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I have some stuff to say about this, but I have a feeling I am going to be pulled away from the computer, so I guess, yeah I'm commenting to subscribe to this thread.
I'd still opt for a longer coat in a lighter weight, or just wear heavier suits without an overcoat. I pretty much don't wear an overcoat here in NYC unless it is in the 20's (F). I just have heavy suits.
It's kind of fucked up and sitting here in Cambodia i'm actually getting stressed out about the possibility of the snow still being around when I come home.
Meh, sex is too much work.
I don't know what the issue is with saying somebody looks like a woman with a penis? It's just a descriptor. He didn't say, "they look like women with peni to which I would pay them less in salary for if I hadn't seen that they had peni in the first place they are probably of gay persuasion to which I would ridicule them because that is a sin against the Lord." I could see calling somebody a piece of shit for that, but simply saying somebody looks like a woman with a...
Ok, so I am currently in Cambodia in Phnom Penh and there is this coffee place that is very good. I was here last year too and they remembered me when I walked in. It is called Tarrazu. The owner buys green coffee and roasts it in the front of his shop. It is pretty much the only "high-quality" coffee place here. They offer many different types of beans for pour-over. Admittedly I wasn't hot on the idea of pourover as you may know, but this cup is pretty damn good. ...
I'm glad I am missing some of this while here in cushy Cambodia. I just ate breakfast for a dollar. (But had a $5 cup of specialty coffee).
I think this because it is like their classic adelaide, but the throat from the U cap, which has a bit more shape. Very nice, I am sure somebody will snatch these off your hands (or Saint-Crispin's) if they resell them.
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