two prominent gay bars in my neighborhood. Metropolitan and Sugarland. I went to Sugarland with my boo once. Long story made short, I ended up body slamming her into the sidewalk outside.
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