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You do things besides tweet and post about clothing?
They look great with matching jackets.
My suits are pretty much separated by seasons and fabric choices, not so much styling. I have one "casual" suit, which is a few shades lighter than navy with three patch pockets, however. I don't really have anything that is smooth worsted. I like matte fabrics and fuzzy fabrics in general. None of my stuff is "supers" or anything like that, so I think to the layperson they may not appear as businessy despite them being styled as city suits. In general I don't really...
How has Mercer, or Panta not come up in the OCBD conversation?
But without that we wouldn't have people like Voxsartoria.
You are stupid good at verbal though.
Don't forget old Asians.
Clearly, given my progress.
Lexol won't darken it, but a polish might. I suggest Lexol after the renomat. Yellowing is generally caused by oxidation and wax based polishes will get a yellow hue when oxidized. Lexol is synthetic with no waxso that won't happen.
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