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I am grateful for technology.
Did a lot of work with little recognition but I got paid, son
That's absurd.
It's not the same.
I have learned Autumn Leaves and I have ben practicing playing it without roots, or 5ths (except in flat 5th situations). It gives a whole new feel to the song. Very ambiguous obviously. I like the idea of doing such a thing in a band setting, but playing by yourself it sounds awkward, but in kinda a good Badalamenti sort of way.
No, but they do sound better than the muddy shitty humbuckers that pollute the mass market. The key to great buckers is mismatched coils and scatter winding. It frees up a lot of the frequencies that get cancelled with perfectly matched coils. As a result you do experience minor hum. They end up sounding like slightly beefier P-90's.
I am grateful for my hair.
I have a hand wound custom set in my Les Paul that cost me $350.
After 50 tanks of water it will still have the taste in it. I am considering getting a new machine every time it is time to descale.
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