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Quote: Originally Posted by Sic Semper I wonder if there is a genetic basis for not liking it. It's a staple in Asian and Latin kitchens. Maybe the inverse of lactose intolerance for Euros? There is, actually, relating to the ability to taste PTC. The taste of PTC can be bitter, soapy, or tasteless depending on how sensitive one is to it.
Sounds like the cold that's been creeping around the dorms here. The cold itself knocks you asunder for a day or two, but the cough is epic. For the cough part, avoid meds with a cough suppressant as that prolongs it. You wanna drink loads of water, steam your lungs and sinuses out (hot shower, sauna, etc), and eat the spiciest food you can stand. You'll cough like a six pack a day smoker with tuberculosis, but it'll clear the phlegm out fast and you'll feel way better.
By not majoring in something math heavy. Or higher math heavy, in my case.
Flying cars.
Approximately 20, when the last long bone growth plates fuses. The femur is fused fully at 20 in most cases, the tibia is fully fused around 18, the humerus fuses around 20, and the radius fuses around 20 as well. However, the range extends from 16-23 depending on the specific growth plate. Usually the last plates to fuse are in the arms around 18, so that really has no bearing on height.
I too would be leery about using a bathroom rubbed in fowl. Good way to get bird flu.
I usually carry a 4" Cold Steel Ti-Lite. Not too big to be cumbersome, but large enough that I don't jab myself while using it. Every time I pull it out to cut something, I tend to get funny looks. People are just too flighty these days, with the "zomg thats sharp! you could kill someone!!!!!" mentality. But while they're damaging themselves trying to do things like pop the plastic webbing off paper boxes or fighting with blister pack, I just pop out the ole cutter...
Caffeine alone increases peristalsis, so speeds up whatever business is already brewing. Coffee has the double whammy of caffeine and a mild irritant, so things get a going toot-sweet. Fiber makes you regular, coffee makes you prompt.
If its a small sidewalk where only one person can walk in one direction, I usually yield or step off the path regardless of who the other party is. I walk fast enough that any minimal delay is easily made up, and it's not worth the annoyance to try to bull through. But with people walking two or more abreast on a sidewalk not built for it, they get no quarter. I attempt to take up the minimum of space, and keep walking at my same pace. Proper etiquette would be for...
In regards to DVD drives, you can always just get an ultraslim portable USB DVD drive. Some are even lightscribe burners if you find yourself randomly needing to press a production CD mid-flight.
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