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I strongly disagree with the bolded above.
The monthly rent of the delicatessen is probably more than your annual salary, that's why.
Oh fuck you, seriously.
Hair Bender makes a good shot, Stumptown should quit pulling those shitty single origins and default back to their own creation, which was actually not bad.
I applied for a job at a coffee shop once trying to work at it one day a week (Saturday). I felt like a huge asshole when I wrote my current position and salary and such that they asked for. They told me they couldn't hire me for only one day a week.
Because lazy assholes like you would be on it all day.
No, no, no, don't get me wrong, I am a jerk.
I was just joshin' ya, pal (I am poor too).
Do you normally wear double breasted jackets though? That alone fosters attention, especially on somebody your age.
It's only expensive if you're poor.
New Posts  All Forums: