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A lot of the douchey tech guys are popping up in NYC as well...
Pretty much, yeah.
It's a shame really. All of those bozos in SoCal.
Awesome first post! Welcome to Style Forum! Enjoy your stay! Lzoxlxl!1!!1
I have a lot of friends that go to that Jazz lawn party. Such an incredible hassle to get there and back.
That's crazy. Well, at least she has good taste? Are you going to confront her?
I need to lose 5 pounds. I gained 5 pounds in the last year. If all goes well, I will lose it by Saturday.
I could be way off here, but I just heard Southern Cali wasn't a great market for what they were selling.
I've been considering making my own cheese.
I had this one guy wait int the bathroom right outside the stall door for me to finish shitting. Totally rushed and ruined my experience. What a fucking weirdo.
New Posts  All Forums: