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I couldn't sleep all night last night because I couldn't stop thinking about how skinny Alec Baldwin was in "Beetlejuice".
What's the difference between reputation and reputation received?
Like the number of different people liking my posts?
What is "Unique Reputation"?
I was walking into my mother's bedroom the other day and she screamed and said, "Don't look at me naked, you'll turn gay!"
Meh, doesn't bother me really.
That's why I don't have one.
I don't do anything that attracts attention to my body.
I don't know, maybe I am an outlier, but at 30 I am pretty much doing the exact same things as I was at 22. The only difference is I get up to pee in the middle of the night.
I went on a date with a woman who was trying to sell me on brown shoes once.
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