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How can you say that? We have so many choices of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar to choose from now?
Try good old vinegar and distilled water. 3:1 ratio. They might have to be soaked in it with paper towels stuck to them and saran wrap over the paper towels to control evaporation. Generally spots like that when dry is due to over-alkaline exposure so acidifying them while having something absorbent can extract and transfer the soiling to the paper towel.Rubbing with vinegar should be step one though.
You're all a bunch of philistines.
Naked attractive girls is one thing, but naked "people" is another.
No, I think it was "art". Not that it makes it legal, or anything. Ironically nobody was catcalling her.
Fender necks just seem smaller to me with closer strings. It is a weird feeling being a Gibson man for so long.
I'm not a weirdo.
I don't know, I think white people make some things better, not even gonna lie. Sometimes Asians and the French make things better too.
Reason why I love New York: Naked chick walking down Bedford Ave on Saturday.
I apologize, I am rather distraught.
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