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I'm gonna see my boo next month in San Antonio, TX.
Actually it was a 20oz Short Rib.
Not sure, what it is called, but Philip made it at my request. At least one other person has ordered it since.
He had the amp eq'd weird though. A lot of players use that pickup. It is actually very bass and midrange heavy.
Toe box extension is most cases is part of the design. If the ball of the shoe is snug and your heel doesn't slip in general that's going to be a good fit. The vamp should be close to your foot with no extra room in there.
You get the remainder at tax time. It is normal income, they just treat it differently so you don't have to owe anything come tax day on that portion.
They usually tax it at least at the bracket above your normal income because it might bump your income into the next bracket. You'll get back the difference as a return during tax time if it doesn't bump you into the next bracket.My bonuses are always taxed at like 46%.
For @GreenFrog
I love the Seymour Duncan Invader.
Fuck you, you drunk.
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