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Oh fuck you
I think the % of the population that know the difference between oxfords and derbies and their respective formalities is so small that you don't have to worry about it.
They don't fit
Yet another reason not to have kids.
Well, the thing with suede is that it is more difficult to hide/fix/obscure anything that happens to them. I would still give them a brush before wear, however.
I would only think that putting them in bags vs brushing them protects against more UV light, which can fade and possibly degrade the leather over time. Putting them in bags just seems unnecessary and a pain in the ass. Brushing them before and after wearing them is already more than most are willing to do. If I had the leisure time to enjoy bagging my shoes I wouldn't need to worry about the longevity of my shoes.
You need to find a last, or a shoemaker that accommodates a higher instep. Some separation is normal, but that's a lot.
Wait, did he die?
I don't cover mine, but I do give them a quick brush before putting them on just to get some of the dust off. Especially the vamp gets a bit dusty and I don't want that dust to settle in the creases and cause unnecessary wear.
The cops would have to find Finn.
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