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Help me connect the dots - explain how investing in good people somehow ignores the crash.
The return on going from mid 500s to mid 600s has to be astronomical. I'd find some way to figure out how many more questions you'd need to get right/what incremental concepts you need to master and then decide if retaking is worth it. Also try Manhattan GMAT - really solid self study books.Finally, I don't know your whole situation, but 60 hrs a week leaves you with plenty of time to study. Unless you're caring for a sick relative or something, i wouldn't let this get in...
IB can be a good stepping stone to PE: 1 - you get to know a lot of PE firms on any given deal, especially the seller. In diligence with buyers, you also have a chance to present yourself well. Analysts get hired this way, but I've seen associates do it too. 2 - you get a lot of reps with valuation models, since you're doing DCF/LBO/Acc-Dil for every pitch. I don't think buyside has the same frequency. You also build projection models on live deals. 2a - knowing how...
What do you like about PE vs IB?
I can't remember. Did you say you want PE or IB post MBA?
Team - I'm posting this on behalf of a friend of mine from Boston. I bought Maftei shoes through him a few years ago and think they're great. Here is what he sent me to post: Viennese Shoemaker to Visit New York & Boston After their trunk show in New York City (Jan. 3, 2014, Hotel Intercontinental, East 48 St.), Maftei will visit Boston. Date: January 5, 2014, Hotel Sheraton Commander, 16 Garden St., Cambridge (Harvard Square). Times: 3:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m., but earlier...
The fat kid has a name and it is Herbie.
I've screwed a screw hook rated to 100lbs horizontally into a ceiling joist. The pulley is rated to 400lbs. The rope is under about 30 lbs of tension (hanging a plant, just watered). I'm worried about splitting the wood - I drilled a pilot hole and the screw is threaded in a bit more than an inch. Should I be concerned?
A lot of people will say it's stupid, but I found it totally fascinating.
Real life does have winners, losers, and competition, but I don't see what's wrong with letting kids self-select into after-school teams, rather than forcing them to play in gym class (where many who also play after school ruin the competition anyway).
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