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Well, though I don't like Taylor Swift, but what he did was unacceptable.
he looks like a good guy
... but still it would be nice if there is a women's section in this forum
Not really... In my country, where family and society is more important than self satisfaction, the monogamous living is already been a mindset, so most people are not cheating. Committed to one person at least physically is something common here
Quote: Originally Posted by chenc +1 (see? it's not that hard) +1 seems easy to do..
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon After a quick search, apparently Leo is called Kinba in English. To cut a long story short, basically Disney ripped off a very popular Japanese anime/manga from the 60s. To Japanese who grew up watching Leo (like me) the Lion King is just a sad remake. Wow. That made me want to watch Leo. I mean, I really never heard about that
Mozart... mozart.. hmph I prefer Bach.
Get enough sleep today
Quote: Originally Posted by unjung I feel very conflicted. Part of me would fuck her even if she did have a dick... she just looks so trampish. Are you sure about that? She is ugly...
Well, that IS a college, not an office. I bet they would change once they get a job
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