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From the article the article above references or =CONTAINEDWITHINLINK(LINKFROMLINK(http://goingconcern.com/editors-note...tion-06-10-11/)) Quote: We agreed that, generally speaking and based on surveys of class participants in our respective Excel CPE classes, industry users are more advanced than public accounting users. Within public accounting, regional firm users are more advanced than local and Big 4 users. Bolded returns TRUE.
Yah, no way they still have that kind of deal these days.
Let's do this again. Last time I asked for a jean rec, I wanted whatever inconvenienced the most people to make, and I ended up getting the KMW 1980 hand dye. Now I'm bored of them, and I'm in the mood for the best normal jean. I just mean something totally normal and unspecial, but also super high quality. Some things that might help - I have $50 context cash, and I want the cut to be close to the 1980. My waist is 34. It should be raw and blue, preferably Japanese....
Nice arms, bro.
Can any of you do a one-handed dip?
No woman has ever spoken to me unsolicited.
I love squatting.
If you're out of college, you have no shot at the NBA.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug diesel is good too. there are a few others in cambridge/somerville Bloc 11 (Union Square Somerville) Barismo (Arlington) Used to go to Simon's every day on my way to work and then Berklee. God I miss that place. Espresso Royale was hit or miss depending on the day/hipster. What's the name of the one across from Old Louis? I keep forgetting. It's very good. Poopoo-ing the coffee options in Boston is The...
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