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What does that even mean?
My quasi-celebrity date (who just confirmed) isn't as high profile. Her (maybe fiancé) might be though.
My coworker just forwarded me a news article from 7 hours ago about this couple's potential break-up. This is the most exciting thing I've ever been (almost) a part of. Should I post a comment on the article saying I'm going in a date with this woman?
Date is tomorrow, brah.
So how long before I pull out my penis?
For what it's worth I'm not sure I'm completely undone either. I had a seven year run end under a year ago. At least we can drink to that.The witty text banter has been fun.
She's not engaged to him, but she clearly knows the guy. Maybe this "split" is the reason for her four days a week psychotherapy sessions (or the cause...)
On the internet in one of her photos she is posing in a photo with Wes Anderson actually, so maybe.
Probably right. Must be the reason they potentially split up.
What do I do, now I am even more nervous that this dude she might be engaged to is somewhat of a celebrity worth millions upon millions and I am as vanilla as it gets.
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