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Depends on what it pays. I have no experience working with MTM, but experience buying bespoke...
I've tried renovatuer and such, but the fact remains that for whatever reason particles get trapped between the shell and the wax and stay there. It is odd as this doesn't happen with calf. I suspect that the calf is more porous and absorbs the water whereas the shell it just sits on top.
Add more water to the water spots? I don't think so.
Sell them on here, the OCD, bottom feeders I am sure will ask you 5,000 questions and attempt to jew you down to $100 for your multi-thousand dollar bespoke suit.
Here's just a current example of why shell sucks. I got these spots just selecting moist produce from the grocery store. A couple of droplets is all it takes. These cannot be brushed, or buffed away. How to get rid of them? Renomat, elbow grease and building back up the finish. Such a royal pain in the ass. Shell sucks.
A grey one and a greyer one.
I had fittings of two Lesser 16 suits yesterday. I think I might be getting it now.
It's kind of weird, but when I first found out you were black I didn't get it. I mean I've seen your skin tone and luscious lips through the years, but I just assumed you to be maybe Italian/Dominican or something. I've learned to just assume everybody on Style Forum is Asian until proven otherwise.
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