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Part of the problem is Saphir's unwillingness to talk about their products openly and offer anything technical. Even their own website has incorrect information on their products and emailing them is useless.
My uncle got so fat that his legs filled up with some sort of fluid that needed to be drained.
Holy shit.
Did he deserve it?
I'm just being a baby, but really midtown is the worst place on the planet. Might be worse than New Jersey.
I love the St. Hugh's bones story.
Yeah, definitely don't want to spend $10k even though it is awesome.
Yeah, the first thing I would do is put heavier strings on it too. I like heavy strings.
Is that directed at me? I want a jazz bass with block inlays on a rosewood fretboard. I pretty much might just get a used Jazz select and get it refinished.
Like I said, it is product neutral.
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