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Because you're a philistine. At least Gomestar gave them a chance and disliked them. You're both idiots, however.
Well, nobody sees it like that when it comes from an idiot.
Who friends random strangers on the internet on Facebook?
I think shiny hair looks tacky (distasteful) and greasy.
I don't understand your question.
I don't know if you're joking or not, but if it were buttoned on my neck and not on my kitchen counter it wouldn't be.
They are.
Domi city is a simulation. Very different.
Too true. Many of them seem to be niche bars that are so niche they suck to everybody except the owner. "We only serve biodynamic wines of Malbec in variety whose grapes are only plucked by a vegan Spaniard 4 hours after his 4 hour hot yoga session in the fall." Fuck you, your overpriced wine sucks.
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