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You guys are total pieces of shit.
If you're making 60K, MBA makes sense.
Renegging: - impacts the firm's relationship with the school - impacts the school's relationship with you - is not the "right thing to do" That's ignoring the assumed negligible effect on your new firm's perception of you. What do you have to lose by asking for an extension? If the firm values its relationship with your school, it will "grant" one.
Ask for an extension. Don't reneg.
This has been ongoing since 2009.
If you grew 6 inches since you got your suit, I'm guessing it can't be altered to fit you now. I'm also guessing you're not going to grow much more, but who knows. If you think there's a chance of outgrowing another suit, don't spend a lot on it. Because here's the thing - if you get an inexpensive ($200-$300) suit that fits, it will be a mega-upgrade from your current suit that's 6 inches too short for you. You don't need to spend a lot to make a huge step forward given...
Don't forget about Old Navy.
MBA is nature's second chance.
Talking about this year only and the experience of my peers who are now second year MBA students who just finished internships. Like I said I'm only talking about one school; I'm not in touch with anyone at other schools about IB. But I could see some of this being school-specific as people tend to come in clueless and move in herds. If everyone is trying to recruit into IB internships then yeah it's going to be a bloodbath, but that was the opposite of my experience where...
Foo - MBA hiring into the associate level is (from my experience at only one school) pretty robust. I've seen that (1) most people who did internships (BB, Boutique, or somewhere in between) got FT offers and (2) many of these banks are back on campus recruiting into FT people who did not do internships with them. Most of the people with FT offers (or even recruiting into banking in the first place) were not analysts before MBA. Also, why do you say that analyst program...
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