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comfort, functionality -- breathes well, environmental - don't want synthetics -- i can't "compost" these socks after I'm done. if petroleum is used - composting isn't really possible; and you aren't getting value, it's cheaper to make
gents -- both of these are 80/20. Do you know of anyone selling 100% wool?
need recommendations for 100% wool socks in solids (grey/navy). What's the least I can pay to get quality? Thanks!
can you directly link to your other static flickr swatches?
do you have any lighter? closer to heather grey? it seems to have more charcoal in the color than I'd like. It's similar to other suits that I have.
Looking online I wasn't able to find a light grey color for suits. Can you show pics of the light grey? This is for a day time wedding event.
Any idea for shoes?
This seems like an appropriate thread to bump. It's spring. I haven't worn a moto jacket that I purchased in 2007 more than 5 times. That being said, it's time to bust it out. I'm wondering what is an appropriate pair of shoes/boots to complement a similar motorcycle jacket that is waxed cotton. I don't plan on riding with this... I've got a 2 piece Spidi suit for getting on the ZRX.
I'm looking to get a floor lamp between $300-1,000. What are my options? I might use near my sofa or in my bedroom. Any suggestions in terms of brands etc. I don't mind used or new. I saw an SLR lamp some time ago. I should have bought that when I saw it. Haven't been able to source since.
Kent, I couldn't find the static link here for the seasonal fabrics. Can you post a link on your website or here again?
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