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Well, I don't get matches online anyway so that's not really an option. I turned around for a second on a whim and the girl who bumped into me was looking me right in the eyes. Does that mean she wants to ride teh Booth slip-and-slide?
Can't do anything carnal as a male and not get label a misogynist these days.
It's funny before my ex I was a cocky asshole and hooked up with many women and my standards were very different. Now as an old fuck I'm like ehh, no thanks. I think I am mostly afraid that they will want a relationship and I don't want to deal with "having a talk" as that's stressful and the worst. Also, I will look like a huge asshole for letting them ride the Booth slip-and-slide and not wanting to put them back in the box afterwards.
That seems rude and misogynistic.
Girl walked by me for seemingly no reason and bumped into me. Prolly just trying to get teh Booth's attention!
My friend told me on NYE that I only would date an 8 or higher. I'm like well-duh, why would anyone date lower? Also, my x was a babe so I gotta keep raising the bar.
I wonder how many fellow style forum members see me here often and don't know that I am, in fact, teh Booth.
You're not wrong. I wouldn't even know how to initiate with a fucking hooker.
I do it frequently, but not for long. It is good on extreme weather days.
New Posts  All Forums: