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"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels." -Kate Moss
Like a high performing employee will get fired for taking too long at lunchtime consistently. They cut of their nose to spite their face.
I sometimes say that about my place of work, but I find people get fired often for the wrong things. Not like they get fired for things they didn't do, but rather it is ass-backwards what people get fired for vs. what allows them to remain in employment. Getting fired for poor performance is few and far between. It is disgusting.
It's because there is a strong culture there of family and friends and even people who don't have homes and are literally dirt poor work and have a sense of happiness, not anger and entitlement because there are people with more than them out there.
Yep COGS is the highest at my company.
I think labor is the highest expense in most companies. Oddly, it is not in mine.
Its "labor" here in America. If you can't spell it correctly you can get the fuck out.
Pretty shitty for a Durbin-Watson.
I said I would. I think fewer strong employees being paid better would be so much better than some of the peons we have to deal with in my office.
Yeah, traveling to Cambodia really opened up my eyes to a lot of things. "Poor" struggling Americans really need to shut the fuck up.
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