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i have the sweater, its great, just be gentle with it, its really fragile,
all i want is a new version of my green body black leather sleeve TOJ0
wait wut, im lurker skywalker, and im this nice french man you speak of.please my varsity like a blood diamond?
^ tried on the blue version of that balenciaga jacket, so good.
my username is a reference to a mistranslation in a videogame.
"I guess im a corky person" she meant quirky. its on her wall, im restraining myself from replying cause shes a good friend.
i like dbss when they have a slimmer profile, would like to see those in person.
first knit, last jacket are beauties
about the dc reboot... it all depends, im sure there will be some good series coming out, but its unnecessary i think. And in marvel and DC things always end up being the same.About schism, im not really caught up, i kinda stopped reading xmen events because it seems they keep breaking up and rearranging themselves in different ways.Also, the love for the immortal iron fist is deserved. The artist was Gabriel Ba, he drew my favorite action scenes, but there were multiple...
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