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I've given up on PJT & SS getting their trouser fit right. Their standard cut below the knee seems to be a vicious incision that doesn't permit anyone with a calf meatier than those of Taylor Swift to squeeze effectively into them without it looking like a crumpled mess. I've got 3 pairs of pants from them that all either required a return to let out some extra space, or just look too damn tight on me. Couple this with the fact their standard jacket cut is slightly roomier...
Eau I see what you did there.
+1 on the Kamakura suggestion, pretty purlease.
Yep, that's them - thanks.
Anyone got experience with Hermen menswear? I've been looking into them as an alternative to SuitShop, OH, etc. Specifically if anyone's had a suit made with them and wants to comment on the experience and product. Cheers.
Hmmm... Are you him??Either way, cheers.
Folks - can anyone recommend a straight talking independent financial advisor in Melbourne? Much appreciated.
Thanks for that. I'm in Chicago every 3-6 months, so will check that out next time.
The seat in the pants is making my teeth itch.
PJohnson's latest. Becoming an unfortunate parody of themselves really.
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