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I have seen women's brogues with higher heels with all else other than size being equal as well.
On second thought, it is too far of a walk for a lunchtime stroll. I don't eat lunch though, so no cookies for me during the day! Also, I never use milk, I am sweet and creamy enough!
He's a royal pain in the ass. Nice guy, just a pain.
I have tried to convince myself that I don't need much sleep and I can merely "take it easy" to get all of the rest that I need, but alas apparently binge watching Netflix is too strenuous on the body.
I'm secretly hoping my pixie breaks so I have an excuse to get the new machine.
It's a lateral move really. Kind of an In-Name-Only promotion. Something stupid like $1,200 more a year, but I like the work and I am ready for change. I am impressed that I did so well in the interview process. Apparently I killed it.
You think that. I personally like paying people to do things for me so I don't have to.
I have a tattoo on my dick, of Gome's dick.
I think I will check out Box Kite at lunchtime today. If it's no good, I might have to give Despos a knuckle samich.
I fucked him up big time.My director called me as I was walking home and offered me the job, fuck yeah.Apparently this works.
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