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Don't you mean, Grinder?
Let me guess: Seroquel, and Abilify?
I can't hold my bag, and hold on, balance in between 4,000 people slammed into one train and concentrate on not getting my shoes stepped on to read anything in the morning.Financial Times is good for international news in print. I never read the Times. Too liberal.
L'Incandescent et al, why do I love thee?
I hate when people (usually consultants) address an email to one person and "et al". What the fuck is this shit? Just say, "HEY ALL!!!!1!" That would be much less weird and actually make me excited to read the rest of the message.
I don't see anything wrong with the creasing in those photos. Sure, there's not just one crease across the vamp, but who cares? I kind of like the way it looks. As long as it's not cracking I think it gives it good character.
Well, I use the cream polish on everything except the toe and heel. For the toe and heel I use his high shine paste, which is just beeswax and carnauba. I just think the cleaner conditioner isn't really necessary unless you want to lift off some wax build-up and recondition under layers of wax. I feel like with once in a while applications of the regular cream polish this won't really be an issue on a regular basis. I also like that the cream polishes aren't solvent...
Wow, I went out in a limb here and picked this up for $15. It's fantastic, probably going to go back tomorrow and buy it all.
I wouldn't say any of that finish is lost. I don't know why you say this.
Just looks like gunky buildup.
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