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What is taping?
You should have invited over your lady lover and made a ruckus yourself.
I don't want to turn this into a CE thread, but Con Ed doesn't even own generation. If people want to complain they should complain about themselves. I am sure those thousands of people all went home, plugged their phones in and blasted their AC because it was humid all at the same time. Hmm, what does that do for carbon emissions? It all comes down to demand for energy, if you want more and more gadgets that energy has got to come from somewhere.
The shoes were only $350. The cheapest pair I own.
It is very much me. I found out that I can have a good time with Gomer without being drunk.
I was the kid...
I was wondering the same thing!
FWIW, I tend to only wear wool socks. They don't fade as much and hold up a lot longer than cotton. I don't notice a temperature difference. Also, wool doesn't hold smells.
Patch pockets? Welted breast pocket?
At work everybody had the opportunity to nominate coworkers that they felt deserved some sort of recognition for something they had done recently. Many people nominated this one employee who is quiet, yet a very diligent worker. It was announced that she won a gift card under the category "Unsung Hero" (somebody who makes significant achievements that often go without recognition) to which I promptly stood up and sung the first line to the Foo Fighters hit single "My Hero"...
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