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Very cool!
I don't understand your question. Aero is essentially going to give you a cleaner, slightly brighter cup than FP. Why do you want to move away from the FP to begin with?
Skerton is made to grind very fine for espresso use, which it is good at. It is not designed to do grinds associated with immersion brewing.
If you don't like wateriness don't use a Chemex. IMO, they produce too thin of a cup and you can't let the coffee brew optimally, same goes for normal pour over. Too little contact time, you're going to have to dose up like crazy. If I were you I would either stick to FP, or go aero.
Can always just call it the head.
It is my neighborhood's second home.
Variety Cafe
I actually like AY's method of making coffee. It makes a whole lot of sense. @A Y can you share it here in a bit more detail? I believe it has to do with just putting your grinds in an insulated thermos and pouring the just under boiling water into it and then waiting and straining it out. Very little heat loss doing it this way. Very Clover, like.
But they are both pressurized methods, albeit very low pressure, and FP lower than aeropress.
There's two doors inside this cafe by my house. One of the doors has a sign that says, "NOT the bathroom", the other "Bathroom". Do you know how many people I see open up the door that says, "NOT the bathroom"? It is alarming really. Do people think they are being tricked, or are they just plain stupid?
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