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This isn't true. I'd say 90% of the suits seen here are completely modern in the "classic tailoring" sense. Also, many of them are distinctly not America.
Yeah, Lord. That looks like a costume. Fits well though.
MTA can't do it because they need to keep funding outrageous pensions and overtime for putting band-aids of shoddy work. I personally think they were insane to begin the 2nd ave line. Sure, it is nice, but how about getting your current isolated system running top notch and getting your finances in order first?
It looks like his gorge is a bit lower than what you see on Neapolitan stuff. It could be the era though, I'm not an expert on that.
Lord, the only issue I have with that is your shirt collar is awful.
I used to be a big fan of the peaked lapeled single breasted suit, but it has fallen out of favor. In order for them to look good, imo, they need wider lapels and a lower stance. The tie might be better, if the pattern took up more space. I do think it is the wrong tie for that suit. I just hate all fancy striped shirts, I only like bengal stripes with suits. The square is too deep a red for that color grey, imo. I think something mustardy or dark green would look...
I would say it is bad all around. Single breasted with close pinstripes (checks?), peaked lapels, fancy stripe shirt, horrible tie, too big a poof with an ugly pattern and too deep a red for that shade of grey suit. The only thing I'd say works is the navy in the tie with the grey in the suit. I'd say it is a huge miss.
I only really use lexol on it. I don't want anything like that on it because it could rub off onto my suits. Lexol penetrates and stays there.
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