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float took extra care when packing a pair of sunglases to be shipped across the ocean, and it showed. Got here in reasonable time in perfect condition. Thanks!
Just recieved a tanner belt from slipgoat. Fast shipping, good business, no complaints.
Quote: Originally Posted by mamypoko Hi there, are these frames still for sale? This thread was made half a year ago and float has since made a new thread selling the same items: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=151691 Try your luck there, the sunglasses are gone (to me) and it seems like somebody got the Dark Mahogany NDG-1s as well.
what (european) shoe size do you wear normally? what size would you estimate these to be?
I would only like to recomend Clint as an excellent seller. I bought a pair of shoes off him before christmas and he was one of the most willing and communicative sellers Ive ever dealt with. Somebody please buy his shoes so he can put more on offer, these arent what I am looking for but I know he has more lurking around the house that I want to get my hands on.
beansprouts1 has sold me a BOSS overcoat. He was kind enough to hold the item for me for a long time for me (1.5 weeks), and very communicative even after shipping. I can only recommend him.
Picked up a pair of shoes sold to me by clintonf. Communicaton was amazing, took pictures even when I expressly asked him not to. Overall the best seller I've ever dealt with.
Somebody do one of these for size small and Ill grab the lot.
Just got the fastest ever trans-atlantic delivery ever from wq1999. Props to that
+1 on this. Please school me.
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