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Weird shoes for a weird guy.
Many say suede is a winter only footwear.
For somebody who is into some pretty stupid looking casual menswear and some streetwear I'm shocked by your close mindedness of shell. My shoes are awesome, ain't even arguable as it's a fact of truth. The point I am making is that shell sucks if you want to keep it looking decent.
I have had nothing but headaches with getting spots out of shell. Maybe it is because they are black it shows more? Brushing has no effect, I have to strip them with a solvent and rebuild the finish, and yes I bull the toe and heels of my shell shoes. Why not? Here's an example of a drip of water that hit the tow of this shoe. No amount of brushing, boning, or anything could get it out, had to strip them and rebuild the finish. Here's an example of literally 10...
See edited post above.
Brushing won't get rid of the spots. I have proven this and gone over it time and time again. I am pretty sure the water just gets caught up in the wax polish. My dress shoes have a high shine on them and I think that shell that doesn't have much on them the water can better evaporate off the shoe without getting caught in a wax finish (such as the toe of a bulled shoe).
I don't like the spotting that happens with them. I own shell captoes and shell whole cuts, both in black. They are a pain in the ass to keep looking decent.
I'm greedy.
I'd get made fun of even more if it was the happy thread. I think she would show them to me. I get the impression that she has a crush on me.
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