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Wow, I went out in a limb here and picked this up for $15. It's fantastic, probably going to go back tomorrow and buy it all.
I wouldn't say any of that finish is lost. I don't know why you say this.
Just looks like gunky buildup.
I disagree with that assessment. Looks like good ole wax build up to me.
Just curious, that's all. Fwiw, I've never used GK conditioner on my shoes. It's very much a cleaner conditioner and for the most part I don't think it's all that necessary if you're using the polishes, which have a lot oils in them all ready.
The heel cups are higher and more shapely. They contour to the heel and around just kind of low and wide like on C&J and AE and the like.
See, here is the trap people get lured into. You bought an item that you have no idea what to wear it with. Why would you do this? Did you get a deal, or something? You should only be buying things you know exactly how to execute and are complimentary with your style. Now you are going to wear these stupid shoes without any sort of confidence and clearly they are going to look out of place. Sell them on B&S.
I have what is called a "Cadillac" health plan. My cost will go up $4,000 in a couple of years if the "Cadillac Tax" goes into effect.
Sounds like you have bigger problems.
Just keep the damn ID in your pocket.
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