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Exactly. They sound good because they are good themselves.
The main difference between the two is that the cordovan cream doesn't contain turpuntine and has neatsfoot oil rather than mink oil.
Matt, I think that is only internet groupthink fueled by flawed logic honestly. Late fifties Les Paul's were lighter. Every recorded player with a late fifties les paul sounds awesome. Lighter Les Paul's must have better tone. Essentially late fifties les Paul's sound better because all of the examples of hearing them were played by great guitarists primarily because they were cheap back in the day and less sought after than Fenders. It is more of a mystique than...
Ok, I see that logic, but here in America every traffic flow is on the right side. Everybody instinctively heads to the right side so it goes against that logic that attempts to remedy the flow pattern.
It was just today I was getting more irritated by people's speed walking. It is like 95% of the city walks like they're fucking palsied.
Why is it that at every Duane Reade the "IN" door is on the left and the "OUT" on the right? Always bothered me.
He was saying paying for an entire container is insanely expensive so he has been tacking on the orders of others in the industry. I would think with all of the players it must be slim pickens, but I guess not.
Great info, thanks a bunch.
I am really digging this instrument. http://www.fender.com/news/fifteen-great-bass-vi-tracks/
So I ran into a buddy of mine this weekend who owns a local coffee shop. He recently bought a space for roasting and he inquired with me about roast profiles and such after seeing my ranting on Facebook. He pretty much agreed with me that many of these third wavers in NYC are doing the same thing and he wants to incorporate more variety into what he offers. I'm excited, I hope he can score some decent green coffee though, because the big players with the big money seem...
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