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Ignorant question... I'm a 40L, but on the outlet I get European sizes; 94, 98, 106, etc etc. What does a 40L translate to? Cheers
Awesome, thanks I'll check it out. I've got wheels so can look it up.
I'm in LA for a few days starting tomorrow. Any sartorial recco's folks? Unionmade and Uni's are on the list already. Mucho cheers.
Major love from me.It's just terrific for the price you pay. I raped it over Xmas for socks, plain white T's, chino's, some oxford's, even the jeans fit my chunky thighs like a dream.You can't beat it for wardrobe staples.
Largely agree.Although, thankfully, there's growing discussion around funding being linked to student retention which if implemented would irrevocably change the landscape, and mean a major shift in favour of greater student experience and services.The vocational world could badly do with such a shake-up.
Ballarat Uni is now Federation University Australia, not SCU.
Do you work at a Uni JM? I run a higher ed services company (focused predominantly on online). Couldn't agree with you more on the focus of a Uni (research>students) but I think fee deregulation is entirely inevitable in some form, regardless of last months' senate rejection.
Your feet look huge dude.
RIP Phil Hughes. What a sad day.
My MTO Meermin Balmorals arrived yesterday.Love 'em. I'll post some of them there pictures laters.
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