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^This wine is awesome! $15
Tell your wife to only drink white wine from here on out.
Could you post the German study that you mentioned? Also, how do these shoe care manufacturers control for oxidation of the oils?
What's with black guys and redheads dating? That's a thing, right? Do I see this all of the time or am I just a racist sexist?
I don't know that I agree with you on a few things. New leather from the factory isn't dry. Also saying that it is and then going on about how it is important to use a shoe cream with solvents in it in wrongheaded. Solvents aren't good for skin, nor are they good for leather. Slathering too much solvents on leather regardless of other ingredients isn't going to do you so much good, especially if the leather has a topcoat, which can be removed and dissolved by...
I actually think I'm better looking than that guy. Probably why I get zero right swipes.
Too hot.
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