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I tried to edit my other message... http://bedatco.com/5-378516011-B002D...ess_Steel.html Maybe I simply can't add links Anyhow, this one is quite cheap...1,099.99 for a Bedat no 7 for men. There's one beauty that would look perfect on my wrist , but I don't think I'll get one for my birthday. L.
Here's the website where I found the watch. it's a Bedat no 7. http://bedatco.com/5-378516011-B002D...ess_Steel.html Also what is the regular price for a Bedat? Thank you! L.
I am interested in a Bedat watch for my boyfriend. I found an online retailer that offers them at a discounted price. What do you think of those websites, are they reliable? L.
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