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While this is true for the most part, there is no denying that the quality of wood today is much different than it was then.Also, a lot of the Custom Shop stuff are "reissues". I think that is kind of bullshit and annoying. Just because something was built a certain way then doesn't make it better. Sure, some want period correct pieces, but it doesn't mean better. For example, late fifties Les Paul's have aluminum tail pieces. Players, like Page, Knossof, Slash,...
$2,000 for an instrument is cheap, man.
Ebolized is the new best word. I remember reading The Hot Zone in high school and being terrified.
We had this conversation. They should do away with the standard shitty lines and just make one great custom shop line. Back in the day the standard, only line what what Custom Shop is today.
I might have made this up, but isn't there a pic out there of Slewfoot with olive pants?
He's probably a Style Forum member.
^ Your handle reminds me of ebola.
I can feel the power of my axe and I can vaguely appreciate the insanely awesome sustain, wiring, and pickups, but I need a better amp. I'll ask my dad again for a Fargen.
It is funny. I am a hypochondriac, but I am no fear of this ebola. I mean didn't they say you basically don't get it if you don't have intimate contact with somebody who has it? Gamester doesn't show signs, so I am sure I'll be ok.
P.S. It was slathered with GlenKaren cream first!!!
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