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Sure, but I don't think you can or should seperate them - especially for something at that price.Part of the experience of bespoke or tailored is the service, and the fact that rightly (nor wrongly) you expect to get treated well for something you're about to impart 4 figures of coin for.It's like paying for a business class flight and claiming that the seat was great but the service was crap. The two go hand in hand.And quite frankly, unless I'm missing something - good...
$1300 for a pair of tight pants, that the dude delivers 1 year after he said he would, whilst simultaneously ignoring all your emails. And then you give him a snazzy write up. The fuck?
Gilt has an extra 40% off swimwear right now with the code SWIM40.
Took a trip to the MJ Bale Warehouse Sale in Galleria on Little Collins yesterday evening. It's on all this week. Suits for $300-400, all sizes but a limited range. I only looked at the 40R section and it was a mismatch of green, brown linen, and ugly pinstripe. Sweaters, cardigans $50 Ties $40 - woeful selection. Shirts $40 - that's the money shot right there, and what most people seemed to be after. Casual pants $60 Formal pants - couldn't tell the prices, or the sizes,...
Can't remember sorry, give them a call.
I'm basing mine on the experience I had directly an hour and a half ago, and it's an entirely accurate description at that.Not sure what others have said over time, but I'm pretty comfortable with my ability to distinguish between good and bad service.
Went to American Tailors at lunchtime to check out handgrade-gate for myself. Much to my chagrin, they had no UK10's left in the dark brown oxford, so I left without breaking the wallet open. From memory, they had some black chukkas for $300 left, along with a host of light and dark brown Oxfords in 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 11, and 12 all at $399. Plus a couple of pairs of black doublemonks in what looked to be smaller sizes too. So anyway, fill your boots. Quite...
Where'd you get the chukkas at that price??Edit: Just noticed them on the BB site.
Heh, props for "D'marge type readers".
I didn't think anyone had actually done that...?
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