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You could try Buffed.I've been to the guy in the E&Y building a few times. Decent shoe shine, and going to a good cause too.
I know this question's been asked before, but what truly is the best way to remove stains from ties please? Much thanks.
Rekaris is your go.
While we're on unrelated subjects; I'm looking to buy a new TV. I've got about as much knowledge on this subject as 'Melbourne Man' above has on inconspicuous dress, so feel free to educate me on yer OLEDs/UHD/4K/SMART/etc... I've got about $2500 and want something 55-60 inch. Educate me if you're that way inclined.
What do you charge for proxy to Australia? Cheers.
PM'd you Oli.
I've not found better OTR shirts than Kamakura for price and quality. They're exceptionally well priced, and wear better than any other OTR shirts I own.
Great, thanks mate.I've got some renov at home, so will give it a splash tonight.The pain is real.
On one heel really - at the top edge, slightly to the left. They still seem extremely hard around the heels, as if the leather hasn't softened or broken in properly. What conditioner do you use? Has it helped?
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