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Have you tried growing shorter? has 99 problems but style ain't one.
Ed do you still sell Panta?
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Navy jackets from navy suits can be worn as blazers. Grey trousers from grey suits can be worn as office pants.
This thread is full of great English!
Killing humans for food is only wrong because we are ourselves humans. If there were some stronger, smarter species that ate humans, could we say that were wrong?
From the article the article above references or =CONTAINEDWITHINLINK(LINKFROMLINK(http://goingconcern.com/editors-note...tion-06-10-11/)) Quote: We agreed that, generally speaking and based on surveys of class participants in our respective Excel CPE classes, industry users are more advanced than public accounting users. Within public accounting, regional firm users are more advanced than local and Big 4 users. Bolded returns TRUE.
Yah, no way they still have that kind of deal these days.
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