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I've been buying higher end shoes since then and prices haven't changed all that much really, especially at the mid tier level. I would say over the past 5 years the higher end stuff has gone up about 20% to 25%, but the lower level maybe 10% to 15% or so.
I'll open it on Monday in my office, don't want to open it now because it will sit here all weekend. I never make coffee for myself on the weekends at home.
Hate to say it, but I'd love to see them opened up!
Just received a shipment of the super natural, I opened the box and it was like God in my nose creating happiness.
The benefit of going to Brooklyn is there are a lot of bolts of cloth to look at on the wall. If you use those cloths most of them will be much cheaper than selecting from books. Depending on who is there either Frank or Ercole will measure you. I have had both of them draft me patterns with similar results. I'd recommend working directly with Frank if you're requesting something out of their norm.
I just came in from outside without no coat or scarf. Just a 16oz suit. Today is fine.
Cafes that sell Stumptown don't stock Indos unless it is an official "Stumptown". That's my experience. Latin America and Africa.
Ok, but how about typically?
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