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The Topas Mini Trolley is 13.2 inches wide...
http://meermin.es/articulo.php?idArt=1930Ama, but I believe they no longer offer that style in that particular last.
My Bluchers finally arrived, customer service aside, I'm happy with the quality/price point.
Andrew, I placed an order from the classic collection in June and this is my experience to date:Following on from the email I sent them yesterday, up popped an email today with a tracking number. I should receive them via Fedex next Tuesday, finally. Alas, no email of apology or any explanation, but at least I'll get my shoes.
I'm starting to think they do...On average how long are people waiting for their orders to be dispatched after settling the invoice?I placed an order with them on 23/6/14, the full 30 days had elapsed. I decided to give them a few more days before getting in touch, eventually I received an invoice on the 28/7/14 to pay the full amount. I settled it that same day. In the email they say they aim to ship within 5-7 days once the invoice has been paid. One week passed,...
Yeah the presentation at El Celler bugged me a little, but not enough to put me off the food... then again some say you eat with your eyes. Had rest of the week for tapas favourite spot was Bar Pinotxo at La Boqueria market: Chickpeas, squid salad and stewed beef cheeks were sublime. I would probably go as far as saying it was the best meal we had in Spain.
Trip to El Celler De Can Roca We were given a kitchen/cellar tour: The cellar was a lot bigger and had many more shelves than the photo above suggests. I mean these were the wine lists (books): Now to the food... The World: Mexico: "Burrito" with mole pablano and guacamole, Peru: ceviche broth, China: pickled vegetables with plum cream, Morocco: almond, rose, honey, saffron, ras el hanout, goat yogurt, Korea: panco fried bread, bacon with soya sauce, snow peas,...
I would say so having tried a few of their leg wear recently - I'm a 31" and a size small fits me comfortably. Alternatively, drop them an email, I find their customer service to be very helpful!
I'm liking their new denim shirts with button down collar... http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/goods/086606
COS 30-50% sale has started. As usual if any one needs a free proxy, drop me a PM!
New Posts  All Forums: