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Yeah, the interest would be incredibly small for most people. It's just angry people not knowing what the fuck they are talking about. Let's face it these people wouldn't be saving that interest anyway, they'd probably just buy an extra latte with it. Not going to change their lifestyle by any means.
They are fine if they work for you. It depends on what causes your dandruff. If it is caused by the fungus that causes dandruff, many zinc, or selenium shampoos work well. If it is due to dermatitis of some sort, or psoriasis, or eczema the coal tar, or salicylic acid, or coal tar would be better. Neutrogena T Sal and T Gel are good for those.
At the rate the flesh of an avocado oxidizes I wouldn't recommend this.
Don't wear your nice shoes in bad weather. In bad weather wear crappy stuff. That's what I do.
Go eat an avocado.
I'll add that it's not easy to work in my industry in third world countries. A lot of legal issues.
The only homes I like the look of are brownstones. All else looks the same.
I know a lot of these people. They make good money and generally have housing paid for, but from the people I know they work Investment Banker hours in 3rd world countries and they can be uprooted at any time to move to a different location. Definitely not low stress by any means. My girlfriend is desperately trying to get me to move to Cambodia to be closer to her and her friends (these NGO people) could get me jobs and all. I told her I would not move there for...
Since it is the year of the sheep is the going to be a run on cloth causing LL prices on all lengths?
I don't really understand the "hate" for mcmansions. So if you can't afford an estate, you have to live in a tiny 2 room house with a white picket fence?
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