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Was thinking more of a bintang singlet.
Spent the last 2 days in Townsville, and now seems like I'l be spending a lot more time here for business trips. Feel like I need a 'Townsville wardrobe'.
Yep, my outlet purchases have arrived according to UPS. Picking them up from the Chicago store this weekend. Hooray!
3 people dead, several critically injured after some fucklord runs rampage through the centre of Melbourne in the last 2 hours.
The US SuitSupply Outlet site has it's annual sale going on in case anyone's interested, and has a US proxy. Some good deals there.
So if you're not wearing pants or a shirt, what are you wearing?
Can someone remind us folks not in the US what the trick is to access the site again? Cheers.
Yep, picked up a pair of dark brown Clark's desert boots in a sale on The Iconic for $120 last week.
Yeah just had a look at the images on the SS site and it looks first floor-ish.
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