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Yeah the presentation at El Celler bugged me a little, but not enough to put me off the food... then again some say you eat with your eyes. Had rest of the week for tapas favourite spot was Bar Pinotxo at La Boqueria market: Chickpeas, squid salad and stewed beef cheeks were sublime. I would probably go as far as saying it was the best meal we had in Spain.
Trip to El Celler De Can Roca We were given a kitchen/cellar tour: The cellar was a lot bigger and had many more shelves than the photo above suggests. I mean these were the wine lists (books): Now to the food... The World: Mexico: "Burrito" with mole pablano and guacamole, Peru: ceviche broth, China: pickled vegetables with plum cream, Morocco: almond, rose, honey, saffron, ras el hanout, goat yogurt, Korea: panco fried bread, bacon with soya sauce, snow peas,...
I would say so having tried a few of their leg wear recently - I'm a 31" and a size small fits me comfortably. Alternatively, drop them an email, I find their customer service to be very helpful!
I'm liking their new denim shirts with button down collar... http://www.uniqlo.com/uk/store/goods/086606
COS 30-50% sale has started. As usual if any one needs a free proxy, drop me a PM!
I offer a free one!
I wear the v-neck s/s and l/s under button down shirts, keeps me warm enough in -5 to zero degrees C weather in the UK when bundled with a down jacket. The annoying thing is I tend to build up static while at work due to the synthetic material of the tee and the carpeted floor we have. Therefore, I always get a static shock when touching the metal handles of my desk drawer yes I know world's smallest violin I also sometimes wear it as a base layer for running during...
I offer a free proxy service for the UK online store. I've helped out many Canadians...
Mid season sale has just started http://www.cosstores.com/ If anyone needs a free proxy give mea shout.
9 course tasting menu (17 dishes in total) at Viajante. Had a similar vibe to Noma, even down to the dinnerware. Has a nice relaxed atmosphere to the place, part of the dining area faces towards the open kitchen so you can see all the preparation, cooking and plating - an added bonus in my books. Amêijoas à Bulhão Pato Amaranth with sorrel Yeast and potatoes Cuttlefish, cucumber and squid ink Gordal olive soup Bread and butter Scallop with parsnips and...
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