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He was saying paying for an entire container is insanely expensive so he has been tacking on the orders of others in the industry. I would think with all of the players it must be slim pickens, but I guess not.
Great info, thanks a bunch.
I am really digging this instrument. http://www.fender.com/news/fifteen-great-bass-vi-tracks/
So I ran into a buddy of mine this weekend who owns a local coffee shop. He recently bought a space for roasting and he inquired with me about roast profiles and such after seeing my ranting on Facebook. He pretty much agreed with me that many of these third wavers in NYC are doing the same thing and he wants to incorporate more variety into what he offers. I'm excited, I hope he can score some decent green coffee though, because the big players with the big money seem...
I don't want to name names, but I have seen a lot of shoddy "handwork" on some 'spensive ties these days...
Who says who is someone?
I have some vintage bespoke suits from 2012 I am thinking of getting made up into ties if anybody is interested.
I see, but saying something is something, but it isn't something is shitty and he should sit in the corner for that.
So that's basically why my custom shop seems to have a "softer" finish that gets impressions so much easier?
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