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My digits are actually on my profile.
MY girlfriend uses one. It's fucking disgusting. I just brush my tongue with my toothbrush.
Just showing off some new Thomas Riemer gloves that I ordered at the trunk show @Leffot. Great guy who knows leather, sizing, and combinations of materials to get fit and feel spot on. The stitching seems very strong and springy. Other popular gloves makers that I have tried the stitching on the back of the hand (points) has broken open and the leather got poor looking very quickly. From others that I know who own Riemer gloves and have for some time say they are still...
I love all Style Forum members they bring light and shade into my life that makes the angels sing.
Yeah my parent's have this crappy Capresso machine that grinds and brews. It also has this hotplate. Whenever I am over there I am a nazi about making sure I shut the damn thing off right when the brew cycle is complete.In all honesty though, even an big insulated carafe will taste like shit if it has been sitting for a bit. I remember taking a thermos of coffee with me on a trip and after an hour the coffee was scalding, but tasted like mud. I guess whatever small...
You need to work on your reading comprehension. They don't get damaged by water, they just look ugly after water touches them leading to a lot of time to make them look nice again,Why email St. Crispin's? I know how to fix it myself. It's not a defect, or damage, just the nature of shell. Actually Philip said his finishing person was praising all the pairs of Crispin's I have sent back for resoles for how well I take care of them. He said it is very rare this person...
Nice comments should be the sole driver of wearing nice shoes, right?
Boondock Saints is one of those movies that people love who have never seen good movies.
I don't know how it works, but it sure is an issue.
Don't you mean Chelsea boots?
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