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Thanks for that. I'm in Chicago every 3-6 months, so will check that out next time.
The seat in the pants is making my teeth itch.
PJohnson's latest. Becoming an unfortunate parody of themselves really.
An investment property? You mind me asking where you're buying?I'm doing the same myself for property #2 at the moment and mulling over locations.
Dude, that thing looks like a sports bra.
I'm a massive SS fan, but for the (similar) price range - Kamakura shirts are so superior it's ridiculous. I'm yet to find a better OTR shirt range anywhere than Kamakura tbh.
Thanks for this. Just picked up the Lowndes doublemonks in the Collins Place store.
Those soles are far from "practically new" I'm afraid.
I see PJT won GQ's Designer award at the 'Man of the Year Awards' last night. I note with interest that previous winners across various categories for the GQ Man of the Year have included luminaries such as Nick Kyrgios and Fitzy & Wippa.
PJTgate... Why (and I have this own problem myself with the 3 or 4 PJT/SS suits I own) is there such bad pulling below the knee on the trouser leg? I often assumed it was a personal issue cos I've got large calves (cycling legs) and thus their fitted leg width just stood out on me, but going by that melange of images, they all bloody have it. It just looks poorly fitted to me. and for a group who's (and I'm paraphrasing) emphasis is continually on 'comfortably fitting...
New Posts  All Forums: