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I ordered the blue Tumi Anderson. Excited about this one
Awesome - thanks guys. Have a duffel from Glaser I bought like 8 yrs ago that I love. Great product. I'll look into it but as I recall it's going to have a really long lead time, esp for any customization. Tumi options look great too, probably more readily available too. I'll look into it. How's the build quality on those? I have no experience with the brand.
Any recommendations for a light travel bag that can double as a briefcase? Doesn't need to be too formal, but I'd like to use it daily to and from office w/ laptop. Here's my wishlist: - Lightweight - Dedicated slot for laptop/charger - Ability to stow one change of clothes - dress shirt, underwear, socks, undershirt (I usually just wear the same pants I have on...) - Additional pockets for odds and ends, such as: travel toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, razor, business...
Trying to remember what this was all about. Didn't Connie get this as a gift then try to do something heinous like sell it?
I wouldn't call a traditional jazz tone dull, but I know what you're saying. It comes down to a few things. First, your tone needs to blend with the acoustic instruments you're playing with. You don't want to encroach on the horns, and you need to be able to lock with the drums and bass. A tone with too much treble doesn't blend well in a comping role and sounds thin soloing. Second, you generally want to define the notes you're playing, especially in accompaniment where...
We were at the showroom a couple days ago and the lady priced it out around $8K. That was for a smaller version, but still marble top. I'm leaning toward the Cassina.
Opinions on these? http://www.cassina.com/en/collection/tables/713714 http://www.poliform.it/poliform/tables/Gallery_2988_1_1.html http://www.poliform.it/poliform/tables/Gallery_9433_1_4.html Search for a round table continues.
They are the same teachers and content, yes, but everyone knows the standards to get in are vastly different. Speaking as someone who went to one of these schools and evaluates people coming out of these schools, IME there's a strong preference for people from the FT programs. I don't know a lot of PT/EMBA students that will tell you differently, in fact. When you talk to them in recruiting, they're less than forthcoming about the PT status because they know what it...
Your Ayn Rand quote sums up what I was trying to say 6 years ago. Thanks for reminding me that I once cared about arguing with hot tempered bottom feeders such as yourself.
Any recommendations for wall-mounted shelves that are playful/whimsical such as the following? http://hivemodern.com/pages/product399/kartell-ron-arad-bookworm-bookshelf-short http://hivemodern.com/pages/product456/kartell-ron-arad-lovely-rita-bookshelf http://hivemodern.com/pages/product4303/cappellini-ronan-erwan-bouroullec-cloud-bookcase (Cloud cannot be wall mounted - just showing an example) This is for a child's room. The above are okay, but we're not in love...
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