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I don't know. It is not like New York real estate ever really loses value. The value of my place has almost doubled in the last 3.5 years. If anything I am not really going to lose money.
Also, I don't buy the language they use. It is too modern. The idioms, and such don't seem period correct. If you watch movies from even the 60's or 70's the language is much more different. They are dropping the ball with that.
If I had to rent my place I live in now I couldn't afford it.
Probably all of the above. The big one is one is made in China and one is made in New York. You should call them and ask directly though.
I've never worn Aubercy, but I have seen them and handled them. They are blake stitched, therefore very light and flexible. They look well made.
Yeah, it depends on the building though. More amenities you're going to pay for. One reason I was sold on my place is because it doesn't have all of that bullshit that I would never use.
The problem with a brownstone is anything that goes wrong with it like the roof, the boiler, water getting it, etc is on you. Maintenance of one is a lot of money and a lot of work. In a condo, or co-op major things like that are subsidized.
People who say "If you get a job you love you'll never have to work a day in your life" I want to punch right in the face.
Make sure you hydrate.
I didn't do shit in high school. I had no motivation. I did fine, but I didn't start developing good study habits and doing well until I started studying something that interested me. Also, it was a shock getting to college and being like, "Holy fuck, I can't do nothing anymore and get a B. I need to, like, study."
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