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Well best of luck. So the Nashville move was based on your wife's job? Now I have an excuse to visit Nashville I argue often with people who claim burbs are cheaper. I honestly don't see it. The only way I think it would make sense is if you want your kids to go to a decent public school. It seems like private school here is kind of a must for a decent education. Or move to Riverdale like my (other) coworker did.
Why Nashville? (I always thought conn. was a stupid move, my coworker just moved there and he wants to kill himself)
Fuck you, Neo.
My feet are true to size.
Wait, you're moving to Nashville?
I think I am have been danglin' too much weight from my testicles as they have developed a permamin low hang to them.
Tell me more.
Taking the time to upload such a photo and post it to this forum makes me wonder what your life is like.
Well look at you, Mr. Big Round Balls.
My guess is it has to do with who thumbs you. A bigger legend might hold more weight (in blood).
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