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Largely agree.Although, thankfully, there's growing discussion around funding being linked to student retention which if implemented would irrevocably change the landscape, and mean a major shift in favour of greater student experience and services.The vocational world could badly do with such a shake-up.
Ballarat Uni is now Federation University Australia, not SCU.
Do you work at a Uni JM? I run a higher ed services company (focused predominantly on online). Couldn't agree with you more on the focus of a Uni (research>students) but I think fee deregulation is entirely inevitable in some form, regardless of last months' senate rejection.
Your feet look huge dude.
RIP Phil Hughes. What a sad day.
My MTO Meermin Balmorals arrived yesterday.Love 'em. I'll post some of them there pictures laters.
Anybody been to check out the Henry Bucks 'corporate' sale?
My new SuitShop number getting it's first airing yesterday. Really pleased with it. Kamakura, Drakes, & MJ Bale to finish it off.
Gerry - that green ensemble win's the internet this weekend. As a matter of (bizarre) intrigue, where's the pocket square from??
Skinny ties ftw.
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