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Now we know why you're so nit picky.
I don't wear suede shoes. I plan on bringing two pairs, my leather Buttero sneakers (that I bought solely for going to Cambodia) and my cheapo beater rain shoes (Church for Cole Haan). It is so dusty and dirty out there I am not bringing anything nicer.
Oh I will. She's the reason why I am flying 23 hours out there. What we do for them... Goodness me...
I'm going be drinking from a coconut next month when I am in Cambodia.
Right click. Save.
Kind of hard to see, but these two spots are persistent in the toe just after washing my hands this morning where some water dripped on them. If it were calf it would have just evaporated right off. Shell sucks.
You're wife accepting orders?
I'd even go as far to say that the different between $250 and $650 shoes is close to zero in terms of leather quality.
Just look at the annual report, brotha.
Maybe Roo is in store for some boots...
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