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You jumped right to putting it down. As you say there are other things that can be done before killing it such as putting it in a less stressful environment than Manhattan.
My cousin has awesome boobs, If I had the chance to see them, I'd take it.
Anything over 120 is bullshit, imo. Sounds like you're just trying to upsell.
Just because it isn't super smooth doesn't mean it is "poor". What is your criteria for "poor"? It seems like to you it means soft. To me those superfine cloths are poor because they aren't durable in the least. Cheap cloth and shrinkage I don't think are necessarily correlated.
I think they have that already.
A pit almost took my leg off when one was tied to scaffolding with no owner in sight. It was dark with no lighting under the scaffolding and I was walking very briskly towards it. I didn't see it until my father said, "watch out for the dog". It lunged at me and snapped. My pents would have been ruined if I didn't have cat-like reflexed (without cat-like eyesight).
FWIW, I hate fabrics over 120/2 or whatever. They feel nice, but they don't hold up as well. I'll take 80/3 anyday over that luxe stuff.
Yeah, I wash all of my own shirts in my washer and hang them to dry. I think I am just going to do as you suggested and leave some margin still in the cuff.
I don't believe you. Cotton shrinks, even when sanforized, or whatever.
Wow, surprised given your general shitty taste in music.
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