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You're asking teh Booth if he has a steady bar? Half of my friends of Facebook are bartenders, what does that tell you? I don't eat brunch. Also, you have missed half of this thread. I have no problems talking to random girls. I do it all of the time. Actually I don't even have to try they talk to me because I am so damn cute. It is rare I go out to a bar alone and some girl doesn't start talking to me. I guess the issue is I don't know what I want really. Also...
So, there is this super tall model I see on the subway platform in the morning. I always wondered about her. I saw her talking on her phone once and she definitely had some indistinguishable accent. As I was typing about the Russian girl above she walks into the coffee shop with her ugly, stupid, bearded boyfriend. Fuck them both.
I do have another slightly strange Tinder happening. I matched with this incredibly beautiful woman who is from Russia. We were texting a lot and she was speaking in poor English grammar. She went to (according to my Russian co-worker) the "Harvard" of Russia. She's very cool and seems very sweet and I sense this "disconnect" I mentioned. Well after a while of chatting it turns out that she was only visiting NY and she was already back in Russia. Boo! Anyway, her...
I don't know. I don't like foreigners though because I am xenophobic so it might be difficult.
I don't get how some guys can allegedly shower in 5 minutes or under and really clean their bodies well. I had a big argument with coworkers who think I am absurd because my showers take 15 minutes. There was only one other guy who agreed with me and for the same reasons. Lathering up every part of your body and fully rinsing takes time.
I feel very fat Is it just a feeling though? I might just be fat
You do know there are algorithms for those?
I am grateful for chemistry.
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