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Japanese restaurants have been known to refuse American customers' request for sugar in their green tea...
Should check if the shirt was a CEGO.
I guide my customers towards close-fitting cuffs with reserve length in the sleeves. A cuff should never hang from the sleeve; it should stay in place because of its small circumference. I find hanging cuffs an abomination.
It's a vendetta because the guy who started all this, SartodiNapoli, is an unbelievably eccentric, toxic, and just evil creature who has been banned multiple times on this forum. His infamy started as Spalla Camicia, where he accused Chiaia Napoli of scamming him of shirts and of atrocious workmanship/ fit/service. He then hounded the person who introduced him to this tailor, Cravatte Noir, for years, posting Cravatte's picture in various online forums and calling him a...
If I was Acorn, I'd be quite concerned. Their stalwart quality, the Grange, is easily exceeded in quality by any number of Indian imports at a fraction the price. Their higher qualities are all uncompetitve against the Italians. On the design front, they have zero talent. Acorn's strength is their direct-to-consumer model, no minimum orders, and expansive collection.
Amazing fit!
Robert, the silhouette you wish for is impossible with a corpulent body like yours. The jacket the tailor made for you is technically sound and is how a technically-sound jacket looks like on a corpulent customer. Do not have anything on the jacket changed. The trousers are however quite unfortunate. I would not return to the tailor for further alterations. HKD 4K is too little money to expect multiple alterations.
Once they see that the alterations are necessitated by their fault, not the customer's taste, I'm pretty sure they will waive it.
I think you're just standing over erect in the pictures. Assume your normal slouched posture, not your ideal posture, when taking the pics.
The problem may only be apparent with customers who have rounded shoulders. With these sort of shoulders, the entire jacket is suspended off a point about 3/4 of the shoulder. From there to the tip of the shoulder, the jacket shoulder is unsupported, with a pocket of air between human shoulder and jacket. Then, at the sleevehead area, two or more rows of machine stitches go through the pads and canvas and cloth, tacking (and compressing) them. The way I've dealt with this...
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