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I don't like fancy smooth sheets actually. I like them scratchy whereas they exfoliate my skim whilst I slumber.
I hear you. I just really love the neck pickup, or neck and bridge pickup tone for jazz on a clean Les Paul, which to me is nice and sustaining without the dampened blanket-over-the-amp sound.
I learned the Charlie Christian solo in Seven Come Eleven. Proud of myself even though I cannot play it at the blazing speed he does.
It's ok, I have a sense of humor unlike a lot of people on here.
Really? I think the Jazzmaster's popularity increased about 5-8 years ago and has held steady.
Same as you, that's what.
You're such a tool.
It is much more convenient to drop my shoes off at leffot during lunchtime than box and ship them at the post office. Dealing with the post office and boxing isn't worth my time.The OP wanted to know of a place what does JR resoles. B Nelson does, I didn't imply it was the best option for him, but it is the only one I personally know of.
I usually just drop them off at Leffot to send. Surely the resole cost includes shipping.
I actually failed a semester of gym in high school. My mother got a letter in the mail from my gym teacher saying, "Patrick needs to start wearing shoes during physical education." It's a long story...
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