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The fat kid has a name and it is Herbie.
I've screwed a screw hook rated to 100lbs horizontally into a ceiling joist. The pulley is rated to 400lbs. The rope is under about 30 lbs of tension (hanging a plant, just watered). I'm worried about splitting the wood - I drilled a pilot hole and the screw is threaded in a bit more than an inch. Should I be concerned?
A lot of people will say it's stupid, but I found it totally fascinating.
Follow-up question: has anyone implemented any of the ideas described in the book in a process, manufacturing or otherwise? I would love to hear any success or failure stories.
It is awesome. I'm in the middle of it and totally absorbed.
Yep. Agreed. Why isn't your school making book recs and doing mock interviews?
What's HBS stand for?
Do an E/W program at a top 5-10 school (depending on your location, you may have to fly in, making this option less attractive). Recruit into an IB associate position then interview in 3-4 years for asset management. While you're at b-school, take entrepreneurial courses and learn how to talk to VCs, and meet people who are also entrepreneurial minded and get involved in a startup. I'm guessing your current job is basically 9-5, so you should have plenty of time to do...
But how much risk are they actually bearing with me putting in 25% equity? Yes a lot can happen in 6 mos but it would take a real crash to chew through that. I'm just asking if anyone has seen any other options, for example I accept more onerous terms then refinance once I'm employed. Or have it written in the contract that they get a higher liquidation preference until I refinance. Is contracting for these things so standardized (so they can be sold to the GSEs...
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