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for as 'refined' as this forum is supposed to be, there sure are a lot of hateful and rude posts going on here. I feel like I'm on /b/ or something. also, anyone looking in here would just see a bunch of insecure dandies complaining about how others dress. (just look at any of the meetup photos) I believe I dress well, but this doesn't make me a good or bad guy. just be nice.
Just one guy's opinion: that suit looks bad on you, sorry. the shoulders don't look right, but maybe you have strange proportions. Don't button the bottom button. and your pants look too short. the jacket is definitely too short. and the shirt you are wearing looks too long and baggy in the sleeves. I would suggest having it remade. How did the lapels even come out like that? Good luck !
I bought a suit from them, because I am poor, and it's hard to find my size. anyway, I think it came out alright after 1 remake. Here is the only photo I could find, and please disregard the tie. I was pretty pleased, overall. given the price and all that, the suit seems like a fine buy.
Thanks for the help, everyone. I'll try and get it to a tailor soon, and I will be wearing a suit jacket the whole time, probably. Re: Mr Sartorial, the neck is good, I believe. If anything, it's a tad tight, but I think it is ok.
I see, thank you. Can a tailor fix that for me?
Hello SF! Could anyone tell me if this dress shirt fits, based on the photos I have attached? I am getting married in a couple weeks, and I need a shirt. This is my nicest one, but it feels more snug than all my other shirts. Does this look bad? Is it possible to tell from these photos? Thank you for any help. My fiancee says it looks fine, but she's not expert. Thanks.
Thanks again, everyone. No, my jacket is a normal length, and I will probably just go with gray socks then. And thanks for that website nehpets, I ordered them, good price. Now I just need to find a belt and I'm good to go.
Thanks for the help, everyone. I will buy those shoes and see how they look. Either way, I could use a pair of brown oxfords.
Hello Styleforum! Sorry if this comes up a lot, but I wanted to make sure I don't screw this up. Could anyone tell me if AE walnut color oxfords (Fifth Avenue, probably, if it matters) go with a medium gray suit? I am getting married next month, and I need a pair of shoes for a suit I bought for the occasion, as up until now, I've only worn dark charcoal suits and black shoes I think. So, this is pretty much the exact color of the suit, I...
I see, thank you.
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