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Interesting. I will have to try it again. When I was there they were pulling shots with beans that were the tannest I have ever seen. it was like vinegar.
never mind.
Can I put that I am Dubiously Honored on my resume?
Careful, essentially what they are doing is adding a topcoat. 99% of all leather has a topcoat on it. Corrected grain is a different process that involves sanding the leather smooth, then adding a thicker topcoat.Allen Edmonds does something similar. FWIW, this topcoat they apply makes caring for it much easier and resistant to water welts and such.
Haven't we always though?
So sorry VD, my condolences.
That's the thing though, without a "teacher" as if I were to take a course it is hard to make sense of things on your own. You may not even know the questions to ask to research on your own. Also, you may find something irrelevant when it isn't.
Also those deer bones are coated in some sort of oil. It could be the oil giving the matte appearance. The deer bone thing is bullshit really. It is only good for smoothing bumps, and cuts, and swells due to water penetration in the fibers. Also, you can use anything smooth to do the same thing.
This is interesting. I went to Abraco for the first time last year and thought it was downright awful.I agree that Hi Collar is worth a trip.
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