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In my music it says it is available to download, but I don't actually have the album. U2 sucks.U2 sucks. Bono only wears those glasses so people don't mistake him for Robin Williams. I guess he can take them off now.
That's annoying I rather look them up on the internet.
I actually don't own any U2 albums.
There's this little restaurant that just opened like a block from where I live. I can't figure out what it is called because the sign is written in this weird cursive typeface that is seriously illegible. I can't even find them online because I can't read the fucking sign. Why would they do such a thing?
Do you get free batteries if you like Duracell?
No, in all of my life I have never seen my father without a shirt on. Seriously.
See, nobody cares about this shit. The fact of truth is it is a new iPhone.
I just take them out to the garbage can daily. I don't see why this is hard to understand. Are you saying you let garbage accumulate in your apartment until a 50 gallon bag is full? That's fucking disgusting.
My brain operates at such a different level than yours I can't even believe it. A much higher level, of course.
Can you define "big wig" for us? In parenthesis of course.
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