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Probably small bone fragments. Still happens to me occasionally over 10 years after the procedure.
Why did you have $5 inside a Chinese New Year envelope in your desk?
Yeah, I wore them about five times and literally had to remove them and walk a few blocks home because they lacerated my toe.
That's actually true! Bronners isn't good for color treated because it opens the cuticle of the hair strand and breaks the hydrogen bonding of the protein fibers releasing the color. "Color safe" shampoo is basically acidic in nature.
I haven't drank many Riojas, but I never cared for the ones that I did. Admittedly I never had an "expensive" one so who knows.
I have it on both places.
Could be that you have small bone fragments that weren't extracted when it healed and it is your body trying to push them out. Or, dry socket.
That's true, but I prefer more white to show in a bengal stripe shirt like this Eye-talian guy here:
I've liked 97% of the $10 Bords I have drank. Little does Manton know, I probably drink more Bord than he does!
Yeah, the interest would be incredibly small for most people. It's just angry people not knowing what the fuck they are talking about. Let's face it these people wouldn't be saving that interest anyway, they'd probably just buy an extra latte with it. Not going to change their lifestyle by any means.
New Posts  All Forums: