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Dem lapels are completely ridic.
^^^Nb. I'm Irish, so I'm most allowed to say all of that.
Bono is one of the greatest wanksocks of our time. Swanning around Ethiopia in his leather pants. Extolling his Irishness, then moving every single Euro he has out of it to avoid paying one shrapnel of tax to the country he lives in. And single-handedly managing to make me loathe Amnesty International. That he's now shacked up with Apple couldn't be more emblematic of two powerhouse oligarch bellend entities getting a million miles ahead of themselves. He's a 24 carat cock.
Yep, I hit the same thing with several clueless mates.I've had success in convincing them to buy from an online store that has a free or relatively cheap and easy returns policy. Kinda takes the risk element out for them if they know there's a big old paid-for-returns box to shove the clothes/shoes straight back into. SuitSupply, Mr Porter, Herring - all troublefree in that regard.
Looks interesting. Thanks for posting, wonder how tight/roomy the tapered fit are.
Where do you buy your Carmina's for just a little bit more than Meermin Romp?Those green Meermin's above are 136 Euro which is under $200AUD.
The non-quantitative response is that SS measures fairly tight throughout the trouser; calf, waist, thigh. I'm a 32 or 33 in most OTR pants, but have to go 34 for SS because of they're inordinately tight fits. Might just be me though.
Where are Aus SF'ers getting their socks these days?? Online or in-store doesn't matter. Ta.
I got them a couple of months back and they're great value for money. As was said above, size up one; they do go slim - especially around the calves.
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