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Women are so high maintenance, what the fuck do they want, mean or not mean? Oh no, not THAT mean! For fucks sake!
Common feedback I've gotten from friends is I am too much of a dick.
So I texted this girl and said good meeting you and all of that good stuff and haven't heard back in a few hours. I'm doomed.
You hear that all of the time, but that has never been my experience with it, nor has it with my friends who use it. I think it might be an age thing? Maybe 20 year olds using it might do that, but every girl I have met on it was pretty guarded at first. When I was on OK Cupid almost a decade ago it was much more debaucherous. I don't know if that was because I was young and the girls were young, or something that I did on my end to create that, but my "older" friends...
Yeah she's like so sorry, but I made dinner plans with friends because you never want these things to go on forever if they are horrible you know?
Oh I forgot to add, she can shit right in my mouth.
She's awesome, I'm smitten. We have plans for next weekend. When can I break out all the info on how weird I actually am?
I remember those shoes of your student. I just didn't like the toe. I love the heel though. On a modern men's dress shoe it looks "special" if somewhat of the "unbuttoned cuff" of the shoe world. Also looking at these kind of shoes from the back the heel that touches the ground looks narrower than where it meets the last.
Thanks for the responses. This is the photo that sparked my curiosity, fwiw. I think this is extremely elegant even if somewhat of a statement. I love the curve from the back of the heel downwards. It almost had a cowboy boot shape to it.
So I always do this. I think it will take much longer than it does to get to the joint and I end up super early... Also I google stalked this chick and found her Facebook. Not as cute as her Tinder profile. Surprise surprise. Who knows though, I've been pleasantly surprised in the past.
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