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wore epaulet shirting every day this week. NEED MOAR.
I think you are in luck Stanley. Went into the store last week intending to pick up a spare Gant oxford, but they did in fact have some blue OCBD's in the Japanese Oxford fabric (not the dressier pinpoint). Beefy stuff. Don't think they've made it to the website yet, but they are in store.
Status on the doublefaced shirts? Rocking my Navy/Red tartan today. Easily my favorite shirt, ever.
Anywhere in NYC carry the great sweat? Didn't see it at Barney's or Odin.
How do Brooks Brothers and J. Crew cashmere sweaters compare? I'd imagine the Brooks Bros sweaters maintain higher quality material and construction, but how is the fit? Alternatively, who makes a well cut cashmere sweater at the ~$250 pricepoint.
Quote: Originally Posted by fiasco what are these? The Alden Greenwich Boot, available at Leffot.
The girl that cuts my hair has full color work above her chest. It's very hot and I have to try hard not to stare.
Indys, yeah. Jeans are just gap rigid skinnys. Used a 30% off discount that's out right now.
Too slim for the boots?
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