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Quote: Originally Posted by montecristo#4 I love this, if only because it reinforce the growing impression among the dumb proles that global warming is a farce. Global warming causes both fire and ice.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy No need to be sorry. j has already asked that people stop calling for other people's bannings here, but, as usual, people are e-deaf. Maybe they should be banned. Let me compile a list.
Quote: Originally Posted by nootje used it for a while now, originally started due to me being nuts according to others.. (nootje= dutch for small nut) For educational purposes and cultural awareness, can you please use it in a sentence about kwilk?
Quote: Originally Posted by CunningSmeagol 25 bux. I thought fair trial was a right I understand this is non refundable even if you win!! Stomach acting up tonight. Should be renamed the :hws: ? Quote: Originally Posted by musick $750 buys a few choice garments...good luck! lol. Quote: Originally Posted by DNW If it is a poorly placed sign, you might be able to get out of it. Take a...
25 bux. I thought fair trial was a right I understand this is non refundable even if you win!!
Pretty sure there's a free internet source for these. I will try to remember.
"Take several photographs per day of yourself wearing mostly new clothes."
Quote: Originally Posted by CDFS imagesuck shacks! Really it does. But the annals of my life in clothing resides there, so I find myself continuing to use them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas Haha. My college roomie had this EXACT same scenario in New Jersey, (corner of Prospect Avenue and Washington Rd; you can still see the NTOR sign in google street view, though only from the back side) he appealed it and got nowhere. It's probably worth going to court and explaining things as you may get out of the points but you're paying the fine for sure, and you can add the court costs too. I think the NTOR sign...
Quote: Originally Posted by eztantz Any points on your license for this offense? Not worth the 100 bucks to screw up full day unless its the principle thats eating you. I don't know. I have a perfect driving record (no tickets at all) having driven for nearly 10 years. I'm mildly concerned with keeping it pristine, but not terribly so.
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