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Distortion and boosts in front of the amp, time based effects like delay and echo and modulation in the loop. Hopefully it is tube buffered. You might lose a bit of high end if the path is long so eq adjustment will be prudent.
Sounds dirty. I don't think anybody wants to see that.
I didn't really know where to put this, or ask so here it is... I want to give my old iPhone to my girlfriend. I erased the thing completely, but it is still synced with my phone number so it receives my text messages and such. Currently, my girlfriend has an iPad on my Verizon account, but it gets all of her text messages sent to it. How do I disassociate my number with my old iPhone and allow it to get her messages like her iPad does?
I don't have anybody to take them for me. I am not really comfortable asking a coworker to do it. They make fun of me enough as it is.
I was talking to Gome, Lawyerdad. He lives a 15 minute walk from me.
Speaking of which, "thanks for the invite".
You have to use the gallon freezer ziplock bags. Those are the only ones that can withstand the heat and they have a double seal to protect from leakage.
Well yeah, I take a cab now, but it would be nice if you didn't have to. Also the Williamsburg to Park Slope trip would be easier.
I live a 10 minute walk from there.
It would just be an extension of the G essentially. You've never tried to get to Astoria from Brooklyn? It's a fucking nightmare.
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