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I don't need advice. I just like typing about myself.
That's a good question. The thing is I am very lazy. I like profound connections, but I don't like to have to go out of my way to get them. That feels too much like work, or responsibility.
Baristas are jaded now. 10 years ago there was so much more care put on espresso preparation because it was "new" and fun. Now the industry is full of the same attitudes that pollute the restaurant service industry. Just a way to pay the bills.
It was a few years ago. The only time I tried Heart was in Seattle in 2013. I agreed with his sentiment.
I want a Gibson J-200, but I am poor.
She does have a sick dowry though.
I've had an interesting day last night in terms of the ladies. I had a very strange relationship with this girl many years ago when I was in college. She was in high school and I was in college. She was the younger sister of a friend of mine in college and for whatever reason he gave me her AOL instant messenger name after one day I was joking around and said, "I bet your sister's hot". Anyway we would banter back and forth and I would drive to her house and hang out...
It's probably due to my sweaty feet. My socks are pretty wet coming out my shoes even in the dead of winter. Still, Crispins are the only ones with the issue.
I agree with Kevin Knox on Heart coffee: "More like Heart-burn."
Remember to breathe.
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