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Maybe your feet just need to get used to them, or a muscle needs to strengthen? Try only wearing them once a week or so and see what happens. If after a while flip them. Lobbs always sell, albeit at a depreciated value.
I've been using mine, I do say it is pretty great. The only thing I wish it had is if you are watching a series on HBO or Netflix it would go to the next episode automatically when one finishes. Then again, it could be an app thing and not Chromecast. Just a small insignificant nit.
Leather creasing is always an interesting topic. A lot of things affect the creasing it seems such as where on the hide the leather is cut from, the type of tannage, and the finish. All in all leather creases as as long as you keep the areas that crease clean and conditioned worrying about it too much is unproductive. Creases can look pretty nice on a well worn pair of shoes over time.
Being at my parent's house is so weird and annoying. They never keep things where you'd think they'd be. Like today I'm looking for floss. Medicine cabinet? Nope, I ask for it and it and my mother gets it from the coat closet in the mud room. Wtf? Also, things are never left where I leave them the last time I visit. Spare shoe trees in the spare bedroom closet? Nope, in the underneath the sink in the cabinet in the bathroom. Wtf?
Red Newt is pretty solid, imo.
I lovr hoe we all just making fun go eachohther, ll in good fern. It all makes me sos hPPT.
Taxes in most decent places to live in Jersey are insane. Penn station is a piece a shit, there's no other way to see it.
It must have looked pretty funny. That dog can run.
my dad puts ice in his red wine...
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