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A plebe is a first-year student at a military academy. A pleb is a commoner. You fail by default.
Can't remember the last time I ate ketchup.
She's something all right.
Starbucks is worth it for the reserves. If they don't have them it's not. I'd still take it over Dunkin Donuts any day.
That place blows, but I am sure you know this aside from tiny ice.
They see Peet's coffee, but they aren't an official Peet's. They don't have the preparation standards, or all of their offerings. Just like the house bullshit stuff, not the specialty.Same as above, and also who the fuck goes to JFK for coffee? But yeah, no Peet's in all of NYC.
Peet's actually buys some really great green coffee. I wish we had a Peet's out here.
It's a white shirt, but my friend was being a subtle dick about it. I would never hear the end of it if I didn't wear it. I think it is fueled by his bitch of a fiancee.
I actually find it too warm today. Was sweating walking around.
Really? Do you remember NYC baristas? They are 98% black and 2% Latino. Certainly not hipsters.
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