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Yeah, maybe.
What did you ask me for advice about?
I'm not valued. At the very least a "Reformed Hipster" title.
That's me.
Like that, but worse.A few more guesses and you're probably there.
No, but he does have a hugely douchey name with a hyphenated last name.
I don't know he's established himself as a lazy prick on day three. That's kind of crazy.
This new hire in a group related to mine just started this week. I hate him already. He's right out of school. First day on the job he's wearing sneakers, khakis, and a red button down. I don't really care what people wear in the office, but it was his first day. Him not showing up at least a little bit dressed up strikes me as odd. We had a staff meeting about some stuff and he was introduced to the whole department. The Director asked him to say a few things about...
Depends on what's going on, but I will keep the date on my radar.
Weather sucks. Very humid.
New Posts  All Forums: