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This reminds me of a time my girlfriend and I were at a bar and upon leaving I got a text message from my girlfriend's phone saying she was the bartender and she found the phone in the ladies room. I told her it was my girlfriend's phone and she would be back in the morning to pick it up. She asked what her name is and if I could send a picture of her so they know it is her when she came by. Both of us being drunk thought it hilarious that we sent a picture of my...
Tell her to send a picture of her mom.
I don't like how the fat is distributed on that piece of meat.
It's a loaded cost though. It cost some lower amount, but all of the telecom people's benefits and salaries and all that mumbo jumbo costs the department more.
Maybe it is an Italian thing. My father's side, the guineas get along almost normally. My mother's side is filled with lies, deceit, molestation, and possibly murder.
Strangely, speaking about my mother, I saw her this weekend and when I walked into her bedroom she had a .22 pistol sitting on her nightstand. I'm like, um, what's with this? She just shrugged and said, "just in case." Then again you need to be a good shot to hurt anybody with a .22.
My mom drove to my college campus when I was in school because I wasn't picking up my phone because I was in class. She was in my dorm banging on doors.
People Have Differing Views: The Modern Style Forum Ideology
That guy is nut job, you watch his "pedal pumping" videos? He's fucked up.
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