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She's great. I like her and respect her so I'd rather not divulge too much about her personal matters. I'm sure you understand.
That's awesome.
What am I looking at here?
Ugh, cognitive dissonance.
Just noticed a lady giving me bedroom eyes. She walks past. I turn to look. She was turning to look at teh Booth too and turned her head quickly, lol.
Fuck, why did I agree to meet this girl at 7pm on a weeknight? I wish I was home, or alone at a bar. Who knows how long I'm going to be out now. Fuck.
Words are about now don't care what anybody says they look like dicks
I am grateful for the autumn in New York.
I agree. I like seeing new places, but in the end I just love where I live and love getting back into my routine. Also, I find the process of travel torturous. I hate airports, and sitting on a damn plane for hours, living out of a suitcase. I hate all of that to be honest. Also, in general I find that the ridiculous cost of travel in many cases isn't worth it. Also, I am a strange guy whenever I go to a new place I mostly do the same thing I do when I am in New York...
New Posts  All Forums: