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You're more of a hipster than me. I don't have tattoos and board shorts
Those were different though. Bell bottoms were slim in the leg and flared, boot cut were kind of big all over in comparison.
I had a cotton/mohair suit that every place I would sweat faded badly after not too long. I realize this is common for cotton. I remember the dry cleaner mentioning linen as another fabric that he's seen doing this. Just curious if it is a high end vs. low end thing.
My friend has a tattoo machine. He often gets drunk and tattoos himself. He's got all kinds of squiggles and such. It is very funny.
You know what my company stocks? Nothing.
I'm a guinea, I sweat like it's my job. Also, the sweatiest part of my body is my knees for whatever reason, days like yesterday I sweat right through my trousers at the kneecaps. It's so bizarre.
Does anybody experience their linen suits fading in color? I had one years ago that in every place I would sweat eventually faded and it looked awful. Admittedly it was a very cheap linen suit, but I am afraid if I get one my pits will begin to fade.
To fit in with the cool kids.
I have seen women's brogues with higher heels with all else other than size being equal as well.
On second thought, it is too far of a walk for a lunchtime stroll. I don't eat lunch though, so no cookies for me during the day! Also, I never use milk, I am sweet and creamy enough!
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