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I have to go to a fucking wedding in Virginia tomorrow.
I've washed it three times. Didn't shrink as much as expected. It must be top quality!!111
I feel the same thing about children.
Cookie. A huge tub of them from Trader Joe's.
The recent shirts I got are Rubinelli. I think they are a fantastic value. I used to wear a lot of Acorn, but I don't think they delivered any more quality than their price dictated. IIRC, that was your opinion as well.
Our new hot hire eats animal crackers like crazy all day, yet she has this thin, yet curvy figure. I don't get it.
Nobody bothered her.
Acorn Cambridge is 80/3. I have many shirts made with it. There are threads (pun intended) about how Riva cotton shirts have fallen apart. They aren't durable, so by my criteria, they are garbage. Also by your, and other's criteria of "poor" being that poor quality shirting shrinks my initial post was stating how my new shirts haven't shrunk. So are they still poor in your eyes? Guess what? They are 100/2 and will withstand more wearings than your silky smooth Riva...
Ironic considering much all of your blather on Style Forum is pompous and didactic.
Funny you should mention. She does have great breasts. I was standing next to her at a bar last year. Even lovelier in the flesh.
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