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But how much risk are they actually bearing with me putting in 25% equity? Yes a lot can happen in 6 mos but it would take a real crash to chew through that. I'm just asking if anyone has seen any other options, for example I accept more onerous terms then refinance once I'm employed. Or have it written in the contract that they get a higher liquidation preference until I refinance. Is contracting for these things so standardized (so they can be sold to the GSEs...
^^^^What is this I don't even
Your prep should start with these questions: How old are you? Where did you go to school? What do you plan to get on the GMAT (like, what actual number)? What is your work experience? Do you have a compelling story? Business schools do not care about things like CFAs, alternative GPAs, and excuses for getting bad grades at a non-target school. Those are available to literally anyone. You really need a hook that makes them think, "wow, we cannot get this person...
You guys are total pieces of shit.
If you're making 60K, MBA makes sense.
Renegging: - impacts the firm's relationship with the school - impacts the school's relationship with you - is not the "right thing to do" That's ignoring the assumed negligible effect on your new firm's perception of you. What do you have to lose by asking for an extension? If the firm values its relationship with your school, it will "grant" one.
Ask for an extension. Don't reneg.
This has been ongoing since 2009.
If you grew 6 inches since you got your suit, I'm guessing it can't be altered to fit you now. I'm also guessing you're not going to grow much more, but who knows. If you think there's a chance of outgrowing another suit, don't spend a lot on it. Because here's the thing - if you get an inexpensive ($200-$300) suit that fits, it will be a mega-upgrade from your current suit that's 6 inches too short for you. You don't need to spend a lot to make a huge step forward given...
New Posts  All Forums: