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Cichetti's for dinner. It's pretty good.
I find Kamakura's OTR business shirts to find nigh on perfect for my frame. They also seem to wear really well too; I probably don't take as good a care with them as I should, but they seem to stand the test of time regardless of my fairly average shirt-maintenance skills.
In a city that lauds scuffed-toe'd Aquila's as business appropriate footwear attire, I think worrying about the merits of a polished Alden brogue is a conversation we need not worry about.
OOOOooooOOOOOhhh awesome.
Drat! Foiled!
Thanks, thanks and thanks.Spotlight... Not sure why I didn't think of that.
Alright, I extrapolated the 'buttonholes' discussion for my own petty interests.Sew me.
Speaking of buttons... I picked up a navy DB SuitSupply jacket on ebay on the weekend for $99 (cha-ching) but from the look of the pics it's got some rather gaudy cheap white looking buttons. Any advice as to where I could get me some better buttons? Online, in-store, whatevs.
Guys, Looking to buy a nice piece of jewellery for my missus as a push present (a truly awful term but anyway), and would prefer to avoid the Tiffany, etc queue. Any Melbourne recommendations? Happy to spend up to $1,500... Cheers.
They do get the commission from website/warehouse orders, yes.
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