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Does $200 get inflated via cost of living adjustment?
What do you mean "per guest"? As in me? Like I said, I want to appear generous but bot an elitist asshole.
Not my industry.
Can somebody give me just a dollar amounts ignoring wedding costs?
I don't know how much their wedding costs. I have no idea about those kinds of things.
I'm surprised the Gloria is ready that "young".
I don't go to many weddings, but I have two coming up within the next couple of months. In the past I have always given money in a card as a gift, but I have always been unsure how much to give. What is appropriate as to where it is generous, however not appearing like a pompous baller? For reference one of the weddings is my cousin's who, for some reason has always been jealous of me and the other is a very good friend.
Wow, I bought a couple of bottles of 2005 Gloria for $60, granted the vintage is better. Are you drinking the 1996's now, or putting them away?
Happy to help!
New Posts  All Forums: