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The secret with all of this stuff is getting it into your ears and having spent enough time playing various things that your fingers have found "pathways" around the neck that feel relatively comfortable. Then you build out from that foundation. Here is a book that might help: On Amazon It is essentially a very mechanical collection of 1/2, 1, and maybe 2 measure phrases that outline some chord, usually C or F#, and take it around the cycle of 5ths (going down, 4ths...
The grocery store where I shop usually has a piano player playing schmaltzy pop-jazz arrangements out of a book. Yesterday the guy was playing Peace by Horace Silver - wasn't the best I've heard it, but a very welcome change.Nice list.
Who are your favorite jazz guitarists? And other jazz musicians?
I like acoustic guitars a lot. The fact that all of the sound is coming from the wood makes them more interesting to me than electric guitars, I have to say. With electric guitars, the sound comes from so many elements in the chain of amplification that the guitar tends to get lost. I guess I am reacting to the minimalism of acoustic guitars. I like electric guitars, too.
I think the term "mode" can be descriptive or prescriptive. Prescriptive - this would be the explicit guidance to play a certain mode over a certain chord or harmony. People tend to think of this as adding flavor or creating a certain mood. You can also have chord progressions within a certain modal "key" by pulling out some stacked thirds and coming back to some tonic every so often. I think this is representative of certain "virtuoso" guitarists such as Satriani, the...
I'm having trouble deciding if I'm looking at the suit at its best: a) Is the suit all the way on? Did you shake yourself out a bit to make sure it's all settled where it should be? b) Are your pants pulled up all the way? c) Is the camera angle correct? Looks a bit low to me.
Depends on the city, how old you are, and whether you have kids.
Depends on your age and whether you have kids.
I don't think I've had a single day go by in this job that did not have a pressing client request.
Help me connect the dots - explain how investing in good people somehow ignores the crash.
New Posts  All Forums: