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Welcome to shell.
Are you going to finish the homework assignment?
I'm a strong believer that only Asians can look good in RTW pants. That includes folks from India and Nepal.
Pixie shuts off automatically and also heats up faster.
Officially taking Jazz guitar lessons. I start on Sunday. Can't wait.
Black is ristretto. Purple is arpeggio.
Your preferences are strange to me. I don't think the Kazaar. I find it too robusta-y. Ristretto isn't nearly as strong and while it does have some robusta in it it isn't overpowering like Kazaar. Dharkan I like. I tried the Cubania, but again too much robusta, imo. Bios, why didn't you get the Pixie? It is a better machine. Doesn't need descaling as much and it is more energy efficient.
Fish cuts?
It looks like a non issue at this point
I was comparing to people that live, like, not in New York. Like I said "at least". I probably do about 3 on average a day.
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