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Saw it at the grocery store, and it looked interesting. It is certainly tasty, but I was wondering if the purported nutritional benefits are all they're cracked up to be.
Do you think anyone would get it if I made the sticker "6.55"?
Quote: Originally Posted by ThatGuy Body composition/ frame talk is BS. Here's an easy test to determine manliness: If you can't do 10 pull-ups and 25 dips, you're not a man. I'm 183cm and weigh 86kg. I can still do all the above. I don't care about my waist, because I am epically broad shouldered and wide backed. I wear 48 in Prada by the Way. Lot's of butt hurt people here.
Quote: Originally Posted by CalTex asking themselves "why cant I find a good guy?!?!" its because you were too busy chasing the bad ass and ignoring the guy who was actually in college to get a degree peruse something other than tail. *Yeah im a bit sour, I had a girl I really liked pick the bad ass over me. Maybe if I had shopped at PacSun and hot topic and JC penny she would have chosen me. lol Or maybe she just knows what the word...
Is there any good reason that protein power tubs don't include a "prize" buried in them? Finishing one off, I am reminded of the children's cereals I used to eat as a children, and the wonderful prizes they would contain - stickers, action figures, little puzzles, etc. - and I am left disappointed.
Possible to catch a pigeon and butcher it at home? What about squirrels?
Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas *** Dear XXX, Thank you for the consideration you provided during my interview for YYY. I understand you have chosen to move in a different direction with this position. While I am disappointed not to be have been selected, I remain appreciative for the opportunity, and I hope you will keep me in mind should there be any future opportunities that fit my skill set. Sincerely, zyzz *** FTFY
Music in my gym is this pathetic T40 mix. Totally unwelcoming of my suggestions for something less gay. I can't use headphones b/c the cord always gets in the way of my lifts, yanking out the phones when my elbow or something gets tangled. What I'm trying to say is that whenever I say I can lift a certain amount on the forvm, I mean while listening to Justin Bieber or Nickelback - please normalize your impressions by 50-100 lbs.
Quote: Originally Posted by pebblegrain in some cases, people choose GSB over HBS. But Sloan or Wharton over HBS? no. Eh, Hwarton happens.
That guy looks like he knows the secrets of Teh Island.
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