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I would like to disclose that I have "many" testicles. Actual amount up for interpretation.
I'm going with both. An idiot in denial. If a retailer says they have had several issues what more do you want? Phone calls from all the owners? Pull your head out of your ass.
You're either an idiot, or in denial. It has happened to many people. Apparently Saint Crispins acknowledged it.
It's hard for me to understand the suburbs. Whenever I visit my parent's who live an hour outside of New York City, I literally feel like I go back in time. The Suburbs are a culturally stagnant place, ime. They have this independent coffee shop out there, but it is always dead. Nobody in there. Dunkin Donuts on the other hand is packed. What is even weirder is it is a pretty affluent place.
I plan to get the darkest color 128GB. For the four times a year I listen to music on my phone I want options, son.
Bustling in the cafe today. It's got a real feel of community.
What's the difference between a euphemism and an idiom?
Ok, but many people have had issues.
Leather doctor hydrator and Fatliquor
I haven't had a BM in 8 days.
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