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I'm curious about pigments in shoe polishes. Does anybody know what kind of pigment is used in Saphir polish? Is it a some sort of chemical based dye, or is it like a vert fine powder?
Between being out of practice and wine. I think we were good contenders.
Barbera's missing. It was a gem.
That show hits a little too close to home for me. That said I love it.
Allison Williams is classically hot. But I tend to prefer kind of weird looking girls, for whatever reason. I like when girls have exaggerated features, or something unique. I'd take Zosia Mamet over Williams any day. Got a good Jew look to her and she has awesome eyebrows.
My mother never cooked growing up. We went out to eat every day.
I think all of the girls are generally attractive (less Lena). I'd still do her though because her parents are loaded. Maybe I'd fuck a baby into her and profit from that in some way.
Some of the best meals I have ever had were smaller no star/one star places in Brooklyn.
It also blows my mind how much Lena Dunham gets naked in it.
I am curious which character I am from it. My friends tell me I'm Soshanna. I think I am the worst combo of Adam and Ray. Maybe a little of the Venture Capital guy who was in it for 2 episodes.
New Posts  All Forums: