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Very ordinary looking, standard wear at home and watch TV kinda shorts I reckon. They should be comfortable unless they are really badly made.
You look extremely smart with impeccable fit as usual. I really like it when you use a PS (not often enough i think (for a guy with your sartorial ability)). Just to finish it off you understand. Your tie could have more colour though.
Kobe, would you be seen out and about looking like this guy. His clothes all look like they shrunk in the wash.What does GQ know about style anyway. I think you should seriously consider burning the magazine. If you want to look flash with a touch of class, I recommend the peacock thread for inspiration.
First outfit really looks good!!Good modern fit, beautiful colours, sophisticated smart casual. I also like that PS as lot with that outfit. Second outfit also fits you well.My main criticism is that I would change the shirt for a solid colour one, and I easily prefer the shirt in your first outfit because hmmm... too many stripes together and not enough difference in scale.Then the milky pink tie that also makes a strange iffy little knot, I personally think you could...
Oh I forgot to mention, these watches have something none of the others have, that is VHA (very high accuracy) typically +- 2 seconds per yearI find that mine is usually out by about 5 seconds in 7 years.
This watch is very sleek and stylish. I would buy this for $100
A really awesome Thread guys. I'll be around often just to loookkk......
Geez guy, I would be real careful with those if I were you. You could inadvertently / spontaneously set off a nuclear reaction at each carotid artery on your neck, not to mention the raidiation effect. How long do you want to live for??Just wondering....
I disagree with you. my friend!!Whenever I see collar points 'curling' upwards, it brings to mind the wife hanging the washed shirt on the line by the collar points instead of the tail of the shirt. I then start to imagine how ignorant that person may be.It looks awful seeing a guy with his collar points turning inwards under his tie knot, probably because the wife has 'bent' the plastic sewn in collar stay in half when applying a clothes peg to a collar when hanging the...
New Posts  All Forums: