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Wow, you're a real douchebag. Clearly you're just butthurt you can't afford nicer shoes.
So when is this tech crash happening? We're due for another good recession.
I think this is partly the thinking of the average Joe who is used to cheap goods made with cheap labor. A lot of people here aren't "rich" men, sure they have decent jobs and such, but rather have different priorities than many others. Some people are car people and spend more than they should there, some people collect rare books, some people invest in a fine wardrobe. I don't really think the average person knowing of expensive brands has anything to do with anything...
I'm not a rich man, but I've got tons of opinions based on trial and error. If you look carefully I generally endorse products on the cheaper end of the spectrum and not so much the hyped stuff. Also, "affluent" is all relative.
An external hard drive?
While waiting for my boo to call me last night I suddenly got the urge to watch videos of Medical Examiners performing autopsies. I watched probably 40 minutes worth and was like, these has been a unique and common urge.
Montana Pitch Blend, or something like it. Coconut oil, whatever really.
I've never been confident in the correct pronunciation of Boise (Idaho) so I have avoided most situations having to use it. I am fortunate enough that the situations requiring my using the word are few and far between (infrequent).
Or you could oil the rest of it to darken it evenly. That's a solid fix too.
New Posts  All Forums: