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It limits the amount of pocket squares sold, however.
Why do you want the stuff? It is horrible.
Museums and concerts? Not really, I actually go to them often.
I've only been to one Broadway show ever and that was with Gomestar.
Travers if you want to invest in this process and you get good results I will gladly buy a finished hide from you. I'm first in line.
I ordered espresso at a Michelin Star restaurant last night. They served me Nespresso. Just sayin.
Yeah, I love it in Williamsburg very much and have lived here for a long time, but I still don't understand it as a destination spot. It's great to live here, but if I lived anywhere else I would never feel the need to come here.
Certainly could only help. After it dries make sure you condition with something penetrating like Lexol.
You can't really go wrong with lesser it seems. I have a navy from Harrison's P&B Universal that I like a lot too, much more hopsacky than anything I remember seeing in the Lesser book.
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