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I am grateful for the autumn.
The cold makes me smile but the rain makes me angry Thanks copolymers
PKK is a Chinese zipper company with a huge market share.
My neighbor is apparently somebody important at Buzzfeed. Not gonna lie, I don't know what buzzfeed even is.
I'm finding that a lot of the dusty shelf 2010's and 2009's to have an oxidized flavor to them. I'm just thinking they are fading from poor storage or just not being made to be drunk so late in life.
Still can't get into Jeff Beck.
Not even God can read my handwriting.
Well, not to burst your beanbag chair, but your new company I would call tech-light. They do actual work, unlike the get-rich-quick startups that are, well, full of beans.
I hear you, but adding water to a conditioner affects pH pushing it more in the direction of a pH of 7, which isn't optimal.
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