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Domi city is a simulation. Very different.
Too true. Many of them seem to be niche bars that are so niche they suck to everybody except the owner. "We only serve biodynamic wines of Malbec in variety whose grapes are only plucked by a vegan Spaniard 4 hours after his 4 hour hot yoga session in the fall." Fuck you, your overpriced wine sucks.
They still do. Now they complain about the harpies possessed by the devil whorin' out their bodies to the public on bicycles.
You see, by me not being into something that interests you shows you how superior I am. Because, you know, your interests aren't worth my time, attention, or effort to even give a chance.
People talk about it like it is some sort of new phenomenon. It isn't. It has always been happening. I'm a poor-man's gentrifier though. Bought at the bottom of the market.
I don't "get" video games. I didn't know what wow was when I saw it. I didn't know what was even happening. I was like, ok, a video game...
There ya have it. So basically everybody complains about gentrification, but it is really all relative. I was in high school and didn't know what Williamsburg was in 2001.
Shitty pics... Hand buttonholes Hand shank
I've lived in Williamsburg since 2008 and I don't think I even have the right to complain about the influx. Not gonna lie, I don't mind the gentrification less the subway crowding. I guess I can declare myself the first wave of gentrifiers though.
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