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Pay good money for them, might as well use them! I'll slowly accumulate more.
About seven pairs in rotation. Down a bit from what it used to be. But yeah, I walk a lot. At least a mile a day on pavement.It has varied for me. Once I got them back in 5 weeks, Che @Leffot just sent me an email minutes ago saying another pair is in and this took probably 8 or 9 weeks. I guess it depends on the time of year too. I would imagine summer vacation has an effect. Now, I have to drop off another pair that is getting a hole when I pick these up...
So far mine have been lasting a year before resole. One goes out and another comes in.
That's St. Crispins to do it, not Nick.
I don't know, maybe. Give it a shot.
Alden seems to spot less because they put a shellac over their shell shoes.
I love it.
Yeah, your feet will be dry, but the leather will look like shit without an overhaul. In general shell with a thinner finish and not a lot of wax polish will look better than highly polished shell because it allows the water to evaporate without getting caught up in the wax.
To celebrate national coffee day I'm enjoying Peet's Arabian Mocha Sanani today!
That wine was great. I was surprised how meaty it was. Like you said it brought out the mushrooms wonderfully. If I was a baller I'd drink this every night.
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