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A coworker was out of work for 4 days because he couldn't stop hiccuping. Had to go to the hospital. I find this hilarious.
My lips are very chapped and hurt (from kissing Gomestar on the lips, hehehehe), however balm of lip interferes with my enjoyment of coffee. What to do?
Sounds hot. Should boan.
I'll just also add that the finish the tannery applies to leather also has a dramatic affect on how it responds to certain conditioners depending on how heavy it is, and the molecules of the conditioner.
I'll also add, while not nearly as scientific as some of the discussions here, but I have noticed that "rancid" or oxidized, or however you want to call it, that oils will get somewhat cloudy over time and almost obtain a yellowish patina to them, which could be desirable, or undesirable.
Being awarded a gold medal by who? Who are these people awarding gold medals! :SeinfeldVoice:
You do know we are talking about shoes, right?
The thing is the "testing" phase is very long. I think a lot of people come onto this forum as relative newbies to shoe care and their "testing" is based on using a pushed product for a year, or so. I would put money on it that most people on this forum who have "tested" a lot of highly regarded shoe care products haven't even been using it for 5 years. Unless you have a decade or more of testing holding certain factors constant testing isn't really worth much. The...
The beginning of Season 8 of House has got me in a state of sadness.
Too much emphasis on "my feelings towards the facts" and not enough on "facts themselves".
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