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Probably the only post you've ever made that's worth reading.
I only cry while watching pornos.
They think I'm a critic. Despite not wanting to keep my palate clean.
I just ordered two steaks at this restaurant.
It does, maybe you just have bad taste? Or, as I mentioned you got a shitty barista, which has happened on numerous occasions.
Some of the best espresso in the city is in eataly. (Thanks gome)
What's the point of using lye soap? What step in the process is that? Also, what is blacking? Why can't pure carnauba be used? That's a wax that gets hard as fuck when it dries and is pure.
How is it different than dope?
Hmm, I wonder what is in it?
Why do you need lye soap? I would guess hardware stores have wallpaper paste, but I'd guess flour would be more natural.
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