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What is a hypebeast?
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson No, I put 6 double shots into one latte. And just drink that over the course of several hours. Jesus christ dude. How much milk do you add? I presume you change the proportions. That is a lot of coffee. It might be safer to try less of something stronger, as TS already suggested.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson What are you crashing on? Just the sheer amount of caffeine? It doesn't make sense. Every morning at work I have a 12-shot latte, and I never crash. I can't imagine this has THAT much caffeine. Either way, I did the 5 hour energy once too and I crashed so hard that I've never gone near any of that shit again. WTF? Do you mean 6 two shot lattes?
Qu'est-ce qu'il a fait?
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff you have to really show a photo of the "distressing" you mention. if it is just normal toe sole wear (which i assume it is) then you have no need to concern over it. i have owned 5 pairs of gucci shoes with all various sorts of leather soles on them (including the thin wafer leather island ones for their bit loafer moccasins), and they just like any other leather sole shoes, wear out initially at the toes a...
I would go with either the saddleback or the bosca.
Quote: Originally Posted by SkinnyGoomba Wow thanks I just find that the RLBL stuff is cut so slim that it is really hard to fit if you're not skinny. If that is not RLBL, just ignore.
Are you looking for Mauro Bux or Teger Points?
Quote: Originally Posted by j According to the guy I talked to who seemed to know his stuff, vBulletin and/or MySQL don't handle the huge threads very well, especially when there are concurrent requests for them (i.e. a ton of people trying to read/post on a thread with 10,000 replies). Some forums actually employ a hack that automatically splits a thread after X replies - after the coming upgrades/optimization, we will see if we need to do something like...
Why do long threads choke the server draw disproportionate traffic, while the smaller bits of the same thread don't?
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