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The blue cordovan monkey boots are beautiful. I would order a pair if I had confidence in the fit.[/COLOR]
Truly beautiful!
Love this color!
I am having trouble deciding between the Carmina Fitzgerald in saddle shell or cognac shell. Both are beautiful. Is the saddle color too light to wear year-round? Which do you prefer?
Gallo is tops for me---both in variety of colors and patterns and quality of the cotton. Braughn
I have been wearing my Lindricks for a couple of months now and really like them. I wonder if anyone else is having the same problem I have with the shoe laces. I thought the laces were too long out of the box. Now they have stretched 2 inches and are really too long. I don't recall ever having shoe laces so this before. Any suggestions for a source to find replacements? Thanks for your help.
Does anyone have a jacket from New and Lingwood? The patterns are great! Braughn
If the Lindrick is shell cordovan why doesn't the product description say it is?
These are beautiful. Love to see more pics from other angles. Braughn
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