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Quote: Originally Posted by Eason How do you spend that much? Assume a single condo is 2.5k, food is 1k- how did you spend all the rest? Hookers & the casinos. Brings any good man down. BTW, with regards to your future employers. You may want to check if they are a legit educational establishment with the necessary papers to operate. There has been few 'cowboy' operations (mainly dodgy English language schools) which have closed overnight...
I've been in similar situations with female colleauges bar hopping in nice spots in various cities all over the world. You don't have to be in a sketchy part of town to run into some rather high spirited chaps. I just ask my female friend/s if they are uncomfortable and I'm ok with leaving. Quietly walk away but be aware if you are being followed etc. I've seen too many heroes ending up with their heads kicked in. Nothing cowardly about walking away, just using...
Education is booming biz here esp languages. I assume it's English you are teaching. I have expat colleauges who'se wives are teachers from the UK & the US who have found jobs easily either in the public or private education sectors. Heaps of 'branded' academic institutions here too and more setting up joint programs to take advantage of the island's aim to be the academic hub of Asia. Lots of foreign students from around the region require English so your skills would...
We dont have to go into specifics here but what industry are you in? Not all sectors here in SIN are great performers, so postings in other places could be better especially 'frontier' or developing economies.
Thanks Matt. He would be the best person to advise as he lived & worked in SIN few years back. Best deal would be making a Singapore salary and living in Saigon.
Single expats tend to share apartments to defray cost. So there is some savings there. The compulsory pension savings contribution is shared between you and your employer. As a foreigner you can choose not to pay but if you do, you are allowed to withdraw everything once you quit Singapore. Read here http://mycpf.cpf.gov.sg/Members/Gen-...r-Gen-info.htm Honestly, the package is dependent on the job and skils, experience etc. If you are not contractually bound, you...
It depends on what's the job and if the annual package includes commision, performance bonus, CPF (pension payment from employer/employee), etc. If you are an expat, then does it also include accomodation, relocation fees, etc. Depends also on how you wanna live too I suppose.
Quote: Originally Posted by cdmoore1855 The magazine's target audience, i was thinking they were saying that was Singapore's average Salary (no way) That would be the average for 75% of the Singaporeans who hang about in SF. Lurkers and posters.
Always nice to see the brothas banding together
If CYC and Iris are not good enuff. for you chaps..... maybe you coud give Rubinacci's services in Malmaison by the Hour Glass in Knightsbridge down in Orchard Road a try. If you are still around in mid-April, George Cleverly is offering their services for bespoke shoes at the Four Seasons. They are on an Asian tour with Seoul, Tokyo and HK I think.
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