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Obligatory Leffot selfie.
Fuck this weather. Seriously.
A few things, but I have many reservations about getting involved for several reasons.
Sorry, typing on an iPhone is annoying. I meant it would be the most unique cafe in the city. They are all pretty much one in the same in NYC these days. All of the same style coffee. To make matters worse they all pitch in and source beans together. You're drinking the same stuff at most of the places.Kaladi coffee I buy online. There is only one place in NYC that pulls it, which is called Once Upon a Tart on Sullivan street. Text me, I'll buy you a shot.
One thing is certain. It would be the o let unique cafe in NYC.
These pretzels are making me thirsty!
I was approached by somebody opening a cafe to be a partner. Hmm...
Well, no because I'm dry cleaning that away. I also don't smell like fertilizer.
No, it's a black grenadine piccola
New Posts  All Forums: