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I completely understand a large shareholder wanting to extract meaningful liquidity, and the only way of doing so being dividends. However, that has nothing to do with a retail investor in public companies, who can just sell shares on the exchanges for little to no cost to get liquidity.Secondly, you can pay yourself a salary. It hits the P&L in a different spot - I'm not well versed on the tax implications, but if you eventually sell the company, your shares/unit...
Curious why people care about dividends and buybacks. I can see positive information signaling in the case of a buyback - we think our stock is undervalued. However, the transfer of cash to shareholders is mechanically a reduction in equity value, dollar for dollar with the size of the transaction. All this tells me is that the company does not have enough worthwhile projects (i.e. anything that returns in excess of its cost of capital) to spend its cash on.
What's the best way to be long euros without actually opening in international account and buying them? Is there a simple, low expense ETF that is 1:1 long euro? I googled for the past ten minutes and all I found were these bullshit 2x, 3x, short, 2x short funds.
I have unassailable taste.
I've been reading the responses and think they're great. I still haven't made a decision. Just wanted to thank you guys for some great ideas. I am also planning to redo the floors in and around the area.
Can anyone recommend a circular dining table? I think a 54" Saarinen table would be ideal. DWR is having it's Knoll sale end of Feb, but I really don't want to wait that long to place an order and then wait for it to arrive. Any attractive options you can think of as alternatives?
What is this and why is it good?
Couple more questions: Any idea if Isaora is going to do a black friday sale? If so, do sizes sell out quickly based on past experience? Someone asked but I don't think anyone ever replied. Anyone have any direct experience with NemeN? Is it as "technically" well made/better than other brands in the price range, or is more of the cost tied up in dyeing techniques / fabric effects? Any other recommendations in the $700-$800 range for either a full blown parka or...
Teles are wonderful guitars. Are you Canadian? Ever heard of Ed Bickert?
Very helpful - thanks!
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