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I think I'd be too nervous, for various reasons, to sleep with a hooker.
Yeah, but I'm a weirdo. Women have always kept me at an arms distance.
Work girl is from a strict Muslim family. Won't work. Perfect maybe, now that I think about it.
I was in a 7 year relationship. I've spent much more money being single than I did in a relationship.
This new girl at work has been seriously sniffing my farts. She even told me she's recently divorced. She just spent 10 minutes telling me how helpful I've been and how smart I am "how did you get so smart?" Slip n' slide
Fuck that, I could buy a shoe for that.
Anybody who obtains wheels of any kind in NYC instantly turn into entitled assholes.
How much are these high-end escorts?
Fuck, I have to hang out with traveler girl tonight and curvy redhead tomorrow. When will I have time to practice my 2 octive 4 note arpeggios? The curvy readhead loves beer and I told her about this beer bar, but I don't want to drink beer. I should just tell her I'm not in the mood for beer and go somewhere else, but that's a dick enough thing to say that will make her like me more probably.
I can't afford them.
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