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Naked attractive girls is one thing, but naked "people" is another.
No, I think it was "art". Not that it makes it legal, or anything. Ironically nobody was catcalling her.
Fender necks just seem smaller to me with closer strings. It is a weird feeling being a Gibson man for so long.
I'm not a weirdo.
I don't know, I think white people make some things better, not even gonna lie. Sometimes Asians and the French make things better too.
Reason why I love New York: Naked chick walking down Bedford Ave on Saturday.
I apologize, I am rather distraught.
Yeah, I don't think this place serves actual Argentinian beef, but rather just the sides and style of the region. The price is very reasonable so I can't imagine it true.
Yes, I'm sure, but now that you bring it up, what is so great about Argentinean beef? There is an Argentinian steak place in my neighborhood that is very, very good, but I assumed it was more about the marinades.
I'm having real bad luck with ordering CD's on Ebay. I binge ordered almost all of Bjork's albums and here is the situation: Ordered Debut, Post, Vespertine, Homogenic, and Medulla. Post and Homogenic arrive without an issue. Volta comes and it is damaged and won't read, the guy who was supposed to send me Vespertine sent me a used copy of Volta with a note saying he couldn't find Vespertine and included a check for refund. I put this used copy of Volta in this lobby...
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