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I would not say that. Roma is obviously lighter roasted and without robusta. I enjoy both. I generally only get the ristretto, roma, arpeggio, darkhan, and sometimes indriya. I loved the Trieste limited edition last year.
That's funny because when I did go to meet him my gay-dar was seriously going off. Definitely a homosexual. Homosexual accountant.
That's not true at all. I go to Jersey like 5 times a year. Those 3 of those times are just concentrated into a short amount of months. Paintball is awesome.
It is very bizarre. I asked this guy in accounting if he'd be around later to discuss something. He says "Yes........." Then I'm like ok, what time works for you? "How about now....???" Every email is like that.
I never know what the fuck people are thinking when they put ellipsis after practically everything in an email. Are they just weirdos like lasbar, or are they condescending, or what. Fuck them.
I can't remember the last time I ate ketchup.
So this Malabar is seriously awesome.
Somebody has been taking cash advances with my credit card the past few months. I just decided, out of the blue (unexpected event) to look at my statement. I was able to get the charges reversed, but a changing credit card number is annoying to say the least.
Your date probably did, just not by you.
This is actually pretty good.
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