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The imagination is much more exciting than the truth.
Are you circumcised?
In addition, if you're selling a like new used pair for $70 they will be making you offers for $25.
People are so cheap it is absurd.
Anybody have experience with the Kemper profiler? Paging @hendrix
Also, fuck you for dat "u", you ain't British you Canuck.
She's not my type. If I'm drunk enough at the Christmas party I might bang her though, cause who am I to ruin a bish's dreams?
Why haven't offices evolved to look just like locker rooms so that guys can be as perverted as they want?
This intern bish already asked me to try my coffee. I made her coffee. Shouldn't the intern be doing that for me? Oh wait, if you want something done right you do it yourself!
I wasn't and it bothered me more than I thought. I feel weak because of it.
New Posts  All Forums: