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It looks like a non issue at this point
I was comparing to people that live, like, not in New York. Like I said "at least". I probably do about 3 on average a day.
Right that was the only reason...
Pay good money for them, might as well use them! I'll slowly accumulate more.
About seven pairs in rotation. Down a bit from what it used to be. But yeah, I walk a lot. At least a mile a day on pavement.It has varied for me. Once I got them back in 5 weeks, Che @Leffot just sent me an email minutes ago saying another pair is in and this took probably 8 or 9 weeks. I guess it depends on the time of year too. I would imagine summer vacation has an effect. Now, I have to drop off another pair that is getting a hole when I pick these up...
So far mine have been lasting a year before resole. One goes out and another comes in.
That's St. Crispins to do it, not Nick.
I don't know, maybe. Give it a shot.
Alden seems to spot less because they put a shellac over their shell shoes.
I love it.
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