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I like a couple of songs, but that's it. Not enough to make me a fan. Plus anybody who has a silly name for themselves are lame as hell. "The Edge". Give me a fucking break. He also wear bandanas, has a goatee, and plays with tons of effects. He's pretty much the epitome of bad taste.
No, most Americans already have access to Google Fibromyalgia.
It was pretty funny when my boo grabbed my phone when I was in the shower to do something on it (she doesn't have one being in Cambodia for so long) and she yells to me "You can't make out with Gomestar for a while because he's allergic to cats."
Oh, yesterday I actually got home from work pretty late. You know, gotta pay the bills and all.
Yes, it is actually not an auto repair shop, but rather a woodworking shop. They just oddly have a lot of cars parked there. I think they rent out the parking to people in the neighborhood.I also told you, I was in my underwear with my boo.
In my music it says it is available to download, but I don't actually have the album. U2 sucks.U2 sucks. Bono only wears those glasses so people don't mistake him for Robin Williams. I guess he can take them off now.
That's annoying I rather look them up on the internet.
I actually don't own any U2 albums.
There's this little restaurant that just opened like a block from where I live. I can't figure out what it is called because the sign is written in this weird cursive typeface that is seriously illegible. I can't even find them online because I can't read the fucking sign. Why would they do such a thing?
Do you get free batteries if you like Duracell?
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