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Where can I find pricing/material options? Do I nowadays have to email to get these?
not really, no haha
How about these? I like how they Seen unique but I am not sure what I could be wearing these with...uhm?
I bought this jacket in May 2011 and wore it only about 5-10 times back in 2011. It never got wet and is still in near mint condition. I am only selling it because I started going to the gym last winter and gained quite a bit of muscle since so the jacket does not fit me anymore. Its been in my closet for a year and I feel its to good for that. Its a size 48 and fit me perfectly back when I weigh between 160 and 170 pounds at 6.1 (please see sizing chart for...
thats right . i've been planning the epic win 2012/13 all along .Looks like I need to make another ToJ purchase so you better come up with some awesome stuff (not that I am worried you wouldnt). but to be honest, i love all the selfshot mirror toj pic in fact thats what really convinced me to buy a ToJ in the first place. I'll be in Japan this year btw. so in case you need a fit model I would be glade to help.
where can the pictures of the fit battle winners be seen? i dug through the thread but I couldnt really find anything. I missed out on the battle unfortunately - just wondering if I woulda had a chance...
ToJ bags, PLEASE . Canvas or leather, I dont care but solid ToJ design + solid ToJ (YKK) hardware.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one kinda, but those ones on the Zenith movements are certainly marked up a bit for the Panerai brand name, kinda like IWC's, etc... The 'TOJ of watches' would be something German and sold direct, something made with good stuff and lots of care, but hard to get unless you were deep in the know. Sounds like Guinand to me. . Founded by Helmut Sinn founder of Sinn Watches (he sold...
Quote: Originally Posted by aaaeeeiiiooouuu Hmm .. there's something patently tacky about wearing a counterfeit watch in the first place, IMO I wonder how the quality of that piece is For me personally there is a difference between a hommage to a great design which has been around for over eighty years and a counterfeit. Plus no one will be looking at my watch when I wear my ToJ .
It is indeed. And I think it is worth noting that Panerai has a trademark on the term "Marina Militare" in some countries. Even though I have now clue why you can reserve this term (Marina Militare is the name of the Italian Navy). So if someone should infact hold a copyright of this tem imo it should be the Italian Navy but I am getting carried away here...just buy a Sinn
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