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Sounds like a perfectly valid momentum trade. You might find this paper interesting or worth a citation:I'll pm you my email address. I'd love to see the prospectus.
That is stunning if true. Care to share what market inefficiency you're exploiting or is that proprietary (or already covered in the thread)?The natural question is what expertise or insight does your team have that has gotten you into a trade that has eluded everybody else? I'm not really looking for an answer, just voicing a gut reaction.
How do you know you're not just being compensated for risk? You're supposed to get high returns with high-beta stocks. As an investor, I would be more interested in the beta of your fund, not just returns.
If you go back and read his posts, you will see that he's not looking for that, and I think the argument makes sense. I say this as someone at an FT MBA who understands not only the value of networking and rebranding, but also the very practical skills you can learn in the classes if you want to. That whole element of coursework is sadly discounted into oblivion when these discussions get going.
It's to hang the jacket.
Is that for all of them? Or $350/piece? I know nothing about what this stuff costs.
I say this with the best of intentions - being so young with such a cookie-cutter outlook on life is kind of sad. Give yourself some room to explore and try different things. You'll get into a better MBA program because of it.
Why did MS get banned?
Have you tried growing shorter? has 99 problems but style ain't one.
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