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I lovr hoe we all just making fun go eachohther, ll in good fern. It all makes me sos hPPT.
Taxes in most decent places to live in Jersey are insane. Penn station is a piece a shit, there's no other way to see it.
It must have looked pretty funny. That dog can run.
my dad puts ice in his red wine...
My family used to have a fire island home. Pre-ghey.
Not worth it just for dealing with Penn station and NJ Transit. Also, compared to the property taxes in Princeton, NJ I have my doubts that it is any cheaper than NYC. Also, here you don't need a car, and monthly metro card is like 1/4th the price of a monthly NJ transit pass. On top of it all you have so much more time. The whole "cheaper" thing is unjustified.
If it's "Brooklyn Roasting Company" I've never had anything I liked from them. There's this new roaster in Brooklyn called "Lofted" that I've been very impressed by. All lighter roasts though.
Totally missed this. I haven't been, but I will give it a shot. There is also this newer place way down by Cooper Union. Not sure what beans they have though.
I hate madras.
I hate leaving the city. That said, I do have to go to NJ this weekend. Not looking forward to it.
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