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I will say that no cuffs on pleated trousers is just plain wrong, no two ways about it, ain't arguable as it is a fact of truth.
Knowing her she would want to give them some sort of hippie name in the same vain as her own hippie name (normal spelling, but abnormal pronunciation).
I was going to bring them up, but I couldn't stand to see their name in print once again.
I don't know, especially when their title is "Manager".
I'm a douche like that, so I probably would name him that. If it were a girl, I would name her the same thing as my last name (so she would have the same last and first name as my real last name would work really well at such a thing).
Get in that ass, Larry.
I call them derbies because that is the British term for it and I am a huge douchebag like that so yeah.
Something I find really annoying is during "performance review" period our bosses tell us to write out all of our annual accomplishments and send it to them via email before your performance review. I find this incredibly annoying, and somewhat offensive. Isn't it their fucking job to keep track of this shit? Why do I have to engage in such busy work to take me away from my duties (posting on Style Forum)?
I'd like to share something with all of you. When I was a little kid, maybe 9 or 10 or something whenever I would see fabric fold around a man's genital region upon sitting I would call this sight a "wally". I introduced my father to this concept. I said to him, see that guy's pants folding around that guy's balls? That's called a "wally". My father thought this so funny that to this day we continue to point out "wallies" in plain sight to each other. I even taught...
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