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So if you're not wearing pants or a shirt, what are you wearing?
Can someone remind us folks not in the US what the trick is to access the site again? Cheers.
Yep, picked up a pair of dark brown Clark's desert boots in a sale on The Iconic for $120 last week.
Yeah just had a look at the images on the SS site and it looks first floor-ish.
Heh, I was there yesterday actually. Is that where the Cos store is currently??
Yeah I've banged this drum on here previously.It's not just me - have a look at any of their imagery on their site, social media, etc. Every single image has that same tightness just below the knee, with ensuing crumpling.I love most of my PJ/SS stuff - but I do not get that.
I must be the only person in the world that finds selvedge jeans uncomfortable and ugly.
You could try Buffed.I've been to the guy in the E&Y building a few times. Decent shoe shine, and going to a good cause too.
I know this question's been asked before, but what truly is the best way to remove stains from ties please? Much thanks.
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