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I ate at Momofuku Ma Peche in NYC a couple of years ago and it was one of the more memorable meals I've had. It was probably also because I had great company and we spontaneously decided to go there (and I also knew nothing about the David Chang hype), but it was great, interesting, and well made food in an atmosphere that was casual and unpretentious. I do kind of find it annoying that Toronto keeps trying to be NYC, but if it means a good and interesting restaurant opens...
I went to La Carnita. It was pretty good, more expensive than Grand Electric (which sucks). In my opinion La Carnita is the go-to Mexican restaurant for Torontonians too afraid to go into Parkdale or wait in line somewhere too "hipster" for them. I didn't notice anything particularly amazing about it, but it was a good restaurant. The key lime pie paleta was a nice way to end the meal. Also, as an aside, Banh Mi Boys is amazing. Cheap and so delicious.
Thanks, pops!
I went to Grand Electric the other night, and let me tell you fuddy duddies, it was great. The wait was an hour and a half but my friend and I just had beers at a bar down the street. For about $100 we had the tuna ceviche and their salad (which is way better than you'd imagine), the baja fish taco, pork belly taco, and beef cheek/tongue taco. My friend said the tongue was a strange texture (to be expected) but I liked the cheek. Also, I can't remember what it's called,...
I don't understand engagement rings.
Dudes with real books are infinitely hotter than dudes who don't own any and just use their kindle. Scrap the self-help books, though. There's something that always seems a little sad and naive about people who have them. Also, books just look nice.
Taking a hot bath on a cold night. You big man-babies should try it sometime.
Lol, strippers.
I dunno, I wear it for myself. I kinda actually rank my underwear by how much I like a guy. The sexiest items rarely find a worthy dude.
Ugh, you old men are no fun.
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