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I had fittings of two Lesser 16 suits yesterday. I think I might be getting it now.
It's kind of weird, but when I first found out you were black I didn't get it. I mean I've seen your skin tone and luscious lips through the years, but I just assumed you to be maybe Italian/Dominican or something. I've learned to just assume everybody on Style Forum is Asian until proven otherwise.
What's it pay?
I just want to report that The Birdman is alive and well. Like three black cocks, well.
I'm so happy I sent that to you.
Doing anything like rubbing saddle soap on already darkened shoes will only further darken them, and/or dry them out at the same time. I say just leave them alone and let time do the trick.
She doesn't like the foul language as she considers it a sin against the Lord (even though it isn't).
I have to start "dialing back" my Facebook posts as my mother had words with me recently (spanked me).
Most of my jackets have the buttonhole worked on both sides, this isn't rare by any means.
I drag my balls across my soles daily.
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