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When's part two?
I need help. How does the 1035 last compare to the 2030 last? Same size? Or is the 1035 smaller than the 2030?
So what does everybody think of the new boots on I'm trying to like the new last (1035) but I think I prefer the sleeker 2030. Thoughts?
And the 1035 last as well?
So Guy. I need a refresher on the lasts. If I'm a 9 on the 110 and a 9.5 on the 2030, what am I on the 2040 and the 1030? The 2030 is the best fitting boot I've ever worn from any company. It's better than my 9.5e Barrie last boots from Alden which had long been my favorite fit.
There's a shortage of shell that color and these get made? They do make a statement.
So is the Thor boot dead?
So they still have the navy cordovan boot for sale. I thought it would sell out within minutes.I have to pass due to price. Wondering why others passed? It is an amazing boot and with only 15 pairs being made a pretty rare opportunity.
Bought the tumbled cowhide boots from leffot and haven't taken them off my feet. Great boots. But really love the heavily waxed laces. Where can I get more of these? I want them for all of my boots.
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