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I never got to experience this rangoon.
I'm wet. IIRC, the grey twill slickman got is carlo barbera. Frank bought up a bunch of it. I have a lighter than navy herringbone in it. Feels like cashmere, yet wears like steel.
Well according to what I just said 7 to 12 years. If you're too rough with it you might have to take it off the books sooner and sell it for scrap. Non-liquid is the improper term, however. It is just worth it's salvage value at that point.
the MACRS 200% declining method generally uses a 7 to 12 year depreciation schedule for musical instruments.
Do it! Thank you!
That's one of the reasons why I like him. I know (god willing) that he will be around being that he is young.
It is funny because I said to Frank, that bastard! He said, no, no, he's actually a really nice guy, a good guy to have that cloth.
I feel rather privileged having seen all of those toes in person.
I should pick up a few pairs then.
I think that's what he means.
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