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Quote: Originally Posted by sartorialism Were you trying? (Seems more like a post than a sincere attempt at fishing.) note the lack of reel and inappropriate fishing attire
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^ fucking gorgeous. Hope you didnt take that fishing. don't be ridiculous. The watch is only used for timing important events such as boiling of two eggs
used one of these is what you want
My IWC 3712. Please note extra hand and pusher on my watch
didn't catch anything
Quote: Originally Posted by Holdfast By the way, I browsed SF from another computer while away, and noticed my photos (and those of a few other people) appeared significantly darker on that computer while other people's photos seemed stayed more or less the same. Which was weird. So I wanted to ask if the photos today appear of normal - and satisfactory - brightness or whether I should jack up the gamma and/or brightness more next time? And to ask...
Mark, I was 100% sure what I wanted, until I saw the dark burgundy. Uh crap
I apologize for the misleading title. If you had to buy your friend his first 3 pairs of "nice" shoes, which would you buy? Your allowance is $1000 for the three pairs and since your friend's Aldos and the Kenneth Coles will be given to North Koreans (or burned, your choice) they would need to cover all bases. Just in case a certain friend is monitoring this thread, I am not posting this thread only because I just got a nice xmas gift from him and I got him...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 A Kia that you Photoshopped into an M3? j/k congrats no, just the M3 badge
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