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I'll also add that the replacement lining is noticeably thicker than on my other shoes.
The only difference between the regular cream and cordovan cream is that the cordovan cream has more pigments, no turpentine, and they add neatsfoot oil to it. It certainly won't hurt your calf shoes in any way, but I would think adding neatsfoot oil might make it a bit tougher to raise a shine compared to their regular formula.
Now you have an excuse to buy some shell shoes.
It occurred along the outline of the shoes just above where the lining meets the insole on the inner and outer edges of the vamp area. So far it has happened to two of my pairs. Not sure why, I use trees, rotate my shoes, and I even condition the insides of my linings with Lexol. Perhaps I used too much and over softened leading to the breakage. Who knows, but my feet perspire quite a lot, so maybe that has to do with it. Perspiration is somewhat acidic and when it...
Thanks, all.
The "word on the street" is that L'Incandescent makes just over $280,000 per annum.
I'm a man of compromise!
I'm not talking Harvard professors, like normal state school tenured professors.
My dad only gave me $9k for Christmas that cheap fuck.
How much money do Professors make? Maybe I should become one.
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