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Does anyone know if there will be any good sales on Iron Rangers on or around Black Friday? It'll have to be an online store as i live in the boonies. Thanks.
I'm thinking about having Amplified Nation build me a cab for the Ceriatone OTS I'm working on. They do great work.
I clicked. It's a Jeep.
The Vox Valvetronix series actually use a 12ax7 in the power amp not the preamp. Which is backwards from most "hybrid" amps.
I could be wrong, but they look like regular Beeswax DBs to me.
It's not really my style, but $1000 for a 25w, 2 channel, all tube head isn't too absurd.
Thinking about getting this. Trying to make up my mind.
These are gonna be nice.
I haven't posted my board in a while. Here's how it's going to stay for a while.
Watched Rango last night.
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