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Yes, and my mother is a princess and just likes having her own room.
My parents actually have had separate bedrooms my whole life.
I don't really have any experience trying to stretch shoes and I don't know what kinds of effects vinegar and alcohol could potentially have together, so I am going to go with no.
What is this tinder I keep hearing about?
Condition it, then slowly build up finish with cream polish and brushing.
They are beautiful, not doubt. But do they fit? How did they asses the functionality of them?
That's true, it does depend on where you are and what type of person you are. I just find people there to be boring people, real homebodies that don't do anything. I feel like theres no sense of community. I cannot for the life of me figure out how anybody single ever meets anybody unless it is at work.
I am from Jersey and I will say that the weirdest thing about people from Jersey is how much they love Jersey. I fucking hate it. It is kind of seen as bizarre to leave Jersey for whatever reason. I just feel like it is a culturally devoid place and every time I go back I just find it depressing.
I don't understand light brown shoes to begin with...
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