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I'll say that the only regrets that I have are things I didn't do.
He expects more from me.
They feel guilty for not seeing you more.
If I wore Carminas even my blue collar dad would make fun of me.
aw thanks buddy
Carminas are for plebs.
Or a synovial sarcoma
So I'm an attractive guy that girls don't want to talk to.
I have this painful lump on my wrist where the thumb meets my wrist. I can wiggle it around and it doesn't seem to be attached to my joint or anything, but I am afraid it is a synovial sarcoma or something. It is right where I have had this bulgy vein for years. Maybe it was just bumped or something and now inflamed, but who knows. Not sure what to do.
this week is full with work which makes it worse because it will be raining
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