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Or he just rented a fuck machine.
yeah, wrong time of year. Plus I wouldn't even call most of those places, "clubs" rather, popular bars.
Well humans were designed to walk on their feet so I'd say it's better... The only reason people "need" support is from coddling their feet for years.
What the fuck is the hucklebuck?
Fuck you ya ninny
Enter into my world. I don't know who anybody is.
Third wave was great ~7 years ago, they have just taken it too far,IMO. Now everybody had jumped on the bandwagon and there isn't any more variety. That's what pisses me off.
Wtf, is poutine? Back here on earth they are called Disco Fries.
I've come home drunk and eaten an entire jar of peanut butter. Don't worry though, I only buy the all natural kind.
The House passed the bill to make bonus depreciation permanent.
New Posts  All Forums: