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I agree. I like seeing new places, but in the end I just love where I live and love getting back into my routine. Also, I find the process of travel torturous. I hate airports, and sitting on a damn plane for hours, living out of a suitcase. I hate all of that to be honest. Also, in general I find that the ridiculous cost of travel in many cases isn't worth it. Also, I am a strange guy whenever I go to a new place I mostly do the same thing I do when I am in New York...
I am seeing this old flame again. She's probably going to want to "take me up" but I don't know if getting "taken up" is the right thing for our relationship.
My vanity is greater than my misery.
I just started wearing 16oz this week. I generally wear it until about May, or whenever the humidity kicks up.
Not really the same thing.
Yeah, I think this is generally why I have favored most blends for espresso over single origin shots. I feel like you have much more control over what you're trying to achieve in the cup.
Stuffy noses suck doesn't hold a candle to walking in the rain
I am grateful for sturdy English cloth.
I do die in 16oz, but at least I look awesome whilst dying.
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