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Why don't you throw some of those monies over to the non-profit I am on the board of.
Update on the dating matchmaker that I have a boner for: She replied and gave me the info for the artsy fartsy event, but I instagram stalked her and saw that she has a boyfriend and I lost interest. Booooo!
My barista isn't working today.
I have not heard back from her in 2 hours this has got to be bad news.
In my mind he likes those overly tanned bodybuilder girls.
Ok I sent her a very bizarre message (I think it is funny, but you wet blankets would probably think it to be bizarre) so let's see if she bites. Side note, I have no idea of the "type" preferred by green frog, but I can't imagine this girl would be it (no, I didn't send him a pic).
I watched Kung Fury for the first time and I think it changed my life.
How can I be a client if I never give her money?
Another group in my company just realized they hired very expensive consultants to do a project that I did with a coworker last year. They have a lot of explaining to do. Also they are calling a huge meeting on our results. Many people made fun of my coworker and me for embarking on this "useless report nobody will read". Well it is being read now and gaining praise. Eat it mofockas!
I'm in another predicamen that I would like to offer to the fora. On one of my dating appetizers I came across this beautiful woman who stated in her profile that she is a professional "matchmaker" and shared her webpage. She said that if she matches with you she'd like to "interview" you for free to see if you might be a good match for one of her paying clients. I didn't think too much of this and I swiped her in the direction of "I think you're a slut". So it turns...
New Posts  All Forums: