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My doctor thinks I do a wee bit too much, but what does she know she's just an educated guesser. And a woman. I bet she doesn't make as much money as a real doctor (male) as well.
I returned home last night very late and I am feeling rather fatigued today.
Maybe he was just a clumsy fuck up?
I don't think that applies to Mafoofan.
If the shoe isn't ugly enough to sway you away from it the word "ghillie" should be.
My grandparent's on my father's side were from Italy, but I have a very unusual last name that is relatively new in my family. My great grandfather was a orphan in Italy and when orphans got kicked out when they were18 or whatever they were given the generic last name Esposito. My great grand pappy didn't want to be known as having been an orphan so he changed his last name to what mine is now just because he liked the way it sounded. So my last name is new and I can't...
You should fornicate with your Italian friends to diversify the gene pool of your offspring so they aren't susceptible to genetic disorders such as cancer, autism, and trolling.
Now we know why you're so nit picky.
I don't wear suede shoes. I plan on bringing two pairs, my leather Buttero sneakers (that I bought solely for going to Cambodia) and my cheapo beater rain shoes (Church for Cole Haan). It is so dusty and dirty out there I am not bringing anything nicer.
Oh I will. She's the reason why I am flying 23 hours out there. What we do for them... Goodness me...
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