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You do know we are talking about shoes, right?
The thing is the "testing" phase is very long. I think a lot of people come onto this forum as relative newbies to shoe care and their "testing" is based on using a pushed product for a year, or so. I would put money on it that most people on this forum who have "tested" a lot of highly regarded shoe care products haven't even been using it for 5 years. Unless you have a decade or more of testing holding certain factors constant testing isn't really worth much. The...
The beginning of Season 8 of House has got me in a state of sadness.
Too much emphasis on "my feelings towards the facts" and not enough on "facts themselves".
Thanks for that, but I've only learned from you and Glen! :hatsoff:
I was out of town for work...
Or finishing ones started!
Majority of your cookbooks are huge and expensive too. Very beautiful, however.
This Sulawesi from Peet's is awesome.
I had to google that. Kids these days...
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