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I used to like them more. Their blends are very good and their espresso is very good, imo. A bit more Italian style than most Third Wavers. Their single origin stuff has swayed towards the lighter roasted, more acidic, all-the-rage these days style, which is disappointing to me.
I actually like it better without comments because I have to respond to them in the actual forum at times. Also, I infrequently want to write anything, so it is just another click I have to make.
They say it is to keep an eye on long term value, but it is kind of bullshit. They say that, but, well, my industry is fairly steady and can be rather countercyclical. There's not much room for the shares to move all that drastically. That said, I will lose them if I leave.
Neither. I do have a 401K though.
I haven't had their espresso in several years, but I had a small Colombian coffee from the Union Square shop today and it was awful.
I do have "deferred pay" which is rather considerable though.
It's a baby carrot. I've had more thing in my butt than shares I have dangling in front of me.
It can be prevented by adding a lining.
Sweating directly into the uppers doesn't sit well with me.
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