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Go on the date anyway and see what happens.
I've always like this producer. This tastes a few notches older than it is. Excellent for $19
What's the standard idea for the heel length (from back of heel to arch)? On some vintage shoes not only does the heel look higher, but it sometimes looks shorter. Is there any particular reasoning for a "shorter" heel?
Good distinction! Actually curvy. Do I seem to be the type that wouldn't keep it real like that?
The curvy redhead has been on my case about hanging ever since I got back in town.Annoyed that I have a commitment now. Also it's going to be pouring rain and I can't wear my good shoes.
I might have a date with a psychiatrist I connected with on Tinder. She's ok looking, but it would a rather synergistic sort of romance if it works out.
^This wine is awesome! $15
Tell your wife to only drink white wine from here on out.
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