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Would the SL28 and SL34 varietals be considered, "GMO"?
Pupillary Distance?
My 16 hour trip to Korea I was surrounded by Koreans with screaming kids. Either crying, or singing or whatever. Everybody but me seemed oblivious to it. I wanted to fucking kill everybody.
I have said in the past, nobody ever truly skates, they only attempt to skate. Pretty much if you can nail tricks consistently you just become a pro, almost like automatically.
I was watching some sk8ers in MaCarren a couple weeks ago. I was starting to get the itch again. For realzies.
Oh Burgundy, you silly goose!
Linen pants look like shit after 10 minutes. I have no issue with 8/9oz fresco pants. Seems to have the best benefits of being cool and none of the rumpling issues of linen. Also, linen fades over time and doesn't last nearly as long as wool.
^ Went back yesterday and bought their entire stock.
Don't you mean, Grinder?
Let me guess: Seroquel, and Abilify?
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