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You're wife accepting orders?
I'd even go as far to say that the different between $250 and $650 shoes is close to zero in terms of leather quality.
Just look at the annual report, brotha.
Maybe Roo is in store for some boots...
That looks like it might be difficult to fuck on.
DW, have you any experience with goat leather? I bought a handmade leather journal for somebody for Christmas and the leather is from a goat. Beautiful stuff, I wonder how it would work as a shoe. This reminds me, maybe what I am looking for is a good kangaroo leather for the winter. You have commented on how it is extremely dense and these days much better quality than calf.
My bridle leather briefcase pretty much as the best finish ever, water resistant, takes a shine if I wanted it to, but I can't imagine shoes made out of bridle leather. It does soften up, but it is still stiff as all hell. There has to be something out there like this bridle leather, which is pure veg tanned that is thinner.
Well, chrome tanning does produce a softer leather it is a relatively modern technique and faster and cheaper. As far as I know back in the day all leather was veg tanned. Veg tanned leather, to me at least seems more durable than chrome tanned leather. Maybe I am just romanticizing though.
What you're describing I always thought of as traditional "hot stuffed" leathers, not "waxed calf". It could be the same thing really.
In your experience what is a good leather to use for something you want naturally waterproof, but still able to take a decent shine? I am looking on this spreadsheet I put together like a nerd with a filter for different Horween leather attributes and there is a leather called Derby which is smooth and straight veg tanned. I would think a hot stuffed leather would be better for waterproofing than a fatliquored leather, but it seems like their isn't a single leather that...
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