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Oxyclean sucks.
Unfortunately it is the only part of me with prominent length of any kind.
Cue the humidity.
I tried the oxyclean. It didn't do much more than the oxyclean infused detergent does... Also, it left as absolutely offensive chemical smell on my shirts even after rinsing a million times. Whole bucket of Oxy right in the garbage.
Hmm, I walk to work and pass the cleaner on the way. Easy peasy. Also the cleaners now and again just to get the collars clean. I'd still wash them and iron them myself in between these trips.Shout pretty much does nothing for my collars and on top of that it makes the washer sud up way too much and I have to rinse them 100 times to get the soap out. I generally shy away from doing anything that involves scrubbing though.
I mean it just seems like a quarterly dry cleaning would be much easier.
Yes it is.
All that shit isn't worth my time.
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