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Roasting lighter and less acidity doesn't make sense. Something else is happening there.
For me it is dirty, disgusting Chinese take-out.
I would just like to acknowledge that today is the third year anniversary of this glorious thread.
I'm currently finding that trying to get a good GMAT score is 10,000x harder than losing 100 pounds. Seriously.
I agree Indesertum. We need more Full City roasts. I'll even settle for City+ at this point. But fuck I am sick of people pulling shots of City, or Cinnimon roasted beans from south and central america. Wtf are they thinking selling this swill?
I'm trying to find myself.
2 in 1's are usually garbage. Check to see if there are silicones in it. Also, Burt's Bees has some decent all natural shampoos. pH will still bean issue in most. I would check online to see if you can find out what it is, or email the company and ask. Sometimes doing a search for an MSDS can reveal that info.
Maybe it has all truths and mysteries of the world written on it? I'd take that chance. Then again if it is the answers to the world's questions it still won't get you laid! Muwahahhahaha!
Inflation isn't the issue it is the greedy farmers. Avocados won't ripen on the tree, they only ripen after they are picked so they let them sit on the tree and create a false shortage until they get the price they want then pick them and sell them.
I just don't like Mexican food. The cuisine, not the quality.
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