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Intonation is a bit Expecially the silver one. Not saying it's bad, just exotic.
Having read this I feel nothing but contempt.
ITT: white people problems.
+ + + =
These threads are always a lot of fun.
A trainer has this guy at the gym lifting way more than he's capable of. It's to the point where I'm sure he's going to get hurt. This is a reasonably strong client, a big guy, but he can't squat to parallel more than say 200lbs (a guess). Anyway, the trainer has him "squatting" 500lbs, i.e 5 plates. These are less than quarter squats, and it's obvious he shouldn't even be having that kind of weight on his back, much less attempting to squat it. Now I can't help but...
BIN lets you lock it up immediately, which is nice for some people who are buying gifts and those who otherwise need to make an immediate decision.
Saw it at the grocery store, and it looked interesting. It is certainly tasty, but I was wondering if the purported nutritional benefits are all they're cracked up to be.
Do you think anyone would get it if I made the sticker "6.55"?
Quote: Originally Posted by ThatGuy Body composition/ frame talk is BS. Here's an easy test to determine manliness: If you can't do 10 pull-ups and 25 dips, you're not a man. I'm 183cm and weigh 86kg. I can still do all the above. I don't care about my waist, because I am epically broad shouldered and wide backed. I wear 48 in Prada by the Way. Lot's of butt hurt people here.
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