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I don't think it is wide enough. Purely opinion.
Betimes I wonder what would happen if one were to place Kira in the same room as Ethanm.
Restless leg syndrome?
I've never had an amp that didn't work and you have 5. Granted, I have bought every amp I have ever own new so, yeah...
Maybe he was just feeling off of sorts due to the hotness of this girl!
I quite like my collars. They are straight, medium sewn-in interfacing, no stays. Rooftop BBQ!!!
My dad has one suit and tie (I tied the tie for him and he slips it over his head for weddings and funerals). I have no idea where I get my style from.
I met this girl who custom hand makes and binds books. She finds NOS paper and leather and makes some beautiful bespoke journals, diaries, custom albums and anything. She was telling me all about it and it was incredibly interesting. She got into it by using scraps of leather her father would have laying around as he was a leather upholstery restorer. Sounds very Dickensian I know, but it was fun to hear people out there still being creative and coming from a creative...
You're more expensive than a crack dealer. I am sure they would welcome such a transition.
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