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It's not enough money to really persuade me to think about it too much. It's not like I could retire on it.
I've received shares of my Company's stock that I am not allowed to sell for several years.
Wait a second, your dog's name isn't Crookshanks.
I mean, I am a trooper. I still wear a suit, but I sweat like a mother and I am miserable. I won't ever stand without the jacket buttoned, however.
Easy for you to say in the Pacific Northwest. Try standing on a NYC subway platform in August. Beelzebub has got it easier wherever he may be.
My parent's cat is named Smudge, but what we call him doesn't have any combination of letters in the English language for the sound we call him.
Lesser 16 is awesome.
If I had a dog I would name it Gomer if male, and Ed if female.
My uncle named his chihuahua "Precious" after Buffalo Bill's dog in Silence of the Lambs.
Marcellus Shale, or Marcellus Wallace?
New Posts  All Forums: