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Certainly a lot going on in that ad. They seem to poke fun at the fact that it isn't real leather to somehow create a demand for itself. These kinds of ads should be discussed in Sociology courses!
That's stupid, Europe is so Europe-centric they should be more accommodating to the rest of the world (America).
That says 26 cigarettes. The fuck wrong with you people? 26 cigs lined up is a bit over 2 meters, what am I missing here?
Ok for what it's worth I'm staying Queen Anne and my friend who I'm staying with doesn't drink coffee (does like grunge though).
To be fair, that's not a lot of cigarettes. Just think how cool you would look smoking in a new pair of trousers.
I'll be pretty busy there so who knows what I'll get to do. Last time I was there was 2013.
Biscotti is a lot more annoying on the forum than he is in real life. He doesn't even do drugs. He is still a whiny little bastard though.
Her boyfriend just showed up.
Also, wtf it takes so long to get to Seattle from NYC.
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