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I don't understand this at all. It is exactly the jacket of some of my other summer suits except black. What are you talking about? It is like you can't look past the color.
Bloody Mary's are gross. Video games might be worse.
He'd be right.
Hot Khmer chick messaged me on OKcupid. Take her to my ex's place during the day and fuck her?
This is ridiculous, I am rarely ever in my apartment except for sleeping.
Wait a second, no, a black Brooks Brothers blazer.
I kind of want to make people even more angry and get a black suit jacket with pagoda shoulders to wear in the summer time. 16oz flannel.
In that case, I'll get a Dior Homme one (Slimane era).
To change the color of shoes using polish it takes a very long time over many many applications. They are formulated for transparency.
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