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Does anybody still use that six sigma bullshit? I see it on resumes but I've never seen it used, mentioned, praised, or anything.
Hmm, are those the straight fit or slim tapered? Also, I don't plan on washing them. Ever. It's hard to assess based on trousers because I wear my trousers up pretty high with braces. I'll see what the stretched waist is on my current jeans to see How it compares with your size 32.
Hell yes.
So I'm interested in the Big John tapered black denim, but I'm unsure of sizing. Perhaps could somebody give me a hand? The online measurements of the jeans I already own (1978 501's) says a 33" waist and a 10.5" front rise. I'm thinking that a size 31 in the Big John would work (25 cm rise, 84 cm waist). I'm worried mostly about the rise, but I'm also concerned about how these will stretch compared to my already owned and stretched out jeans. I'm not generally in the...
Hmm, what's one to do then? Surely it is better than sole down where the moisture may remain too long and cause mold growth, no?
No.It's true. Cheaper in the long run as well.
I almost tweeted that. Almost.
Of course I am home just in time for a blizzard tomorrow.
Set them on their sides so the soles dry out well.
Slept through Tuesday completely, woke up at 12am and have been polishing shoes since.
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