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I would say so having tried a few of their leg wear recently - I'm a 31" and a size small fits me comfortably. Alternatively, drop them an email, I find their customer service to be very helpful!
I'm liking their new denim shirts with button down collar... http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/goods/086606
COS 30-50% sale has started. As usual if any one needs a free proxy, drop me a PM!
I offer a free one!
I wear the v-neck s/s and l/s under button down shirts, keeps me warm enough in -5 to zero degrees C weather in the UK when bundled with a down jacket. The annoying thing is I tend to build up static while at work due to the synthetic material of the tee and the carpeted floor we have. Therefore, I always get a static shock when touching the metal handles of my desk drawer yes I know world's smallest violin I also sometimes wear it as a base layer for running during...
I offer a free proxy service for the UK online store. I've helped out many Canadians...
Mid season sale has just started http://www.cosstores.com/ If anyone needs a free proxy give mea shout.
9 course tasting menu (17 dishes in total) at Viajante. Had a similar vibe to Noma, even down to the dinnerware. Has a nice relaxed atmosphere to the place, part of the dining area faces towards the open kitchen so you can see all the preparation, cooking and plating - an added bonus in my books. Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato Amaranth with sorrel Yeast and potatoes Cuttlefish, cucumber and squid ink Gordal olive soup Bread and butter Scallop with parsnips and...
Yup I run a free proxy service, drop me a PM
The multi-panel and camo flannels have just been released on the UK site: http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/list/basic/men/tops/reflannelshirts The multi-panels are a little I do quite like the paisley, even if it's a bit bloods vs crips...
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