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I lived in New York twice for a year or so each time. If you're gonna be there in Jan, Feb, March then just pack whatever warmth and layers you've got. It's arctic and you won't give a sh1t what you're wearing. If you've got the cashola though, then just buy some decent winter coats and gear over there, it'll undoubtedly be better suited for the temperatures than anything you've got here.Rule #1 though; buy decent boots. Something big, sturdy and amenabe to the turgid...
Awesome, cheers.
Heh.He looks like he's got dem tiny feet tho.
Cheers foxy, but why am I seeing them on there for $512? Where'd you get $435 from?Thinking I might be in the States in the next month or two, so could save me some postage there.
Anyone know where to find the best value Alden Indy's online??
One must absolutely wear black & white to Derby Day. It's tradition. That's the debate going on in the office around me right now. Agree or disagree SF'ers?
Melbourne weather can get fcuked.
Agreed.And let's be honest, (inclusive of Big4) the aceppted corporate attire in Melbourne/Sydney is some scuffed pointed Aquila's, with an ill-fitting $600 Peter Jackson suit anyway.I'm all for anything that 'fashionably extreme' that bucks that trend.
Indeed. It's Australia too - there's hardly 'rules' here is there? If you work on Wall St, or in the City in London there'l be expectations of pinstripes. Melbourne (Big 4 Companies or not) has and should continue to have zero rules.
Looked nice until I got to the "$50 flat rate shipping" bit.That's a pisstake that too many are trying to get away with these days. How does it cost anyone anywhere in the world $50 to ship a friggin pocket square?
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