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Doesn't the leather itself have some play on how a shoe will fit? For example variations on the density of the hide in different areas may bend and flex differently on the same last. Also the shoe patterns themselves where there are stitching and such. Those things certainly have an influence, no? @DWFII
I really hate restaurants who cheap out on the AC. They will just open all of the front windows and doors as if it is pleasurable to eat food in the sweltering humidity. Any people actually doing that should be checked to see if they are from said lizard planet.
I agree with the trouser/shoe color combinations. I can't stand walnut shoes and navy pants that's all the rage these days. For shirt and tie combos I favor both low and high contrast.
Come on you know you need an emulsifier to make them mix!
I agree. I am also like this with BBQ. I love the taste of meat and prefer not to drown it in sugar. Also toasted bagels. Toasted bagels are only eaten by people with certain alternative lifestyles (gay).
People put cream in their coffee and butter is just, well, whipped cream. Also, butter makes everything taste better so I kind of get it. He should add some salt to it too.
Betimes when I know he's in the act (shitting) I make sure to loiter in a nearby stall to catch a whiff (smell his shit).
I use Meurice and all of my jackets are 3 roll 2's. I've never had a problem.
One time this guy whose shit in the stall next to mine smelled of Saphir shoe polish. Once in a while it smells like cinnamon buns. A weird diet, he must have.
What in this world would make one relate such a thing to me?
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