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Thanks, Stitches. I have a couple more things to say, but I'm traveling a lot lately so it will have to be post number 2.
I don't know I've never really tried to follow it. I'm not even sure what it is honestly? Jeans and a t shirt? I never really tried to look like a hipster so I'm not sure what you found smothering about it. Mostly I see people just wearing what's easy, relatively affordable and comfortable.
How is that impractical? It's not like I was bricklaying in a suit. Fitting in is of no concern to me.
As opposed to the evening?
My mom wears things like that.
I have a question about test pairs. Is there really a benefit to test shoes without soles? I would imagine the finished shoe with the welting, insole, and all of the other stuff that makes a finished shoe wearable could significantly change the fit from the test pair, which other than having a leather upper bears little resemblance in both aesthetics and function to a wearable shoe.
For me the opposite. Dress shirts last me about two years.
I've had many Syrahs with barnyardy funk. I just thought it was a character of the grape, not some sort of yeast.
I can't recommend any brands, but I have yet to find a dress shirt fabric that will last several years with a lot of use and I wear bespoke shirts.
Suck on this biatch!!!!Ok, reading through most of this I feel like I lean towards Stitches' posts the most, which in a nutshell, dress how you want but be aware of how others will perceive you.There was one thing Stitches said, which I think in reality is true, but I tend not to live by which is "perception is reality". I am a person who truly believes they are two different things. There is reality and facts, then there is how you choose to interpret them. That's...
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