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Strange-ish question: I'm planning on visiting the Chicago store today, and have a few things in mind I want to buy. Thing is, I'm here from Australia for a week, and have no intention of paying USD prices for these items cos the Aussie dollar is tanking against the USD at the moment. So, do you think they'd mind in there if I said I want to view and try on stuff, but then order it online via their Australian site?? I could do the order's there and then, but just don't...
Can't be certain, but it looks like a 3 piece suit to me.
Ha, you almost steroetyped again there. Careful now, you wouldn't want to come across like a recidivist, pompous bellend.To be sure.
Good for you.You're talking complete shite.
The MJ Bale store in DFO South Wharf has come incredibly cheap stuff. I picked up a perfectly-fitting navy blazer yesterday for $99 down from $399. Too long a list to go into, but if you need some staple suits and office wear, get on it like a car bonnet.
Fcuk me that's good news.I was planning on hitting up their store in Chicago next month, but with the dollar as it is, I'll just visit, try everything on and then order online!
Ha, dude's come in here to get some props on his suit and has come out of it with recco's for a chiro. Le bad one.
^^^ Dude above appears to have a stomach and no back. Quite remarkable.
Good man! Just what I need.I'm going to the Chicago and LA next month for a few days, and think that might be where I fully break the white-pant-virginity. Get my confidence up and come back in time to destroy the Melbourne spring in them.
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