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True, I just think it is the wax that is already on the shoe being brought back to a glow.
Lexol and Bick 4 are conditioners not shining agents, which is what wax is.
I've worried about this walking to my butcher.
Saphir Reno is wax heavy so it will impart a shine and building cream and wax over it will make it shine even more because you're just layering on waxes. Lexol is water based so it will disrupt the finish just as wetting the shoe would. You have to let the water evaporate leaving behind the conditioner before you can properly make the finish nice again. This is one of the reasons I think products like Reno aren't great because you're essentially just layering on waxes....
What do you consider a "contribution"?
Oddly I actually like my hair being pulled. It relives tension. If they scuffed my shoe I'd cry like a baby though.
I don't know why I'm not arrested. I'm a black belt in karate and seriously lethal.
You want to use a conditioner to clean your hair? Like the "no poo" method?
Any finish issues are easily dealt with. You people who said unrepairable are ignorant to such matters.
How does one drink when you have to drive everywhere? I've never had this burden.
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