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Hmm... True. If I lived where you do I'd definitely complain about property taxes. Dirt cheap in the city, although they get you with the income tax.
LIC sucks. It has been "up and coming" for like 10 years. It is what I imagine Williamsburg to be after the apocalypse. It's so depressing.
I think foo was talking about buying a place, where they are pretty strict about debt/income levels being at ~30%
I wonder about how some people rent their places. I know people where like 50% - 60% of their salaries go towards rent. I have only rented one place in NYC, and the scrutiny they inflicted upon me you would have thought I was trying to finance a $50million condo. How the fuck do they even get the keys?
Why didn't you call me? I would have gone to eat with you.
No, but they look nice.
I don't know why don't you tell us?
Maybe I'll eat both, fuck it.
I am unsure whether to cook monkfish or salmon for myself tonight.
New Posts  All Forums: