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No, but you do have to give me a reach around.
Fuck me, there is a lot to read here. I will read and post. Eventually.
It was like mud.
I don't think all funk flavors is brett though right? I have had some real funky, stinky, barnyardy wines that I thought were awesome. Is that necessarily brett?
So I just took that massive dump and the toilet didn't flush. Oh well. La dee da.
Seamless wholecuts are on my list, but I is teh poorz.
Exactly. I feel like so many coffee people just regurgitate stuff they are told. Kind of like these Pyramid scheme assholes that have an answer for everything. One thing Jordan says is it is a new flavor so American's perceive it as better. To some degree this is true. I like his reaction to the medium rare steak analogy as well. That's a bullshit line.FWIW, I have had a lot of intelligensia coffees that I have liked very much. I keep getting pegged on here for a...
I don't know the % of people who get fuck ups via email vs. trunk shows, but I would be curious. FWIW, I have placed orders both in and out of trunk shows and haven't had a problem.
I guess, but small details and such they get right. Hell, I even designed a model with them and they nailed that. I mean, shit happens though. As long as they remake and the customer is happy in the end, meh. Just eats into Crispin's profit margin. High end tailors like Rubinacci are known to price in their own fuck ups as well. In the end it seems that St. Crispin's customers as tailors like Rubinacci's customers are happy in the end.
Journalism has taken a huge dive within the past 5 years. I blame blog culture for loose goosey writing and proofing. The media relations department at my company is a joke. I work in a somewhat esoteric industry with a lot of disciplines coming together. The writers for press releases, or even things like our Annual Report don't know anything about the business so they will essentially write something that they think sounds good and gets across what they want to...
New Posts  All Forums: