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Uniqlo cotton/cashmere v-neck sweater for $9.90, down from $49.90, online - http://www.uniqlo.com/au/store/men-cotton-cashmere-v-neck-sweater-0866300059.html Only in large by the looks of it.
DJ's on Bourke St??
Bit of Friday amusement: - If you could eradicate one clothing/footwear brand from existence what would it be and why? I can't think of anything I'd rather eviscerate form the face of this earth than Aquila. Those toe-pointy, cardboard-soled, long-laced, scuffed, eye-raping monstrosities make me weep. Every single day walking through this city you see blokes with some semblance of a suit (that sometimes even fits them) on, and then topped off with a pair of hideous...
Sorry, by truefact I meant it's how I run my shit. Not necessarily something I agree with as a fashion statement or anything, just that any trousers with side adjusters I have tend to be on my suits as their MTM versus my standard OTR work pants.
I own and am wearing it right this very second. It is indeed tremendous value.
Yep, I've got about 3 or 4. Durable, wash well, hold their shape, and are pretty good value for money. I'd rate them above the TM Lewin's. CT's of the world, and below Kamakura.
Tell him Ryan sent you, he might give you a bit of a knockdown in price too.
Jumping in on this... My 3 epxeriences with them so far have been excellent. Quality, durable, well constructed, and as good as any Loake's (or similar) I have. They're not carmina's, but you shouldn't expect that given the price range.The only things I'd warn you on are the sizing - make damn sure you get the right fit, and the shipping/delays. They're unbelievably slow at getting stuff out, and you pretty much have to harass them through their customer service to get any...
Yup, Sam's your man.He's got 4 seperate items from me at the moment - from minor pant shortening to more complex jacket work. I've lost count of the amount of items I've left off with them, and never once has he not done a great job.
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