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A little bit of fun today turns into a pretty cool Buttero advertisement:
Don't beat around the bush, tell us how you really feel.
Even as an all black shoes owner I can't see the point in a model like a 575 in black. Has a bit of an identity crisis, imo.
Some tech billionaire in a hoodie.
They did not.
I've done it, but recently have only used dish soap. I also lightly condition the wooden handle with coconut oil so it doesn't splinter and such over time. Just make sure if you do this not to get any on the bristles as it will transpose onto your shoes.
Guys, guys, you know Link's hair is like this. My dream told me so!
That relives sexual tension. Not always the same thing.
This guy in my office building decided to bring it up to me in the elevator yesterday. He has never even spoken to me before, but for some reason he felt Talk Like A Pirate Day would break the ice (relieve social tension).
I don't dress casually, so no.
New Posts  All Forums: